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Keziah married Senior under the Luo customary laws that involved paying bride price.


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Items archived on this page are about the women in Senior's life other than Stanley Ann . . .
Teenage Kezia

Kezia was a 16-year-old schoolgirl while Senior, two years older, had just got his first proper job as an office clerk in Nairobi.

Kezia said: "It was at a dance in Kendu Bay, my home town.  Barack (Senior) was there on holiday with his family.  I went to the dance hall with my cousin William and I saw Barack enter the room.  I thought, 'ohhh, wow.'  He was so lovely with his dancing.  So handsome and so smart.

"We danced together and then the next day my cousin came to our house and told me that Barack liked me.  It was December, so I was off school.  Each day Barack and my cousin would stop by the house.  Every time I looked they were always there, trying to convince me to go with Barack to Nairobi.  About a week later, William and I took Barack to the station.  We were going to say: 'Bye bye, see you next time.'  Except there was no bye bye.

"When the train arrived William and Barack said, 'You are going to Nairobi.'  I went with him."  Her father, a local driver, was furious.

Kezia said: "He did not like Obama.  My father and brothers came to Nairobi to bring me back.  They said I had to go back to school.  When I wouldn't, they said they would never speak to me again."

"Barack was also worried about what his father (grandfather) would think because I was so young, but he gave us his approval.  He sent my mother and father 14 cows for my dowry.

Kezia and Senior were married in a tribal ceremony in January, 1955, and  set up a home in Jericho, a section of Nairobi created for government employees, and began a family.

First son Roy was born in March 1958.  Kezia insisted: "Barack was a good husband."

Can you imagine if a Republican was running for president and it came out that his father had bought his first wife for 14 cows???!!!

Senior Would Still Go To Kezia

After Obama Sr.'s return to Kenya, he fathered two more children by Kezia. [Kids 3 and 4]

The Daily Mail quotes a relative of Obama as saying, "We told him [Obama] how his father would still go to Kezia and it was during these visits that she became pregnant with two more children.  He also had two children with Ruth." [Kids 5 and 6]

According to the Daily Mail, even after losing both legs in the car accident, Obama senior fathered yet another son, his eighth child, [Okay, they got me, that would only be 7 by my count.  Not sure old BHO, Sr. was keeping a close count either] by yet another woman, and "continued to come home drunk."

Regardless of the motives, in "Dreams from my Father" Obama never states precisely how many wives his father had, or how many half-brothers and -sisters he has from different mothers, whether married to his father or not.

Step Mother Kezia

Keziah Grace Aoko Obama, currently living in Bracknell, Berkshire, England, is now a 67-year-old grandmother, she more than anyone understands the astonishing nature of Barack's success -- and the vastness of the journey that has been made in the space of one generation.

She was married to his father, Senior, who would go on to marry two more women -- Barack Jr.'s mother Ann Dunham, and an American teacher called Ruth.  But it was Kezia who remained his one true love and to whom he always returned.  Strangely, Kezia and Ann became great friends, writing to each other often.


Kezia said, "I'm very proud that he wants to include us in his life. As a family, we are very friendly, very close.  "The family are still very important to him. That would make Senior very happy.  "We have seen each other many times since that first visit, in the US, in Kenya and in England. I was very fond of Barack Jr.'s mother, Ann. "She came to Kenya after Senior died and she and I became great friends. She was like a sister to me."

Since then, the Obamas have formed an extraordinary bond -- despite their fractured family history and the vast cultural and geographic differences.

As well as Auma, Kezia has three sons by Senior Her two youngest, Bernard and Abo, live in Nairobi.  Bernard sells mechanical parts while Abo runs an international telephone shop.


In 1964, Senior married his third wife, an American-born teacher called Ruth  Ndesandjo, who met at Harvard while still legally married to both Kezia and Ann and who followed him to Africa.

Ruth  Ndesandjo is the third woman Obama Senior "marries" in 8 years.  Senior had two children with Ruth.   Son Mark was born in 1964, and David in 1968, although no month has been given, nor has any date been given for the marriage of Senior and Ruth.


Senior, Ruth, Mark and David Obama


Kenyan writer, Philip Ochieng , Senior's drinking buddy, recalls how, after sitting up all night drinking Black Label whisky at Nairobi's famous Stanley Hotel, Senior would fly into rages if Ruth asked where he had been.

Ochieng remonstrated with his friend, saying: "You bring a woman from far away and you reduce her to pulp.  That is not our way."

But it was to no avail.  Ruth sued for divorce after her husband administered brutal beatings.

Ruth refused to comment on the abuse charges when we tracked her down to the Kenyan school where she now works.

She said: "I was married to Barack's father for seven years so, yes, you could say Barack is my stepson.

"Barack's father was a very difficult man.  Although I was married to him the longest of any of his wives he wasn't an easy person to be around."


So far, Jael is a mystery woman.  She is only mentioned as the mother of Obama's half-brother, George.
Jael, was Senior's mistress.  Obama Sr. hooked up with her after his divorce from Ruth.  Stories say he planned on marrying her before he died in a car accident. 

Jael now lives in Atlanta, GA.
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