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Our national security apparatus is being run by a bunch of clueless clowns.



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Oh, Are We In Deep Sneakers

Obama has been clueless on his handling the situation in Egypt.  One day it's Mubarak should go.  The next day it's Mubarak should stay.  The next day it's wait and see.  The day after that the White House goes quiet.  Obama, and his academics and progressives haven't got a clue, and haven't got a plan, and our security apparatus in the hands of complete clowns.

Obama's Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James Clapper, who heads 16 American intelligence and investigation agencies, is clearly behaving like he's undergoing electric shock therapy.

Yesterday, the DNI testified before the House Intelligence Committee, and said that the Muslim Brotherhood movement was, "a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam."

Hello!  Muslim?  Secular?  Shirley, you jest.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an influential Islamist organization that is the ideological forebear of Hamas and al Qaeda.  It supports imposition of Shari’a law, and approves of terrorism against Israel and the West.  One of its goals is the dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation. 

Mustafa Mashhur, who was the official leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 1996-2002 wrote "Jihad is the way."  The book is the fifth volume of his full work called The Laws of Da'wa (Islamic missionary activity).

In his book, Mashhur explains the fundamental concepts of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology.  Mashhur's teachings encompass subjects such as the Muslim Brotherhood's goal of establishing an Islamic state, world domination under Islam, the public and personal religious duty of military Jihad, and the warning not to rush to Jihad until it is prepared and timed for maximum benefit.

In December, Clapper embarrassed himself on national TV, professing ignorance of the arrests in the United Kingdom of a dozen suspected terrorists during an ABC News interview.  He was caught on camera expressing his complete ignorance of the events. 

Obama's spokesperson  acknowledged that retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Clapper had not been briefed about the arrests at the time of the interview.  "Director Clapper had not yet been briefed on the arrests in the United Kingdom at the time of this interview taping," said ODNI spokeswoman Jamie Smith in a statement.

Hello!  Clueless Clapper is the DNI.  It's HIS JOB to know EVERYTHING.  It's HIS JOB to brief everybody else.

Doesn't it give you a warm feeling that this guy has no idea what's going on?

Then, Leon Panetta, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), told the committee that he expected Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to announce his resignation in a live broadcast.  American officials said Mr. Panetta was basing his statement not on secret intelligence but on media broadcasts, which began circulating before he sat down before the House Intelligence Committee. 

Several hours later, however, Mubarak said he would hand some of his authorities over to Vice President Omar Suleiman, but refused to step down.

Asked about reports that the Egyptian president was about to announce his resignation, Panetta clarified that "there's a strong likelihood that Mubarak may step down this evening, which would be significant in terms of where the, hopefully, orderly transition in Egypt takes place."

Panetta, the head of the CIA, couldn't have been more wrong, but what can one expect when the DCIA gets his briefings from CNN, and MSNBC.

The Pollyanna Janet Napolitano, the head of the Homeland Security Department, has been living in dreamland.  Just last week,  "Big Sis" told a crowd at the University of Texas at El Paso that it is "inaccurate to state, as too many have, that the border is overrun with violence and out of control."

She continued: "This statement, often made only to score political points, is just plain wrong."

The violence along the Mexican border is now being called America's "third war."

Just in the battered border city of Ciudad Juarez, more than 3,000 people were killed last year in the city right across from El Paso, Texas.

These individuals, who are directly tasked with our security, are not doing their job to protect America and Americans.  They are clearly bowing to Obama's "Muslims are wonderful," and "illegals are Americans too", politically correct ideology.

Obama is insane, or he's purposely out to destroy America.  There can be no other conclusion.  Nobody can be this incompetent.

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