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Bill Ayers’ Weird Obama Conspiracy

TheBlaze.com has an audio interview of Bill Ayers, that begins with the interviewer's question, "Talks about your relationship to Obama ... and him distancing himself from you during the election."

Ayers lied that he didn't have to do much separating, and then proceeds to ignore the question.

But, Obama, who had a 20-years relationship with Ayers repeatedly distanced himself from the unrepentant terrorist, describing Ayers during one debate as, "a guy who lives in my neighborhood."

On another occasion, Obama's chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod said, "Bill Ayers lives in his neighborhood.  Their kids attend the same school

As it turned out, their kids did not go to school together, but Obama was the chairman of a $150 million effort spearheaded by Ayers on the important issue of public education, which funded "awful" projects and "had little impact on student outcomes," and Obama also served as a director on Ayers' Woods Fund.  They even shared an office for six years.

Ayers then proceeds to weave an incredible tale of conspiracy created by -- Hillary Clinton!

Ayers says this conspiracy consisted of painting Obama as a mystery man. Make him ununderstandable.  Oh, and he manages to throw in, you guessed it -- racism.

Nobody had to paint Obama as a mystery man.  He did that himself, by producing, with Ayers' help, his auto mythology, "Dreams...," a fable with as much grounding in truth and fact as a Superman comic book.  Obama further enhances his status as a "mystery man" by sealing ALL of his life records, from his birth certificate to his Illinois senate records, and everything in between.  Obama is simply the most "ununderstandable" man in America as a result of his deceit.

Ayers says Hillary's conspiracy consisted of creating shadowy characters that Obama hung out with, and then points to four characters that couldn't have been more shadowy if the were created by a Hollywood script-writer: Wright, Pfleger, himself [Ayers] and Khalidi.

Ayers describes Rev. Wright as, "a fiery black nationalist preacher," and "very moderate," who was, "on the right side of history."

Fact: Nobody had to paint the Rev. Wright anti-American, racist black nationalist.  He did that himself.

He describes Rev. Pflegler, as a white preacher that sided with black people again and again -- also
"on the right side of history"

Fact:  Nobody had to paint "Vanilla Ice" Pflegler as a white preacher that sided with black people.  He did that himself.

Ayers says the conspiracy described him as a terrorist that wanted to bring down his own government.  Oh, who was also, "on the right side of history."

Fact:  Nobody had to paint Bill Ayers as a terrorist, He did that himself.

And Khalidi -- painted as a Palestinian scholar with ties to the PLO,.  Yup, he's "on right side of history," as well.

Fact:  Nobody had to paint Khalidi, who served as Director of the Palestinian press agency, as having ties to the PLO.  He did that himself.

Ayers says this is all the invention of Hillary.  Except everything written or said about these four is true.  All four are from the bottom of the scumbag barrel.

Ayers says, "I'm against war," but in his manifesto, Prairie Fire," he writes, "We are a guerilla organization.  We are communist women and men, underground in the United States for more than four years," and, "We need a revolutionary communist party in order to lead the struggle, give coherence and direction to the fight, seize power and build a new society."

Ayers was not "against" the Vietnam War.  Firstly, he wasn't against war in principle, he was agitating for the victory of the communist forces in Vietnam.  In other words: He wasn't against the war, he was against our side in the war.

Ayers entire presentation is a damnable lie and a rewrite of factual history -- including his own.
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