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Stanley Ann Dunham (Stanley Ann)

The Dunhams had one daughter, Stanley Ann Dunham (Stanley Ann), who was born in  Wichita, Kansas, on November 29th, 1942.  Stanley Dunham had wanted a son, so when his daughter was born, he named her Stanley Ann Dunham, after himself.

Stanley Ann Dunham as a third grader in Vernon, TX -- 1951


Stanley Ann Dunham's Birth Certificate
Polarik says that at the end of July, some of Stanley Ann Dunham's passport documentation had been released to Mr. Christopher Strunk by the State Department following a lawsuit brought against the State Department for failing to comply with a Freedom of Information request originally made in October 2008.

The released documents indicate Dunham's husband, Lolo Soetoro, petitioned the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the State Department in 1967 to obtain a waiver to return to the United States to rejoin his wife and her infant son, Barack Obama Jr.

As usual, the birth certificate for Barack Obama was conspicuously absent from the documents.  Obama's birth certificate would surely have been required for Obama to travel back and forth from Hawaii to Indonesia, and it was likely submitted by Ann Dunham for a passport issued to her in July 1965.  However, the records for this passport are lost, missing, and presumably destroyed.

Although Obama's birth certificate was missing, an extremely poor and nearly unreadable copy of Ann Dunham's birth certificate was included with the other documentation.  Thanks to some heavy-duty noise reduction software, and a few tricks of the trade, I was able to clean it up enough to read the key information it contained.  There were a number of surprises.

Here is the original image.

Here is the cleaned and annotated image.

By most accounts, Stanley Ann Dunham was born in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.  A handful of other sites indicated Wichita, Kansas, and the same hospital name, Saint Francis, one Kansas blog got the location of Ann's mom as Augusta, but none made mention of Sedgwick, which is 21 miles to the North of Wichita and about 190 miles Southwest of Ft. Leavenworth.

The biggest "shocker," which nobody has ever mentioned, is that the first name of Ann's mom is MADELINE -- not MADELYN as is universally reported.  Father, Stanley Armour's usual address was listed as Wichita, even though the Kansas websites listed it as El Dorado.  According to rumor, Stan and Maddy were never married.  They certainly did not live together when Ann was born.  However, her BC says "Yes," presumably to avoid all of the different laws pertaining to unmarried parents at the time.

Stan's occupation is "Corporal" in the business or industry of the "US Army."  Madeline's occupation and place of employment looks to be intentionally scribbled.

Not exactly "earth-shaking" news, but definitely undermines the "facts" written in Obama's "Dreams of My Father."
High School

The Dunhams moved to 3206 East Lexington St., Mercer Island, Washington in 1956,  after living in an apartment for a year in a nearby Seattle.  The lure was the high school that had just opened and the opportunity it offered for their daughter, who was then 13.


For four years on Mercer Island, Stanley Ann Dunham impressed her high-school classmates with a wickedly sharp wit.  She was an "intellectual rebel" with a fledgling beatnik sensibility that would eventually take her around the globe.


Stanley Ann Dunham's classmates, many of whom had lived on the island their whole lives, viewed Dunham as a novelty.


"She had a really ironic sense of humor, sort of downbeat and she was a great observer," said Iona Stenhouse, of Seattle, a former classmate.  "There was an arched eyebrow, or a smile on her face about the immaturity of us all.  I felt at times that Stanley thought we were a bit of a provincial group."


The diversions for Dunham and her class were solidly 1950s vintage: sock hops and sleepovers and the song "Rockin' Robin."  Dunham's father drove her and friends to boys basketball games, and would embarrass his daughter with his noisy cheering.

Dunham gravitated toward an intellectual clique.  According to former classmate Chip Wall, she caught foreign films at Seattle's only art-house theater, the Ridgemont, and trekked to University District coffee shops like the Encore to talk about jazz, the value of learning from other cultures and the "very dull Eisenhower-ness of our parents."


"We were critiquing America in those days in the same way we are today: The press is dumbed down, education is dumbed down, people don't know anything about geography or the rest of the world," said Wall, who later taught at Mercer Island High and is now retired in Seattle.


"She was not a standard-issue girl.  You don't start out life as a girl with a name like Stanley without some sense you are not ordinary."


At Mercer High School, two teachers -- Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman -- generated regular parental thunderstorms by teaching their students to challenge societal norms and question all manner of authority.  Foubert, who died recently, taught English.  His texts were cutting edge: "Atlas Shrugged," "The Organization Man," "The Hidden Persuaders," "1984" and the acerbic writings of H.L. Mencken.  Wichterman taught philosophy. 

The hallway between the two classes was known as "anarchy alley," and students pondered the challenging notions of Wichterman's teachings, including such philosophers as Sartre and Kierkegaard.  He also touched the societal third rail of the 1950s: He questioned the existence of God.  And he didn't stop there.  "I had them read 'The Communist Manifesto,' and the parents went nuts," said Wichterman, adding that parents also didn't want any discussions about "anything to do with sex," religion and theology.  The parental protests were known as "mothers' marches."

The Au Pair
Toward the end of her high school career, Stanley Ann applied to the University of Chicago and received early acceptance.  The University of Chicago, with its reputation for intellectual excitement, in the middle of a big city, appealed to Ann's sense of adventure.  However, Stanley Dunham didn't want his daughter living on her own, far away from home, at such a young age.

It looks like Stanley Ann went to Chicago in the summer between her junior and senior years, according to this puzzling snippet from "Dreams..."

"I was only sixteen then," she told us as we entered the elevator, "I'd just been accepted to the University of Chicago -- Gramps hadn't told me yet that he would let me go -- and I was there for the summer, working as an au pair."

Chicago?  Always Chicago.
But, it's from "Dreams..."  So, who knows if it's true.
Class Of 1960

Known as Stanley Ann, Obama's mother, was a strong-willed, unconventional member of the Mercer Island High School graduating class of 1960.   She spent 8th grade through high school there and graduated with a 3.35 grade-point average.  Here is her application for a Social Security card, submitted when she was 16.  Stanley Ann Dunham was issued Social Security number 535-40-8522.



Curious and precocious, Stanley Ann was greatly influenced by left-wing and communist teachers in the Mercer Island High School, who had the students read the philosophers Sartre and Kierkegaard, "The Communist Manifesto" and question the existence of God.  Stanley Ann touted herself as an atheist.

Mercer Island High was a hotbed of pro-Marxist radical teachers.  John Stenhouse, board member, testified before the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party USA and the school has a number of Marxists on its staff.  Two teachers at this school, Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman, both Frankfurt School style Marxists, taught a critical theory curriculum to students which included; rejection of societal norms, attacks on Christianity, the traditional family, and assigned readings by Karl Marx.  The hallway between Foubert’s and Wichterman classrooms was called "anarchy ally."

Susan Blake, a classmate and former city councilwoman from Mercer Island who long ago changed the infant Barack's messy diaper, said of her friend: "Hers was a mind in full tilt."

Stanley Ann gravitated toward an intellectual clique.  According to former classmate Chip Wall, she caught foreign films at Seattle's only art-house theater, the Ridgemont, and trekked to University District coffee shops like the Encore to talk about jazz, the value of learning from other cultures and the "very dull Eisenhower-ness of our parents."

"We were critiquing America in those days in the same way we are today: The press is dumbed-down, education is dumbed down, people don't know anything about geography or the rest of the world," said Wall, who later taught at Mercer Island High and is now retired in Seattle.

A high school classmate described Stanley Ann as "a fellow traveler. . . . We were liberals before we knew what liberals were."

The descriptive, "fellow traveler," was first applied to non-communists who were inclined toward the views of the Communist Party by Leon Trotsky.

The Wonder Years
So named because I wonder what happened in the years between Stanley Ann's high school graduation in June, 1960, and her return to Hawaii un spring, 1963.  This is Stanley Ann's "hippy period."

I will absolutely guarantee you that NOBODY KNOWS what happened in the months between August 1960 and August 1961.  And the period from August 1961 through August 1971 is not all that well documented.
University Of Hawaii
On Sept 26,1960 , Stanley Ann began classes at the University of Hawaii, and began an intimate relationship with Senior almost immediately.  Dunham, who hadn't had a boyfriend in high school, was seventeen years old and an anthropology student.  They met in a Russian-language course at a time when the Russian language was inextricably mixed up with communism.

She spent weekends in  discussions that seemed to be, in part, a logical extension of the long coffeehouse sessions in Seattle and the teachings of Wichterman and Foubert, Stanley Ann's left-wing instructors.

There is conflicting information about this period.  Members of the snack bar crowd don't remember the Obama-Dunham relationship.  In this report, Hal Abercrombie said he never saw them together.  Pake Zane could not recall Ann from those days but had precise memories of Senior.

However, Neil Abercrombie, the Democratic congressman from Hawaii, was part of those regular gatherings and described Stanley Ann as "the original feminist."  Abercrombie says he remembered her appearing at some of the weekend gatherings.  Obama was such a strong personality, he said, that he could see how the young woman was awed and overwhelmed by him.

"She was a girl, and what I mean by that is she was only 17 and 18, just out of high school.  And he brought her at different times.  She mostly observed because she was a kid.  Everybody there was pretty high-powered grad-student types."

Very comprehensive history of Stanley Ann Dunham and her son Barack -- Part 1 and Part 2.

The legend is that on February 2, 1961, against Madelyn's hopes, and against the desires of Obama's father back in Kenya, Stanley Ann, three months pregnant, and Senior hopped a plane to Maui and got married.


The wedding had no no minister, rabbi, or imam.  There were no bridesmaids, ushers, witnesses, guests -- not even her parents.  And no record of the happy event has yet been found.  There is no wedding license or marriage certificate in the divorce papers.


The Huffington Post ran a feature, "Michelle Obama Talks About 'Guilt' Women Hold," in which she says that Obama's own mother was "very young and very single when she had him."  (2nd source)

Stanley Ann Goes Missing
For the next five months -- February through August -- Stanley Ann drops out of sight.  She doesn't register for the winter and spring semesters at U. of Hawaii.  The next thing we know is that Stanley Ann reappears in . . . Seattle, WA!
With Little Barry!


Seattle-- In August?

What was Ann Dunham, at age 18, doing at Mercer Island (outside of Seattle) with a newborn infant for a "brief" visit?

What were the logistics of a Honolulu-Seattle round trip in 1961: how long was the flight, and how much would the trip have cost?  Or, was Stanley Ann returning from Kenya, as some have alleged.  No one knows if Stanley Ann had arrived in Seattle from Honolulu or Mombasa.  Or did she just drive cross the border from Canada?

Were there any restrictions in 1961 about flying with newborn babies?  Did Dunham travel alone with "Barry" (the name Blake used) or was she accompanied by Barack Sr., her mother, or others?  This is an important fact.  The child's name was "Barry" not "Barack."

It is possible that Dunham actually delivered Barry someplace close to Mercer Island -- like Vancouver.


The most compelling case for a Canadian birth is the age of the infant when Stanley Ann appeared at the home of her high school friend, Susan Blake shortly after Barry's birth -- unable to change little Barry's diaper.


Blake states, in this interview, that while Stanley was there she stayed with a friend of Stanley Ann's mother, even borrowed a car to come see Susan.


Was Stanley Ann's mother's friend really Stanley Ann's Aunt Eleanor?

Faceless In Seattle
Regardless of where Stanley Ann and the infant Barry were on August 4, 1961, they were in Washington state by the middle of the month when she registered for classes at University of Washington using a Capitol Hill apartment address as her address.  Stanley Ann Dunham started classes at the University of Washington 15 days after Barack's birth.  Obama was born on 4 Aug 1961, and Ann Dunham started night classes for the Fall semester on 19 Aug 1961.  She was still living at that address in fall of 1962 when Barbara Cannon Rusk visited her.


Days after Barack was born, Dunham and her new son showed up in Seattle.  They lived in Apartment 2 of the Villa Ria Apartments at 516 13th Avenue E on Capitol Hill, and she enrolled at the University of Washington.  Stanley Ann and baby Barack returned to Hawaii after Spring semester at the University of Wasgington.  This is Mary Toutonghi's account from Stanley Ann's time on Seattle's Capitol Hill.



FROM a DIFFERENT STORY (if same location): They lived in a three-story house that had been converted into three inexpensive apartments.  Toutonghi and her family lived in the basement apartment, and Ann Dunham -- Obama's mother -- lived in the apartment directly upstairs. 

FROM a 3RD story: Sum 1962 -- Sighting by Barbara Cannon Rusk in June-Sept 1962 "I had moved to Utah for a while after high school, and I came back to Seattle in the summer of 1962.  I remember visiting the World's Fair, and then stopping by Stanley Ann's apartment on Capitol Hill.  It was a small apartment, upstairs.  It was after June, and could have been as late as September, 1962.  I visited her for half a day or so.  It was a...


In August, 1961, she enrolled in a University of Washington extension course.  Between August, 1961 and March 1962, she enrolled in a total of four extension courses at the University of Washington (records), earning a total of 20 credits for her work in those courses, no small feat, considering that graduation required 180 credits, and the typical full time student earned 45 credits a year.

It was a curious academic choice. Why would she enroll in extension courses at the University of Washington when she had found herself intellectually stimulated during her previous year of studies at the University of Hawaii?

It appears from the following item, that Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii between the Univ. of Washington's Winter semester and the Univ. of Hawaii's Winter semester.  I'll try to get an exact date, but for now, that would be around December 1962 or January 1963.


So it's fair to conclude that Stanley Ann was living in Washington during the period from August 1961 through January 1963.

University Of Washington
Dunham was registered for college classes in Seattle only 15 days after reportedly delivering her first-born child in Honolulu, according to school records.  Stanley Ann's University of Washington transcript documents she was using the name Obama in August 1961.

click image for large copy

WorldNetDaily research supports the conclusion that Dunham left Hawaii to relocate to Seattle within days of her baby's birth to begin night classes at the University of Seattle.  Dunham's grade transcript covering her attendance at the university, specifying that "Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled at the University of Washington for: Autumn 1961, Winter 1962, Spring 1962."

The e-mail from the University of Washington registrar did not say Dunham was enrolled in Hawaii for correspondence extension classes she took in Hawaii.

As is clear from the transcript itself, in the autumn term 1961, Dunham took two classes: Anthropology 100, beginning on Aug. 19, 1961 and ending on Dec. 11, 1961; and Political Science 201, beginning on Aug. 19, 1961 and ending on Dec. 12, 1961.

Ann Dunham's University of Washington transcript makes clear she obtained a grade of "A" in Anthropology 100 and a grade of "B" in Political Science 201, making it likely she attended both classes when they began on Aug. 19, 1961.

In the winter term 1962, Dunham took two additional courses: History 478, beginning on Dec. 27, 1961, and ending on March 30, 1962; and Philosophy 120, beginning on Dec. 27, 1961, and ending on March 20, 1962.

All four of these classes are listed in the transcript as University of Washington extension courses.

The transcript also appears to document as a transfer credit from the University of Hawaii the Russian class where Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. allegedly first met.

Even though Dunham was a graduate of Mercer Island High School, a Washington state high school, she did not qualify for in-state resident tuition benefits because she had not resided continuously in Washington since receiving her high school diploma.
Mary Toutonghi's Account
Mary Toutonghi, a speech pathologist currently operating a private clinic in Soldotna, was living in Seattle during the early 1960s with an 18-month daughter and a husband attending Seattle University.  Barack Obama's mother was her neighbor.  Toutonghi needed extra pin money, and Stanley Ann Durham needed a babysitter.  Thus began the commercial relationship.

She watched Obama a few times a week, for about three hours at a time.  Toutonghi doesn't remember how much Dunham paid her, but she does remember what Barack Obama was like at the time.  It tells more about Ann Dunham (mom) and baby Obama in Seattle.  It also lends additional credence to being born in Canada, versus Ann Dunham (mom) hopping back and forth in the early 60's between Seattle and Hawaii on the airlines with a baby Obama (There should be aircraft manifest archives in a library or depository if true ...):Tuesday, January 20, 2009

They lived in a three-story house that had been converted into three inexpensive apartments.  Toutonghi and her family lived in the basement apartment, and Ann Dunham -- Obama’s mother -- lived in the apartment directly upstairs.

Dunham attended night classes a few days a week at the University of Washington, and needed someone to take care of her son.  "The time was available and we were all struggling students.  She needed a baby sitter and I said 'Sure,'" Toutonghi said.  She watched Obama a few times a week, for about three hours at a time.  Dunham paid her, but she doesn’t remember how much, Toutonghi said.

"I remember his being very large and very curious and very alert.  I don’t remember him fussing, but that doesn’t mean anything.  Saying he never fussed is like saying he’s not real.  But I don’t remember any undue fussing at all," she said.

Being a struggling young mother herself, in the tumultuous dawning of the 1960s, no less, Toutonghi said she doesn’t remember many specifics about Dunham.  "I was so engrossed in myself at the time," she said.

But the circumstances of a young mother living, attending school and raising a baby alone stuck in Toutonghi’s mind.  "It was a tough situation, as far as I knew," she said.  "She was 19, she’d promised her parents that she was going to finish college, even through she’d married.  I’m presuming her parents were paying for the schooling -- nobody had any money at the time."

Dunham met Barack Obama Sr., a foreign student from Nyang’oma Kogelo in Kenya, Africa, when she was a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. They married on Feb. 2, 1961, and Barack Obama II was born Aug. 4, 1961, when Dunham was 18.

Dunham left school to take care of the baby, and returned to Seattle while Obama Sr. finished college in Hawaii and left for graduate school at Harvard University.

"It was interesting, and I don’t know why she was going to school in Seattle and he was in Hawaii at the time.  She had told me at one point that because of her husband’s post in the tribe he was going to have to go back to Kenya and marry a black woman, as well.  It was a whole different world, so she was accepting of that and hoping she could get back to him soon," Toutonghi said.

Later, Dunham moved back to Hawaii with her son and filed for divorce from Obama Sr. in 1964.

By that time, Toutonghi had long since moved on to the next chapter in her life.  She baby-sat for Dunham for two months, then she and her husband bought a house in the Government Hill section of Seattle and moved there, before moving to Alaska in 1977.  She had a long career as a speech pathologist.  She’s retired from the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and has a private clinic in Soldotna.

She didn’t have cause to think about her former charge until 2004, when she came across his first book, "Dreams from My Father."  Then she saw he was the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

"Since I found the book, 'Dreams from My Father,' when it was first published, then when I was working on the 2004 presidential campaign and realized he was the convention speaker, it blew me away.  And then this," she said.  "I keep thinking of the six degrees of separation, that thing.  I’ve known some unusual people in my time, but this was different."

Toutonghi said she often wondered what happened to Dunham, who became Ann Dunham Soetoro after a later marriage, and died of ovarian cancer in 1995.  "We talked, but I can’t say, if I had been really strong friends I would have kept up the relationship.  It was interesting to me as I read that book, his first book, I was thinking of his mother, then finding out she had died I felt very badly.  I had meant to try to contact her through the publisher, but I didn’t get around to it.  It was one of those things," she said.
Was Obama Born In White Rock, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada?
the most compelling case for a Canadian birth is the age of the infant when Stanley Ann appeared at the home of her high school friend, Susan Blake.  The logic for the expediency of "disappearing," and that she was then registering for or attending college in Seattle.  If this was the case, Barry was never even in Hawaii until Stanley Ann moved back there after Senior left for Harvard; that grandma got him a COLB right after his birth, and that the COLB’s registration is what triggered notification to the newspapers of his birth.

117 miles between Blaine, WA and Mercer Island, WA
There was a comment over at American Thinker the other day, posted by "rlqretired" which said, in part [caps mine]:

"In Hollister, Obama’s lawyer, Bauer, SWORE TO A FEDERAL JUDGE in January 2009 the STRONGEST EVIDENCE his client (Obama) is a natural born citizen can be found in HIS PUBLICLY RELEASED BIRTH CERTIFICATE...".

How does that strike you?  What I see is Obama’s lawyer telling a federal judge that Obama has no long form birth certificate.  Obama’s "publicly released birth certificate" was the Certification of Live Birth -- the COLB.  He swore the COLB is his STRONGEST EVIDENCE of natural born citizenship.  So he swore THERE IS NO STRONGER EVIDENCE.  The only thing that could be stronger evidence is a long form birth certificate.

That means there is also no stronger evidence than the COLB of a Hawaiian birth.

So Abercrombie was telling the truth -- there is no long form Hawaiian birth certificate, and if there’s no long form birth certificate, he was not born in a Hawaiian hospital.

But there’s a long form birth certificate somewhere...unless all he has is a COLB because he was born under a tropical plant beside a dirt road too many miles from Honolulu to get to a hospital.

At this point, Canada looks good.  But again, who knows?  This is Obama we're talkin' about.
Stanley Ann Returns To Hawaii
Here's some information from Atlas Shrugs about Stanley Ann and the mid-1960's.

It appears that Stanley Ann settles down a little after returning to Hawaii and the university.  When Obama was almost 2, Ann returned to college at the University of Hawaii for the spring semester.  Money was tight.  She collected food stamps and relied on her parents to help take care of young Barack.  She would get her bachelor's degree four years later.
I believe the apartment, located at 110 1427 Alexander St., was rented for Stanley Ann and Barack Jr. by her parents upon her return from WA state.  She remained there until just before she registered for spring classes at UH at Manoa in 1963.

She filed for divorce from Senior, and would ultimately receive receives a degree in mathematics.

According to this blog, Atlas reader Rudy emailed both the University of Washington and the University of Hawaii, and they sent him back dates of enrollment. It didn't match the dates Wikipedia had for Stanley Ann Dunham. Bob tried to update Wikipedia and his updates got deleted within minutes.

Here's an email that was returned from the University of Hawaii in September, 2008:

Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled at the University of Hawaii for:
Autumn 1961
Winter 1962
Spring 1962

And here's a letter that was sent from the University of Hawaii in November, 2008:

"The University of Hawaii at Manoa is only able to provide the following information for Stanley Ann Dunham:

Dates of attendance:
Fall 1960 (First day of instruction 9/26/1960)
Spring 1963 -- Summer 1966
Fall 1972 -- Fall 1974
Summer 1976
Spring 1978
Ph. D.:
Fall 1984 -- Summer 1992

Degrees awarded:
BA - Mathematics, Summer 1967 (August 6, 1967)
MA - Anthropology, Fall 1983 (December 18, 1983)
PhD - Anthropology, Summer 1992 (August 9, 1992)

Assuming these email responses were true, the University of Hawaii has Stanley Ann starting class in Sept 26, 1960 and dropping out for the spring semester (while pregnant).  She then re-enrolled at the University of Washington in the autumn of 1961, just after Obama was born.  Obama Sr. was still at the University of Hawaii, and graduated in 1962 while Stanley Ann was at University of Washington.
Stanley Ann Visits The Navy Base

Stanley Ann Re-Marries
While studying for her bachelor's degree, Stanley Ann met another foreign student at the university.  She met and eventually marries Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo sometime between 1965 and 1967.  Lolo would later become an oil company executive.  Stanley Ann hated that.

In summer 2010, Stanley Ann's passport files are released, showing that Stanley Ann didn't marry Soetoro in 1967, when Barry was 6 years old, but in March of 1965, when Barry was only 3 years old -- another lie in Obama's "Dreams..." narrative.

It also means that little Barry was in Indonesia longer than his narrative claims.  We know Barry was in Honolulu when he was supposed to be in Jakarta.
Stanley Ann In Southeast Asia
The legend is that Stanley Ann Dunham was an anthropologist.  Although she earned a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Hawaii in 1992, she wasn't.  She was an interpreter at the U. S. Embassy, a program officer for the Ford Foundation and eventually an international banking consultant. 

Stanley Ann
traveled around Southeast Asia, pursuing a career in international banking and rural development that took her to Ghana, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Being and anthropologist fits the Obama narrative better than her real role as a tool of  "fat-cat bankers."

Stanley Ann went to work for the Ford Foundation from 1981 through 1984.  She was employed as a program officer for "Women and Employment" at the "Regional Southeast Asia Office of the Ford Foundation in Jakarta.

She lived in Pakistan for the five years beginning in 1987 and ending in 1992, living at the Hilton International Hotel.  During this time, Obama visited his mother and stayed for a few months.  Stanley Ann was hired as a consultant by the Asian Development Bank for Pakistan Agricultural Development Bank’s Gujranwalla Agricultural Development Program.



In 1986, Stanley Ann worked on a developmental project in Pakistan.  Later that year, Stanley Ann and her daughter traveled the Silk Road in China.  Stanley Ann monitored the funds received for this program from the Asian Development Bank and trained the Mobile Credit Officers of the Agricultural Bank.  This program was controlled from the Gujranwalla Regional Office.  She stayed for five years in the Hilton International Hotel (now Avari Hotel), Lahore.  She travelled daily from Lahore to Gujranwalla.  When Barack Obama visited Pakistan, he stayed in the same hotel.  After returning from Pakistan, she died from cancer within three years.

Stanley Ann also worked for the Ford Foundation and Women’s World Bank, establishing micro-credit loans in developing countries.  Her antipathy for America and Americans didn't prevent her from funneling its money to third-world countries.

Dunham’s compensation package for her work in Indonesia included $82,500 -- about $132,000 in today’s dollars -- plus a housing allowance and a car, making that amount well within her means.

She worked at Bank Rakyat of Indonesia, where she facilitated the practice of "macrofinancing," making loans to people with poor credit and low incomes.  You know the one, exactly what the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac banks were pushing -- loans to people with poor credit and low incomes that created the mortgage meltdown. 

Bank Rakyat is 70% government owned (Persero) and has been government owned for the entire period since the war of independence in 1945.  It is also part of the "Islamic banking cooperative."

Sometimes, Stanley Ann forgot to pay the tax man.

And based on the passport files (pages 13 and 14) we know Stanley Ann listed herself as "Consultant," and was living at 1512 Spreckels St., Apt. 402, Honolulu, HI, 96822, in April, 1986.

So, Obama went to Pakistan twice.  The first time in 1981 while he was at Occidental and the second trip referenced above.
Stanley Ann's Dissertation
Stanley Ann published her dissertation in 1992.  Her dissertation, 'Peasant blacksmithing in Indonesia: Surviving and Thriving Against All Odds,' was 1,067 pages long.  In the index section, she signed her work as "Ann Dunham Sutoro."

In 1992, she earned a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Hawaii. 
In May 2009,  news reports said that that a dissertation written by Obama's late mother was being republished.

Duke University Press said Monday that an edited version of Ann Dunham's anthropological study about rural craftsmen in Indonesia is scheduled to reach stores this fall.  Dunham completed the study three years before she died in 1995.

Duke marketing manager Emily Young said the foreword was written by Obama's half-sister and Dunham's daughter, Maya Soetoro-Ng.

The book is based on Ann Dunham's 14 years of research among village workers on the Indonesian island of Java.

Young said the project came to the university's press arm because it has a reputation for publishing anthropological studies.

The operative words in this press release are "edited version" -- all the anti-American, communist stuff will be redacted.
The Name Game

Stanley Ann's known names and aliases:

 Stanley Ann Dunham (maiden)
 Stanley Ann Dunham (her friends called her Stanley Ann)
 Stanley Ann Obama (after getting hitched to Senior (in Washington phonebooks))
 Stanley Ann D. Obama (1964 Divorce)
 Ann Soetoro (in several quotes in that timeframe)
 Stanley Ann Soetoro (1980 Divorce)

 Stanley Ann Dunham Sutoro (1991 tax lien image & 1991 tax lien records)
 Ann Dunham Sutoro (Dissertation)
 S. Ann Dunham (Dissertation)

 and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting


Obama has just about as many aliases and nicknames, with variants of Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, etc.

Stanley Ann Dies
In 1995, Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii, where she died of ovarian cancer.

Ann Dunham's book, "Surviving Against the Odds," was published after her death.  The book, written by Obama’s mother, was set to be published in November, 2008, by Duke University Press, the school announced Monday.  "Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia," Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham’s 1992 anthropology dissertation for the University of Hawaii, is the product of 14 years of research on the metalworking industry in a Javanese village.

Dunham died in 1995.  Her book, edited by Alice G. Dewey, Dunham’s graduate adviser, and Nancy I. Cooper, a fellow graduate student, will be available in November.

Dunham’s daughter and Obama’s half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, who wrote the book’s foreword, said in a statement she was "delighted that our mother’s book is being published, and I am grateful to Duke University for making this dream of hers come true.  My hope is that this book will be read by those who come to love the particularities of its world and who also see the myriad potential application of its ideas and methods to other worlds."
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