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The following items are archived in order of discovery.  Previous year items in left column . . .
Barack Obama And The Chamber Of Secrets
David Harsanyi asks, so who's left to demonize?  The Girl Scouts?  The Rotary Clubs, maybe?

We're running out devils to distract us.  Then again, the Obama administration's preposterous attack on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce does nothing to help Democrats, and everything to reinforce the moderate voter's perception that Obama's party has gone bonkers.

A recent ad by Democrats makes the charge -- dutifully echoed through the blogosphere and by talking heads -- that the Chamber was part of a cabal out to "steal our democracy," accepting foreign cash and then using the funds to campaign against candidates on the left.  Though, admittedly, they have no proof of any wrongdoing, Democrats have threatened that investigations will soon uncover this reprehensible criminal activity.

Inquiry to come post-election, no doubt.

"Stealing democracy," as you may know, loosely translated, means: Holy crap, Republicans are going to win an election.

You'll also notice that the insidious sway of outside political money always seems to blossom into a critical threat to the future of democracy around the time misguided conservatives start to get the upper hand on Democrats.

Yes, some critics are throwing a more nuanced accusation at the Chamber of Commerce.  They assert that all money is fungible and thus it is irrelevant how the funding is separated within the organization.  At the end of the day, foreign money helps the political arm of the Chamber.

This argument holds a lot of credence.  Money is fungible.  So it will be interesting to hear how Democrats defend their support of government funding for, say, Planned Parenthood, which, one could point out, is also using fungible government dollars to regularly fund abortions.  I believe that's illegal, as well.

But let's face it, no one is really buying the argument.  Though, a perceptive voter might ask themselves this: If the United States Chamber of Commerce -- composed of some of the most moderate, milquetoast, government-friendly saps in the country -- are now on the Enemies List, who exactly does Obama think is reasonable?  If the crony capitalists aren't good enough for Barack Obama, who is?

Without these helpful attacks and the ensuing kerfuffle, most voters would never have known about the Chamber's political activities.  Now, they may question why the Chamber of Commerce, which supports an array of left-of-center policies -- tax hikes, health care "reforms," bailouts, etc. -- is so interested in seeing Democratic candidates beaten in November?  Why would the Chamber want to replace these statesmen with nihilistic Republicans who promise to reject all federal bailouts?

And how many average American voters believe that the Chamber of Commerce reflects, in general, the positions of most mainstream business?  Things, they may assume, must be worse than we thought.

Time magazine's Mark Halperin -- not exactly Glenn Beck -- recently wrote that the general perception by most Washington insiders was that "the White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters."

Many of us have always thought the administration insular and arrogant but never clueless. But, you have to ask yourself, why would Democrats run a campaign that reminds everyone that their opponents aren't exclusively Tea Party radicals and demon-Bush acolytes, but moderate groups of small and large businesses?

Politically speaking, election time is when you retrofit your positions.  This stunt only proves this administration can't even feign moderation in the face of defeat.
Dire Consequences From Eligibility Issue
Anthony Martin says evidence is growing that the White House is so sensitive about stories in the media concerning the issue of presidential eligibility that reporters have been warned of dire consequences if they merely ask questions about the subject.  A White House insider has reported that the subject is so highly sensitive that reporters must "tread softly" and "be very careful" if they dare delve into Obama's background.

There is also information that suggests mainstream media sources now have all of the facts about the issue, but intend to go on the offensive in protecting Obama at all costs.  In the insider's own words:

Can’t respond much at this time.  Too busy with all of the chaos coming at us these days.  May be out of work soon!  Crazy stuff.  Simply urge you to lay off the Birther angle at this time.  Strongly urge.  To proceed is at your own peril.  Please take warning seriously.  This is not a small town cop shop situation here.  Let someone else try and make name on this one.

Don’t blame you as it was me who brought up subject last time.  Since then heard repeated rumors/confirmations of attempted "purge" coming down the pike.  WH/media going on the offensive big-time on issue.  Has already started as you probably know.  Talking very specific, very confrontational, very scary stuff here.  Don’t wish to drag you into that.  Much bigger fish are circling this.  They can survive what could be coming.  Not sure about me.  Let the big players handle this now.  This thing will either break out big or disappear.

However, the bombshell evidence of the willingness of the Obama team to engage in threats and intimidation over the eligibility issue is encapsulated in a 2009 special report documenting outright media manipulation by the White House.  According to the report:

...extremely sensitive investigative documents, including a stunning written admission by a nationally known talk show host stating that he was threatened with his career -- or worse -- should he talk about the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth records to a national audience.  This document was obtained on December 10, 2008, and provides explicit detail of a "gag order" imposed on this host before and immediately following the national election last November.

That, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.  The report also contains this stunning admission by an administrative assistant within a major news network in New York:

From multiple interviews conducted within the last eight months, we have obtained information from other sources, independent of the above, who have also been instructed to avoid any discussion of the birth certificate issue at all costs, to wit:

The account of an administrative assistant employed in New York City by a cable network news station who provided significant, detailed information of a 2008 meeting between the top network executive and four-(4) well-known news anchors. This source confirmed that she drafted the memo to the various hosts to arrange notify them of the date, time and location of this high-level meeting at the request of the network’s top executive.

Present at this meeting, she verified that the network official issued "warnings" to the personalities "to avoid any on-air discussion of the birth place, eligibility, and news accounts of litigation compelling [Barack Hussein] Obama to produce a legitimate copy of his birth certificate." She stated that the network executive had her arrange the conference immediately following a meeting "between [the network executive] and an attorney closely associated with candidate Obama who was acting on his behalf."

The report goes further to indicate that not only were news reporters and talk show hosts pressured to withhold information under the threat of losing their jobs but that inherent in the threats was a subtle but distinct hint that any such dissemination of information could result in bodily harm or worse.

Fast-forward to January of 2011.  A close friend of Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, a veteran celebrity reporter by the name of Mike Evans, stated in a radio interview on January 19 that the Governor had initiated an extensive search of records that would prove Obama's eligibility, and that no such records could be found.  But once the story of the allegations hit the news wires yesterday, Evans retracted everything he said by the end of the day on January 26.

Was Mike Evans threatened by someone either close to or within the Obama team?

There are no answers to that question at this time, but given the history of this issue, such a thing would fit a pattern established by those who were schooled in what is known as "the Chicago way."
Political Cartoonists Are Afraid To Draw Obama
Political cartoonists have no problem pushing to the edge.  But under Obama, the edge is verboten.

The Left, you can be certain, will continue to label Republicans as self-evident racists, they will continue to ignore the race barriers and glass ceilings broken under Bush, and they will continue to dismiss as inauthentic the Rices and Steeles of the world.  They will do it because there is no path more certain to silence and marginalize the Right than the brandishing of the word "racist" by the left.  But political cartoonists are largely not from the right.  That they fear what may happen to them if they practice their craft with the same pointed pen for Obama they’ve used for all others … well that is something every citizen should worry about, not just Republicans.

The freedom of the press is being infringed through intimidation, and that is something that every American should resist.  After all, we have a tradition to uphold.

Check this one out.  The great cartoons really make his point . . .
Why Wasn’t Obama Vetted?
Gil Guignat says the new media template for explaining away Obama’s alleged fraud in his birth certificate is to say that if there had been any truth to his deceit, it would have been uncovered a long time ago and probably during the last presidential campaign.  Hillary Clinton would have brought it out or John McCain would have raised the issue.  Since they did not, there is no merit to Obama’s alleged fraud.  That is how the media template goes now.

A simple look at how hostile the media has been towards the raising of the birth certificate issue over the last 24 months, explains why it was never raised.  It is that simple.  We will say this over and over again throughout this article.  If you have any doubts, simply look at the length to which the media is going to vaporize any attempt at the truth of this issue.  Would you want to be on the receiving end of this personal destruction?  Obama’s defenders never address the issues of his flawed eligibility.  They just ridicule and dismiss.  That is an admission of guilt.  To this day no official documents have been produced to prove eligibility.  Candidates who run for office simply have to swear they are eligible.  They are not required to prove it.

Any candidate who would have raised it during the last election would have been skewered and filleted.  This is what the candidates were afraid of during the last election and so they did not raise the issue.  Anyone who has raised the issue over the last 24 months has been vilified, ridiculed, threatened with death, fined, had their property sabotaged, and destroyed [don't forget imprisoned].  That is why past presidential candidates and present ones do not raise the issue.  They are afraid and to them it is more important to lie to the voters, and to overlook potential fraud that strikes at the basic constitutional foundation of our country.  All the candidates know that Obama has got some very serious skeletons in his closet, but they put their own gains ahead of honesty and the welfare of the country.

When you look at these candidates realize that they all know Obama is not eligible or has serious eligibility flaws.  We already know he is not natural born which is a black and white prerequisite to becoming president.  These candidates are kicking off fundamentally flawed campaigns because they are telling us they want to bend the rules at any cost as long as they get to further their careers.  How can they be believed about anything else?

There have been just a handful of citizens who have raised the issue of Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility all the way to the Supreme Court.  These people have not had much to gain from these activities and have lost dearly and paid for their efforts a thousand times over.  The cruelty of the media has been breathtaking to behold surrounding such a simple issue that could be resolved by Obama.  He could have simply released his long form birth certificate but he has not because he probably does not have one.

Orly Taitz comes to mind as an individual who has been unrelenting is bringing up this issue.  She is a Russian immigrant who became a dentist and a lawyer in this country.  What an accomplished person.  If you want to know what she has had to endure to point out the alleged fraud of the Obama presidency spend some time at her web site.  Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin was another individual who raised the issue of Obama’s eligibility.  For his efforts he was tried in military court and denied a defense.  That is how they do it in totalitarian regimes.  The judge presiding over Lakin’s trial denied him a defense because she did not want to "embarrass" the dictator President.

There is not one presidential candidate who has the moral backbone like Orly or Lieutenant Colonel Lakin who could endure the brutality of Obama’s machine of personal destruction.  No one!  This is why no one raised the issue during the last presidential election and none of these candidates will raise it now.  They are all intimidated and scared.  They know what awaits them if they dare open their mouths except Donald Trump of course.

Enter Donald Trump.

Continue reading here . . .
Predictably, Ben Smith Charges Racism
Obama toady, Ben Smith, says Donald Trump's strategy of spurring interest in his presidential campaign by flirting with discredited [by Ben Smith] theories about Barack Obama's birthplace is stirring a growing backlash among prominent African-Americans, who are protective of the first black president and, in some cases, concerned that Trump is making a coded racial appeal.

Trump's confrontational appearances had already begun to raise questions about whether his political flirtation was, as widely assumed, a stunt aimed at raising his profile and ratings, and his willingness to alienate a share of the television audience -- and to drag his cautious corporate employers into the incendiary politics of race -- have spurred speculation that he has either badly miscalculated or is serious about running for president.

"There's a lot of people that I've talked to [who] instinctively think that he's using the issue as a proxy for race," Urban League President Marc Morial, the former New Orleans mayor, told POLITICO.  "I don't know if it has resonance in the Republican Party, but I certainly think it has resonance in certain far right elements of the American public."

"It's like a modern day Salem witch trial -- because there's no merit to it," he said.

Morial's comment follows escalating criticism from black colleagues of Trump's in the entertainment industry.

"He needs to stop saying that racist bullshit -- Birther shit," Grammy Award-winning singer John Legend told The Root last week.  "Quote me, please.  He should be ashamed of himself.  It's awful, really."

Bill Cosby has also engaged in a public spat with Trump, who is only running, Cosby said, "his mouth."

"Donald Trump is such a looser 2 me this morning by trashing our president!" actress Vivica Fox tweeted.  "I mean really dude!  STFU!"  His "Celebrity Apprentice" castmate Star Jones also tweeted her objection to Birther views, and suggested they are motivated by race.

Trump's shows boast a solid African-American viewership and black cast members [and a recent NBC/WSJ poll found, according to NBC's Domenico Montanaro, that the among the groups that views him most positively is African-Americans], some of whom he's likely alienating.  "As a people, we celebrated his business acumen; purchased his books and anything else with the Trump name we could get our hands on," Goldie Taylor wrote on The Grio.  "Now among African-Americans, the once gilded Trump brand is about as worthless as a plug nickel."

"I'm not calling Trump a racist.  But he ought to quit quacking before people start believing he's a duck.,"  she wrote.

Hank Ernest, who works in public relations in Atlanta and first pointed this dynamic out to me a couple of weeks ago, said he'd stopped watching The Apprentice and, after joking about a boycott on Facebook, been surprised by his friends enthusiasm for the idea.

"I figure that this is Trump’s way of realizing that he won’t get the black vote, so he might as well get all the white vote he can," he said.

So very, very predictable.  So sad.  Obama promised to be a uniter, but his refusal to come clean with the People is dividing us.

Obama could end this today by pressing a button.

This is never going to go away until Obama comes clean.
Obama Pressured Standard & Poor
Zachary Goldfarb is reporting that The Obama administration privately urged Standard & Poor’s in recent weeks not to lower its outlook on the United States -- a suggestion the ratings agency ignored Monday, two people familiar with the matter said.

Treasury Department officials had been discussing with S&P whether the ratings agency should change its outlook on the United States to "negative" from "stable," an indication that the country could lose its crucial AAA rating in coming years over its soaring debt levels.

Treasury officials told S&P analysts that they were underestimating the ability of politicians in Washington to fashion a compromise to curb deficits, a Treasury official said.  They argued a change in ratings was not needed at this time because the debt was manageable and the administration had a viable plan in the works, the official said.

But S&P analysts told Treasury officials on Friday that they were unmoved -- and released a report that expressed skepticism that the political parties could come together on how to bring spending in line with revenue.

Any doubts by credit rating agencies about government debt has the potential to increase borrowing costs for the Treasury.

It is not uncommon for companies and governments to push back when they don’t agree with a decision made by a credit ratings agency.  Sometimes, companies that issue debt -- which also pay for the ratings -- will shop around for the best rating.

But the U.S. government is an unusual case -- it doesn’t solicit ratings.  S&P and the other major credit rating agencies offer their judgments notwithstanding.
Why Won’t Media Stand Up To White House? says the Obama administration has picked another fight with a dissident newspaper, kicking the Boston Herald out of the press pool on an unprecedented claim that its coverage is unfair.  Who died and elected them judge?

If the mainstream media had any gumption at all, they would vigorously protest the strange, new self-appointed arbiter of "fair" press coverage as an implicit threat to their own capacity to cover the news fairly.

What the White House has done by telling the Boston Herald it can no longer send a pool reporter to cover local campaign events on behalf of the media is another baby step toward state control of the media, using the carrot of access against the stick of exile.  Outside the likes of, say, Ecuador, this is a first.

As it stands, the Boston Herald is on its own, with its media colleagues in other organizations largely silent as a vindictive White House press office gets away with determining what's "fair."

It's not as if the Herald was making up stories -- as the New York Times or Washington Post have been caught doing.  Its "crime" to the White House was an unrelated editorial decision to run former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's opinion piece on "the Obama misery index" on its front page two months ago.  Seems the newly self-appointed goons of "fairness" never noticed that what the former governor thinks is of particular interest to Massachusetts readers.  Nor did it notice that the Boston Herald has been unusually hard on Romney in both its news and editorial coverage in the past.

"What are you afraid of, Mr. President?" the Herald's Joe Battenfeld wrote.

It's part of an ever-widening pattern of media abuse.

Just two weeks ago, the White House duked it out with the San Francisco Chronicle, a lefty paper in a lefty town but one with an independent voice.  Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci was threatened with the same booting the Herald got because of White House displeasure at her filming of a bunch of looney left protestors improbably criticizing Obama.

"I get that all powerful people and institutions want to control their image and their message.  That's part of their job, to create a mythology that allows them to continue being powerful," wrote editor Phil Bronstein.  "But part of the press' job is to do the opposite, to strip away the cloaks and veneers."

Meanwhile, an Orlando Sentinel pool reporter was stuffed into a closet and held against his will on the Joe Biden campaign trail, while the Pleasanton (Calif.) Weekly was warned by the White House its coverage of first lady Michelle Obama was insufficiently flattering.

The media silence over these repeated violations of press freedom is baffling.  Can the fact that 30 mainstream media outlets have been co-opted by $48 million in spending by George Soros, a top campaign ally of Obama, have something to do with this?  Or is the urge to fawn over Obama more important than covering the news without fear or favor?

The one thing that's obvious is that the media continue to take it with little push-back, and as they do, the bouncers of the White House press office grow bolder.

Related:   Liberal Cartoonist Can't Get Anyone To Publish His Anti-Obama Pieces
Here Comes The Gestapo
Chris O'Shea says the White House has added a new position to "deal with" unfavorable (to Obama) online media.

The White House has named Jesse Lee to a new position within its communications department titled Director of Progressive Media & Online Response.  According to The Huffington Post, Lee will essentially be responsible for building up Obama’s online presence as he prepares for his reelection bid, and squashing any negative stories:

The post is a new one for this White House.  Rapid response has usually been outsourced to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), if not done on an ad-hoc basis by administration officials.  And it signals that the White House will be adopting a more aggressive defense of Obama and his policies as his re-election campaign gears up.

If you’re going to post something online about Obama that isn’t true, Lee is going to be the one to handle you.  Considering that Lee’s first tweet about his new position included a picture of The Terminator, we suggest you watch what you say OR BE DESTROYED.
Okay that was a little dramatic, but you get the idea.

Related:  Lee’s wife, Nita Chaudary, was behind's Petraeus "Betray Us" Ad.

From the "About" page:

Remember, Barack Obama and the Obots describe any bit of information they don't like as a lie, a smear, a distraction or Swiftboating, and they'll call you a bunch of nasty names in the process.  If that doesn't work they sick their agents in the media, Democratic Party operatives and/or their lawyers on you -- and they'll call you nasty names.  I know they do because they did it to me and there are dozens of other instances in these pages of the Obots using the tactics of intimidation to suppress free expression.

And it looks like Team Obama ready to misuse the power of the
White House to repress the free exercise of political speech.
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