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Coup: The sudden seizing of the government by a small group of persons in positions of authority.


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  To be a bona fide conspiracy, two or more individuals must knowingly conspire, plot or plan an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious act.  In politics or law, an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act, is a "conspiracy."  Not in theory, but in reality.  This series will demonstrate that Democrats, in their zeal to elect America's first black president, did just that.  What follows is "The Obama Conspiracy."

George Soros was one of the very first backers of Barack Obama, who has sealed his entire life from the American People.  Ironically, Obama won his first national office by having his opponent's "sealed" records released to the public.



Obama and his sponsors knew that he was ineligible for the presidency long before he ran, as demonstrated in a paper written by an associate attorney in a prestigious Chicago-based law firm.  One of the partners served on then Sen. Barack Obama's finance committee.  In the paper, Sarah P. Herlihy, advocated for the elimination of the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a president is be a "natural-born" citizen, calling the requirement "stupid" and asserting it discriminates, is outdated, and undemocratic.  Hmmm!



Early in 2008, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), who was an early Obama supporter, sponsored several bills and resolutions aimed at changing the "natural born" eligibility requirements of Section II, Article I, Clause 5 or the U. S. Constitution.  Then Patrick Leahy, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama got involved.  Now, why do you think they would want to do that?  What was their interest in changing the "natural born" citizen requirement?  Hmmm!



The Republicans knew the odds of winning in 2008 were long.  So they avoided going into the 2008 Presidential buzz saw.  John McCain had no choice but to make a final and gallant run for the office.  The year 2008 was his last stand as a presidential candidate.  He was 71 years old.  No president has ever been elected for his first term after his 70th birthday.  So for the Republican Party, the setup in the presidential race looked straightforward in 2008.  There was almost no chance to win, no matter who the nominee was.  So they nominated the only guy who cannot run in future races: John McCain.


  Document Fraud

Did Democratic senators Leahy, Clinton, McCaskill and Obama hold hearings, like they did with McCain?  Hell no!  The Obama campaign chose to post what they claim to be Obama's "birth certificate" on the Internet, just 2 months after S. R. 511, and 5 days after the Democrats selected Obama as their candidate.  Obama's propaganda minister, Robert Gibbs, has taken credit for this action.


  Voter Registration Fraud

The Democrats were so eager to elect Obama at any cost, that they conspired, abandoned every pretense of fairness, broke every election law, and even posted thugs at polling stations to ensure their man won.  And now, according to a new article in The Nation, Frances Fox Piven of "Cloward-Piven Strategy" fame, recently joined the Project Vote board of directors.  They are planning to do it again in 2012.  After all, to these people, "the end justifies the means."


  Election Fraud

At the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama received the nomination of the Democratic Party on August 27, 2008.  Now the party leaders have a problem.  They know the Democratic Party of Hawaii (DPH) refused to properly certify Obama because he had eligibility issues.  William H. Gilardy, the very same lawyer who represented Stanley Ann Soetoro's divorce from Lolo Soetoro, was on the DPH board as their legal counsel.  He knew that Obama had been adopted by Soetoro.  He knew that Obama was a citizen of Indonesia at one time.  Now what?


  Hawaii Conspires

New analysis of Democrat Party's official 2008 Certification of Nomination for Obama reveals that reasons for Obama's sudden trip to Hawaii in October, 2008 was to visit more than just his sick grandmother. Hawaiian election laws and post-dated documents reveal he may have attended a hearing with Hawaiian Chief Elections Officer regarding his disqualification from ballot due to lack of certified Constitutional eligibility.


  Cover Up


Even before the election, the Political Left began to organize the cover up.  The key to the conspiracy to cover for Barack Obama was the ObamaMedia.  If the message was managed properly, all of the questions raised during the campaign about Obama's eligibility would just go away.  The Left was euphoric.  It was no longer, "Yes, we can."  It was, "Yes, we did."  Everybody would move on.


  The Video


Dr. Ron Polland -- aka "Polarik" -- has completed a comprehensive research investigation into the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s "birth certificate."  On June 12, 2008, nine days after Obama was nominated as the Democratic candidate for president, a scan image claimed to be his "original birth certificate" was posted on the Daily Kos, an ultra-liberal blog.  It was also on this date that Dr. Polland looked at the image and thought, "This is not a genuine scan," setting into motion the most intensive and exhaustive scientific evaluation ever conducted on a birth certificate facsimile.


  Round Two


Barack Obama -- the key player and director of this conspiracy.  Team Obama -- his personal and campaign staff.  Perkins-Coie -- the law firm that has received almost $3 million to hide Obama's bona fides from the American People.  And a shout-out to Hawaii's Department of Health -- that continues to provide Obama with fraudulent documents and fraudulent statements in support of the conspiracy -- Obama couldn't do it without you.


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