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Violent Domestic Terrorist Helped Write Stimulus Package

The latest shocker is Jeff Jones.  Jones was the co-founder of the violent radical terrorist group Weather Underground with Bill Ayers.  Jones has much blood on his hands, and yet, he is part of the Apollo Group founded by Van Jones, no relation, a self proclaimed communist!
The Apollo Group, under Jeff and Van Jones’ direction, basically wrote Barack Obama’s stimulus bill.  You know, the one that absolutely no one in Congress read, but Obama swore that if it wasn’t passed immediately, the world would end.  Then, after it passed, he took a three day vacation before signing it.  So far, this stimulus has been a total disaster.

Now, Van Jones is Obama’s "green jobs" Czar.  He is also the man behind the failed boycott attempt on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show.

For a truly frightening look at Jeff Jones and the ties of this violent domestic terrorist, and others to Barack Obama, please check out this video.

People like Jeff Jones, the violent domestic terrorist, and Van Jones, a self described radical communist, now Obama’s "green jobs" Czar, have infiltrated the so called environmental movement.  We have said for years that the agenda of the greens has absolutely nothing to do with the environment, and is all about implementing communist control over America, and other free nations.  It’s all about taking away personal liberty and freedom.  These newest findings certainly enhance that observation.

Here is Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin talking about Van Jones and his radicalism:
All of these violent domestic terrorists, communists, and other societal malcontents seem to have gravitated towards the Marxist organization called the Apollo Alliance.  This is another shadowy and dangerous group.

The names tied to this group will make you shudder.  The website RBO has a good amount of background information on the Apollo Alliance that you can read here.

Just as Barack Obama was marinated in hatred of America by his childhood mentor, communist Frank Marshall Davis, and his hateful preacher, Reverend Jeremiah "Goddamn America" Wright.  So were many of Obama’s advisors marinated in the hate and violence of radical communists like Bill Ayers and Jeff Jones.

Here’s the real issue folks, what we are witnessing is a good, old fashioned coup d’etat by a group of dedicated communists who have planned this since the 1960’s, if not before.

Obama has totally usurped the United States Constitution.  By appointing these Czars, well over 30 now, he has bypassed the Senate which has the Constitutional duty of advise and consent.  Does anyone think, even with the radical left wing in control of Congress, that murdering terrorists and admitted communists with ties to the murdering terrorists would be confirmed?

Indeed, this is a bloodless (so far) coup d’etat that Obama has engineered, and with a radical rubber stamp Congress, there is little to stop him.

There's more stuff here . . .

Related: Cliff Kincaid has written an article on this subject for Media Matters.  It contains more information about the communists and revolutionaries that are close associates of Obama.
Meet Jeff Jones a Founder of the Weather Underground
Meet Mr. Jeffrey Jones a co-founder with Bill Ayers and Mark Rudd of the violent Weather Underground organization.  Jeff Jones is now the head of the Apollo Alliance of which Van Jones was a director.  They now want to make comic books about their "heroic" violent attempts to overthrow the U.S. government to teach their Social Justice to kids using the comic books medium.  He and the other communists around Obama, like Michael Klonsky, want to re-educate our kids.  In this video, Jones talks about making comic books about himself and other "heroes" of his ilk and make Social Justice another version of "truth, justice, and the American way."  More indoctrination of the kids in a very insidious way.

SDS Comic Road Show  (07:56)
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