Who is this guy?   and what is he up to?

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Who sent him?


What is his secret?


Why won't he release his

bona fides?


What is his agenda?


The United States
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I have been using Google's "Site Search" facility for over seven years. As of June 16, 2015, it is no longer functioning.


The Google Search team says, "We are experiencing some technical issues with the website, and our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue to get the site up and running again."


In the meantime, I would recommend you use regular Google to search this site, using this example search format: Obama education


"" finds this website, and "education" finds all the stuff related to Obama's education.


You can also use the site index to find much of what you are searching for.


I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is out of my hands.

This is a political website.  It is an opposition website.  It is not encumbered by any requirement to be fair and balanced.  It is only obliged to avoid ugly rumors and anti-social expression.  The agenda is simple and clear.  It is opposed to a lifelong Marxist sitting in the Oval Office -- especially one that employs teams of lawyers and the legal system to hide his questionable background from the American People -- we're entitled to know who's working for us.

Forum -- August 2011 through current

Latest Obama-related news, opinion, videos and discussion -- beginning on Obama's 50th birthday -- the start of Campaign 2012 -- member comments and linked items do not necessarily reflect the views of  Comments are reviewed and may be edited or removed at the discretion of the moderators.  

Please be rational and please read, "Using the forum."  A word to the wise, your comments may be published to the outside world, so avoid language that you wouldn't want your mother or children to read, don't abuse each other, and have fun!
                                 Archive -- 1900 through August 2011

There's a lot of stuff in here -- seven years worth -- organized by category and by list -- I forget what's in here and I'm combing through these pages all the time -- there are more questions about Barack Obama now than there were back in 2007.  He's got a lot of loose ends.

Team Obama is the source of most of what you think you know about Barack Obama, and Obama has admitted himself that a lot of it is made up. 
Anyway, everything you ever wanted to know about Barack Obama -- or didn't -- is in here somewhere.
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