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Memories of Barry

This video interview (and its associated translation), conducted in Bahasa Indonesia, is posted on YouTube (I couldn't listen to it).

It is accompanied by the following  translation.  I'm not sure what to make of it, but here it is.

One thing that is odd is that interviewee states that Stanley Ann Dunham lived in Jakarta for two years before Barry showed up -- traveling back and forth to Hawaii -- and we also know that little Barry did his fair share of traveling back and forth, but his passport file doesn't exist, and he's not on his mother's passport.
So, now we know why Stanley Ann had her passport renewed on July 19, 1965, four months after she married Lolo (notice she had her passport renewed), but we have no evidence that Stanley Ann had ever before traveled outside of the united States -- so where did she go that she needed her original passport?  Kenya, maybe?

And why is there no record of Stanley Ann's original passport?  We have her passport file, but this official State Department file does not contain her "original" passport records -- they are missing.  It begins with her "renewal" records.  Just another coincidence, I suppose.

The video does support the contention that Lolo Soetoro did indeed adopt Barry, since the interviewee says Lolo refers to him as, "this is my boy."

The interviewee also refers to Barry attending Franciscus Assisi Primary School, and we know he began his studies there  on January 1, 1968 and sat in class 1B.  So Stanley Ann must have arrived in 1965 or 1966.

Like every new piece of the Obama puzzle, this interview raises more questions that it answers.


R : Reporter

M : Mba Non

R : please tell us how could u known obama family? ( pak lolo) did u work for him?

M : i didnt work for him. not at all. when i was in childhood, i was little bit naughty. if my parents told me to do something, i wont do it. i just ran away from home. went with my grand father, walked until cipete (street name in jakarta). then i went with Mrs. Sitti who worked to Mr. Lolo. after that, Mr. Lolo went home from office. asked Mrs. Sitti, who am i.

M : Mrs. Sitti, i dont know whos she is. but her grandfather left her here to play with me. then Mr. Lolo said to Mrs. Sitti, thx vry much, because we live here in a big house, but theres no children here. then Mr. Lolo said to me, would u leave her, be my daughter?

R : how old r u when that time?

M : around 8 (delapan) or 9 (sembilan) years old. after 2 years lived together with Mr. Lolo n Ms. Yeni, they bought my shirt, i have a lot of shirt. then Mr. Lolo said, u'll get friend.

M : Mr. lolo said i have a boy that lived @ US.

R : @ hawaii

M : yes @ hawaii

R : ow, means Barry (Barrack Obama) aint @ Indonesia yet?

M : not yet.

R : so u lived 2 years before then Barry came by.

M : yes.

R : but Mr. Lolo already married with Barry mom?

M : yes he did. she back and forth US n Indonesia. after i lived there, mother went to US to took Barry. then Mr. Lolo said this is him non. They always called me "non". this is my boy.

M : so i have 2 kids now. u are the older, barry the younger. so barry, if u wanna call her, call her "mbak non". but barry cant speak Indonesia @ that time. then i said to my self, "why he's so black" (LOL). and i asked to Mr. Lolo, sir, why he's so black? just his teeth that white. Mr Lolo said : yes, he'll be a handsome boy. the mother said, come here, then i sat @ mothers right leg, n barry on left leg. so do with dad. then they hug me. just like family.

R : how bout Ms. Eny?

M : the same. if she want to go somewhere, but i still didnt come home, she'll wait til i came home. so do if we want to eat, if theres someone still not back, we not start to eat, until all the member come. we went to asisi school, barry still didnt understand anything.

R : did barry speak Indonesia already?

M : not yet. just a little.

R : how bout Ms. Eny?

M : Ms. Eny can speaks Indonesia good. after couple months starts school, barry can speak Ina.

M : after school theres a private teacher to teach barry Indonesia@home everyday. then every the teacher came, i sat here, the teacher sat there, n barry sat there. but i didnt join the study since i know indonesia already. just watching barry study. meanwhile, when i go to the bathroom, barry said, dont go. company me here. but i said, i wana go to the bathroom. then barry company me to the bathroom (LOL). so the parents said to me, when barry is studying dont leave him alone

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