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The "Resolute Desk" is a national treasure




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This page demonstrates the crassness and boorishness of Barack Hussein Obama . . .

Obama Repeatedly Shows Disrespect For The People's Property

It must be a sign of the tone deafness of this White House that they keep releasing photos -- White House photographer-taken photos -- of Barack Obama with his feet on the Oval Office furniture.

The problem with public housing is that the residents are not the owners.

The people that live in the house did not earn the house, but were loaned the property from the true owners, the taxpayers.

Because of this, the residents do not have the "pride of ownership" that comes with the hard work necessary.

In fact, the opposite happens and the residents resent their benefactors because the very house is a constant reminder that they themselves did not earn the right to live in the house. They do not appreciate the value of the property and see no need to maintain or respect it in any way.

The result is the same whether you are talking about a studio apartment or a magnificent mansion full of priceless antiques.

If the people who live there do not feel they earned the privilege, they will make this known through their actions.

As an enthusiast of Muslim culture, Obama surely knows there is no greater insult in the Middle East than pointing the soles of one's shoes at another person.


And if youíre wondering, yes, the desk you see him with his dirty shoes on is the historic "Resolute Desk," made from the timbers of the British Frigate HMS Resolute and given as a gift to the United States by Queen Victoria in 1856.  Itís been used by many presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and every chief executive since Jimmy Carter, but it is perhaps best known for this:


This is the the desk remembered by so many for this picture -- Obama get your feet off OUR desk.

Does Michelle Let This Guy Do This At Home -- I Doubt It















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