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Universal Voter Registration
James Simpson says many are puzzled that Democrats persist in ramming unpopular and destructive legislation down our collective throats with no apparent concern for their plummeting poll numbers.  A widespread belief is that the Democrats are committing political suicide and will be swept from one or both houses of Congress with unprecedented electoral losses next November.  But since Democrat politicians rarely do things that will not ultimately benefit themselves, this column asked two weeks ago, "What do they know that we don't?"

We may have found out.  It's called universal voter registration.  The Wall Street Journal's John Fund described the Democrat plan recently at a David Horowitz Freedom Center forum.  Watch the video here.
Fund describes the proposal as follows:

In January, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will propose universal voter registration.  What is universal voter registration?  It means all of the state laws on elections will be overridden by a federal mandate.  The feds will tell the states: "take everyone on every list of welfare that you have, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, take everyone on every list of driver's license holders and register them to vote regardless of whether they want to be ..."

Fund anticipates that Congress will attempt to ram this legislation through, as with the health care bill. What a surprise! Fund covers the vote issue at greater length in his book, "How the Obama Administration Threatens to Undermine Our Elections."
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Is This Election Fraud In Massachusetts? -- Why is This Woman Handing Out Absentee Ballots?

These appear to be blank absentee ballots being handed out in Lawrence, MA  (00:26)


Keep track of the developing story at Electionjournal.org, an online community dedicated to raising public awareness of vote fraud and election irregularities.  If an election is worth winning, then there is someone willing to steal it.  We report it.  Jake Tapper called Election Journal "an organic melange of media, citizenry, community and watchdog."


On Election Day, you will find EJ citizen correspondents in the field using new media technologies to document and report in real time as the democratic process plays out.


ElectronicJournal encourages you to join the community, post comments often and share your stories.  If you have an interest in writing for EJ or volunteering as a correspondent on Election Day in your area, email: electionjournal@gmail.com


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The operator of this site is Mike Roman.  The founder of Election Journal is a veteran political consultant and a private investigator.


Update:  The Campaign Spot at National Review Online wants to know if the woman in the video is Isabel Melendez, the community activist who came close to becoming the state's first elected Latino mayor when she ran for the Lawrence post in 2001?

Melendez is the head of Voters in Action, a nonprofit group -- she appears to be the only member of the group -- and has been "working to register Latino voters."   The video show her carrying around blank absentee ballots in Spanish today.  She explains how she’s telling people to mark Martha Coakley’s name.
Giovanna Negretti, executive director of ¿Oíste?, a nonprofit that seeks to elect Latino candidates in Massachusetts, said Melendez remains an important community activist and trailblazer in Lawrence.


Isabel Melendez is going to go to jail -- unless she gives someone or something up -- I'd like to know what the odds are that ACORN or an ACORN affiliate is working the polls.


Lookie here! -- I Googled ¿Oíste?


And -- Hail! Hail! The gangs all here -- George Soros' Open Society Institute, The Solidago Foundation, and Glaser Progress Foundation have provided the funds that bankroll FairVote.  Here's their organization and game plan from "Claim Democracy 2007," the conference where the "People's Organization" planned the takeover of the United States.  They had it posted on the Internet.


FairVote's mission is to transform our elections to achieve universal access to participation, a full spectrum of meaningful ballot choices and majority rule with fair representation for all.  As a catalyst for change, we build support for innovative strategies to win a constitutionally protected right to vote, universal voter registration, a national popular vote for president, instant runoff voting and proportional voting.


These people are the enemy.  They want to "CHANGE" the United States of America from a constitutional republic into a socialist utopia -- and guess who'll be in charge?  -- THIS BUNCH!


They're stealing the country and they're doing it right in front of us.  Community organizers, my ass!  When I was a kid they were properly named -- "cell leaders."


So, it looks like Isabel Melendez could be a "professional" election fixer who is connected to this loosely connected network of loosely connected socialists, who are funded by a loosely connected network of loosely connected organizations.


These people are like a cancer -- eating away at the body politic -- it's a good thing Melendez is so dumb as to do this right in the open -- now we are aware.


Thanks John . . .


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