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"I came to my faith late in life"


Barack Obama Talks about his Christian Faith -- "Christian By Choice"  (01:47)
Recently, Bill O'Reilly referenced Obama's comment, that, "I came to my faith late in life," and asked, "Why do they think he's Muslim?

Well, Bill, what do you think he was for 30 years before he allegedly became a Christian?

Islam is patrilinear.  The son of a Muslim is a Muslim.  So Bill, maybe it's because Obama was indeed a Muslim for 31 years.  Was he a practicing Muslim?  Maybe -- maybe not.  We KNOW he studied the Quran in it's original Arabic, and attended mosque while a child in Indonesia.  We KNOW he practiced Islam enough that he was capable of reciting the Shahada 36 years after leaving Indonesia, and that he thinks the Muslim evening call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."

Hell, even The New York Times said that Obama is a Muslim.  Actually, the Times correctly identified Obama as a Muslim apostate.

Obama's claim that he is a Christian is suspect.

We KNOW the guy doesn't go to church, providing the specious reason that he doesn't want to disrupt services for others -- something that previous presidents had no problem managing.

According to his own book, "The Audacity of Hope," he tells us that he joined Rev. Wright's church to establish "street cred."  So we KNOW he joined Trinity UCC for political, not spiritual reasons.  We KNOW that the theology Rev. Wright preached was not mainstream Christianity, but a Marxist perversion of Christianity called "Black Liberation Theology" that was condemned by Pope Benedict XVI, who fought the infiltration of Marxists promoting Liberation Theology in the Church.

Obama is neither a Muslim, or Christian.  Obama's religion is Marxism.  It's been his religion since his teens.

If Obama is speaking to Christians he's a Christian.  If he's speaking to Muslims, he's a Muslim.  But he's always speaking as a Marxist.


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