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The Mysterious eBay Seller "colmado_noranja"

I don't know if this guy is on the level, or not.  I do know that the document he's waving around looks a lot more official than that laser-printed document up on


Smith first appeared on the scene when it was revealed that Lucas Smith, known by the eBay handle "colmado_noranja," was taking bids on Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.



The Kenyan Certificate Of Birth

Discovered The "Kenyan Birth Certificate"

Lucas Smith, a former resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the man who had claims to have a copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. Smith claims to have acquired an authentic document from the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa that proves that Obama was born there at 7:24 p.m. on August 4th, 1961. Smith attempted to sell it on eBay and then disappeared from contact. He has now reappeared, this time with a series of videos, some with the document he claims proves Obama’s foreign birth, and refuting the criticism of others.


Lucas Smith still claims he has an authentic Obama birth certificate from Mombasa, and a video of him showing the document -- which includes a close-up shot of the document’s raised seal and the alleged footprint of Barack Obama -- appears below:


Barack Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate  (03:08)  

There is no way to know, at this time, whether this is the real deal.  What we do know is that Mama Sarah, Obama's step-grandmother has claimed that she was in the delivery room when Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya -- video.  We do know that the current Kenyan ambassador has said that "every one knows that Obama was born in Kenya." -- audio -- cursor down.  We do know that the electronic document posted on is bogus.

Let this play out before you go popping any champagne corks, but if this turns out to be the real deal, then this would make Obama a Kenyan, an usurper and probably guilty of high crimes.

Smith Claims World Net Daily Puts Forth Disinformation

Smith claims that, on August 25, 2009, Jerome Corsi, Drew Zahn and Joseph Farah, put forth disinformation on World Net Daily.  Smith has released three videos, in rebuttal:

Lucas Smith -- Part 1

Lucas Smith debunks World Net Daily -- Part 1  (07:38)

Part One of Lucas Smith debunks WND's disinformation that was put forth on August 25, 2009 by Jerome Corsi, Drew Zahn and Joseph Farah at World Net Daily.  Book: Annual Report on the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya. Page # 60.  By: Great Britain, Colonial Office.  Published 1960.  You'll find the hospitals name, COAST PROVINCE GENERAL HOSPITAL.  This book was published one year before Barack Obama's birth.  Book: East African Doctors: a history of the modern profession.  Page # 108.  By: JOHN ILIFFE. Published 2002.  You'll find the name of a hospital that Dr. James Angawa worked at in 1960, Port Reitz Hospital.  This hospital was 8 miles away from Mombasa and Coast Province General Hospital.  You can Google Book search both books and then search for the hospital's name in the first book and then the doctor's name in the second book.  You'll notice that WND has tried to bury their article entitled, eBay birth certificate called fraud.  Hospital refuses to authenticate document.  You cant keyword search for it on their website anymore.  But you can still find it at this link on their server.

Lucas Smith -- Part 2

Lucas Smith debunks World Net Daily -- Part 2  (02:31)
 Lucas Smith -- Part 3

Lucas Smith debunks World Net Daily -- Part 3  (01:50)

Google Books Search Used To Debunk World Net Daily

Google Books search being used to debunk Jerome Corsi World Net Daily report.  See article written by Jerome Corsi for World Net Daily WND on August 25, 2009.



Google Books search being used to debunk Jerome Corsi  (05:35)


Court Declaration Of Lucas Daniel Smith
Dr. Orly Taitz has obtained the court declaration of Lucas Smith and a copy of Kenyan hospital Birth Certificate for Barack Hussein Obama II -- click images for large copy:
Update:  Lucas Smith affidavit now filed with the US District Court along with Obama's alleged Kenyan Certificate of Birth.

On Friday, September 4, 2009, Smith's affidavit was filed with the United States District Court in Southern California, by Dr. Orly Taitz, who is representing Smith.

This is a legal affidavit that declares Lucas Smith to be of sound mind and judgment.  Lucas can go to jail if he lied on this affidavit.

If validated by the court, the Kenyan Certificate of Birth would be the proverbial "smoking gun."

On Tuesday, September 8th, a MAJOR event taking place on that date at 8:00 a.m. in Santa Ana, California.

Federal District Court Judge, David O. Carter, will begin hearing the Obama eligibility case brought by Dr. Orly Taitz on behalf of presidential candidate Alan Keyes and some 200 military clients, who all demand Obama provide valid documentation to prove he is eligible to be President of the USA and also to be Commander in Chief and issue/approve military orders.

Clinton appointee, Judge Carter, a highly decorated combat Marine, has pledged to prevent procedural ploys to become obstacles to taking the matter to trial. Nor will he reportedly entertain delaying tactics.

As a military/naval officer, he is well aware of the legal challenges facing officers and men who carry our orders that could be or are illegal if the Commander in Chief is not eligible to hold that position.

Of course the Kenyan Certificate of Birth will have to be "accepted" by the court before the court can "validate" the document.

Why is it that I have this nagging feeling that the court will find a reason not to even look at the document?
Is this the real birth certificate?

Barack H. Obama II born in Kenya -- is this the real birth certificate?  (03:04)

Click the "Open . . ." link to see video
Impressions Of Lucas Smith
David F. LaRocque says, I met Lucas Smith at the September 8, 2009 hearing in the case Barnett et al v. Obama.  I found Lucas Smith to be a serious and credible individual, as did others who met him at the hearing (the second of three hearings in the Barnett case prior to its dismissal by Judge David O. Carter despite prior assurances by the judge that the case would be heard on its merits.)

Lucas Smith was prepared to testify at the Sept 8 hearing.  When Obama’s Justice Department attorneys objected strongly to any testimony from Mr. Smith, Attorney Taitz suggested that he be given an opportunity to provide a deposition concerning the Kenyan birth certificate.  Judge Carter indicated strong interest in this alternative, stating:

…why cannot that deposition (of Lucas Smith) take place while this witness is here?  In other words, this witness is present.  That deposition could take place.  It’s not interfering with the jurisdictional issues that you have because it’s not 'discovery' that she is seeking from you.  It’s some witness that she has that she believes she can’t get back in a timely fashion.

Hold on.  I know you’re opposed to it.  I can read your mind.

My question is, why not?  First of all, it gives the government a wonderful glimpse of what is forthcoming.  It lets you prepare.

Number two, it allows you to put on this witness who’s come all the way from Kenya, whether they’re in danger or not.

Number three, if people need to get this particular witness back, as you claim, that he or she is essential to your claim, then the government can bring them back.

So from the government’s perspective, what are you doing this week?  Where are you from?

…Now the problem is, though, if this witness is languishing out in the hallway, and you believe that the witness is critical, that person has to continue to languish.

…And my initial question was, to the government, what harm?  In other words, they (the defendants) actually got a glimpse of what your claim is…so why wouldn’t we take this witness with the admonition that this witness would have to be called back.

In other words, I’m really concerned about people testifying who are available…

And the response from Obama’s attorneys: "…I think it is an unwise move at this point in time to order this witness be deposed."

In other words, we (Obama and his attorneys) do not want to hear what Lucas Smith has to say, either in live testimony or in a written deposition, and we certainly do not want the purported Kenyan birth certificate to be made a matter of record and to be subjected to professional analysis by the court.

Judger Carter responded: "I’m just a little perplexed why that wouldn’t be to your benefit, because in case your motion (to dismiss) fails, you know exactly what is coming and you have a chance to either prove it or disprove it, but I leave that to your wisdom."

See "The Strange Case of Judge David O. Carter" here, the transcript of the September 8 hearing (above on page 38) is here, and continue reading this article here . . .
Lucas Smith Project
click image for website
A new Obama eligibility awareness website was launched by Lucas Smith.  He's got some interesting stuff up there.

You'll have to decide whether to believe this guy -- or not.  I have no opinion.  He is sticking to his guns.

Adobe Reader here if you need it -- make sure you click off extra downloads . . .
Lucas Smith Comes To Theresa Cao’s Defense
Sharon Rondeau is reporting that Theresa Cao has a new spokesman and a new ally, and they are not the same person.

Cao has told The Post & Email that Mr. Sean Boyer will be acting as her spokesperson effective today.  Boyer has recently arranged for Ms. Cao to appear on several recent internet radio programs.

Cao now has reported that she will be including the Kenyan birth certificate document, a copy of which was sent to all members of the 111th Congress last year, as an addendum to the Exhibits in her Motion to Dismiss relating to her case which arose from the January 6, 2011 reading of the U.S. Constitution by the House of Representatives.
When The Post & Email asked Cao why she shouted out, "Except Obama!  Except Obama!", during the reading that day, she said, "Everyone in Congress already knew and they said nothing," referring to the letter mailed by Lucas Smith to each congressman along with a copy of the alleged Kenyan birth certificate.

Cao mentioned that Mr. Boyer has contacted Donald Trump, who recently called for Obama to release his birth certificate.  Trump has stated that Obama’s "family members" cannot agree on the hospital in which Obama was born and that Obama has failed to live up to his promise of being transparent.

Today, The Post & Email has learned that every member of the 112th Congress has also received the letter and copy of the alleged birth certificate sent last September.  Of that development, Cao said, "Congress was forewarned before the reading of the Constitution, so they were making a big show [on January 6]."

Mr. Boyer, Cao’s new spokesperson, granted The Post & Email a detailed interview . . .
Lucas Daniel Smith's Declaration
Exhibit THIRTY-SEVEN: Lucas Daniel Smith 04.10.2011 Declaration. Filed, 04.11.2011, in the Superior Court ...
Lucas Daniel Smith And The Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate

Lucas Smith Responds To The Post & Email
On July 19th, the Post & Email published an article in which an unnamed businessman said Obama was born in Kenya, and his birth records are in the possession of Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga -- his cousin.

In that article, Sharon Rondeau asked the following question:

"Have you looked at the alleged birth certificate that Mr. Lucas Smith has put out on the internet?"

The unnamed interviewee then provided the following answer:

"That [birth certificate] was totally bogus and obviously fraudulent because Kenya was a country that was under British rule for many years, and when Obama was born, information on his birth record would have been given in metric measurements: height, weight, etc. The document I have seen has it in inches and pounds, so it’s totally fraudulent."

Smith has responded to this allegation:

The Post & Email’s unnamed interviewee, who works for an unnamed company, who has unnamed contacts in Kenya, is not the first person to challenge the system of weights and measurements that are listed on Barack Obama’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, certificate of birth.  I’ve addressed these specific challenges long ago and I’ve even talked about the weights and measurements in a video, back in April of 2010, that can be viewed here.

At the head of my blog report I’ve provided a scan of page 56 of an official Colonial Report, Annual, from the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya for the year 1938.  I purchased this colonial report back in January of 2010.  I have this tangible report in my personal possession.  In April of 2010 I digitized the entire report and uploaded it, to my Patriot1980, where anyone, including unnamed interviewees, can review its contents.  At the foot of this blog report I’ve also embedded the said upload.

Page 56, subsection Weights and Measures, states that the ‘pound, yard and gallon, identical with those being used in the United Kingdom, are the standard weights and measures of the Colony, while the prescribed degrees of accuracy are similar to those required in Great Britain.’

NOTE: Britain did not officially go metric until the year 1965. Kenya did not officially go metric until the year 1967.

Read Smith's entire response to the Post & Email here . . .
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