Obama and Islam 

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“Islam has always been a part of America.”


Barack Obama


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The Early Years



While studying for her bachelor's degree, Anna met and eventually married Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo in 1967.  Lolo, also a Muslim, promptly moved his new family to Jakarta, Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim country.  In Audacity of Hope, Obama wrote, "Lolo followed Islam...I looked to Lolo for guidance."


  The Candidate



Two weeks after declaring his candidacy, Barack Hussein Obama told The New York Times that the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."

In an interview with Nicholas Kristof, published in The New York Times, Obama then recited the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, "with a first-class [Arabic] accent."

  The White House



Unveiling the "American Muslims in the American Mainstream," open-letter in a press conference, AMT chairman Agha Saeed said the incoming Obama administration needs to take notice of the American Muslim community.

"We...wish to see you instruct senior officials in your administration to reinstate roundtables with Muslim leadership for all departments, such as State, Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services," said the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT), a coalition of the 12-largest Muslim organizations in the US .


  Obama's Muslims



Barack Hussein Obama, catering to both Muslims and globalists, is exposing his preference to Islamic and globalist agendas and placing yet another nail in America's coffin by appointing Rashad Hussain as special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.  To understand the extreme significance of this appointment, it is vital for Americans to understand the composition and objectives of the OIC, its global influence and potential impact on the U.S., and also be fully aware of the background of Rashad Hussain.


  Joy Of Sharia



Sharia has been defined as "Muslim or Islamic law, both civil and criminal justice as well as regulating individual conduct both personal and moral.  The custom-based body of law is based on the Quran and the religion of Islam.  It is clearly inhumane.



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