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"Did you know that Obama is Malcolm X's son and was born in Cuba?"

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An Alternate Birth Theory
Fred Nerks provides an alternate birth theory:

I might try to explain what I meant. I have grave doubts about that August birthdate. (And about who his parents were)

He shows up in Hawaii at the age of two or three...and no one really knows where he came from.

I see that birth date as being tailored to suit the myth of Stanley Ann being the mother.  Anything much earlier than August 1961 makes it impossible for her to have any part in the birth.

But Anna -- being a different woman altogether, discovered living in Seattle, had a child that was seven months of age when Mary Toutonghi baby-sat -- until she was caught out on it and had to change her story.

Mary herself NEVER said she baby-sat for Stanley Ann Dunham.  That was woven in by others.

Anna would have been the mother of a child named BHO2. Born in January.


He also would have "inherited" the birthdate of Anna’s child.  And HER name and MAIDEN name would have been on that birth certificate.

Which served him well -- until "Dreams" was written and Stanley Ann was woven into the story...

In 1982, when the Goeldner family visited the Dunhams in Hawaii, the Dunhams told Virginia Goeldner that they were looking after the boy because HIS MOTHER DIED IN 1970.

That’s why it crossed my mind -- this could be the reason the entire kindergarten-Noelani period was left out of "Dreams" -- and why we will never see any records from that period.

His registration would give the lie to the BIRTHDATE -- and the name of the mother...because the BC they were using, belonged to the child of Anna.
Did Obama Write Dreams
Jack Cashill continues his investigation into the authorship of "Dreams..." in the American Thinker:

Within days of my going public last September with the speculation that terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers helped Barack Obama write his acclaimed memoir, Dreams From My Father, I learned that I was not alone in that intuition.

Since then, I have received helpful contributions from serious people in at least five countries and any number of states and have integrated many of their observations into my ongoing narrative.  If you are unfamiliar with this research, please read
this before going forward.

About a week ago, however, I heard from a new contributor.  I will refer to him as "Mr. West."  Like most contributors, he prefers to remain anonymous.  The media punishment that Joe the Plumber received has much to do with this nearly universal reticence.

A week before that, I heard from another excellent contributor, Mr. Midwest.  Their collective contribution should dispel the doubts of all but the willfully blind that Ayers played a substantial role, likely the primary role, in the writing of "Dreams...."

Interesting reading
here . . .
Here, in Chicago, depending on what community you’re in, "everyone" knows things about Dr. Utopia (Obama) too.  Our current president, back when he was a "community organizer" for ACORN, a state senator, and an adjunct law professor, was indiscrete and up to all sorts of shennanigans by all accounts.
The Hawaiian
From an email:

I guess I should also explain that blogger MissTickly, a.k.a TerriK, has been researching if Obama is actually "passing" as black and that he is really a Native Hawaiian.  This uncovered article somewhat supports her theory.


Tourists at the beach would sometimes assume Obama was Hawaiian, and his grandfather "would come up beside them and whisper, with appropriate reverence, that I was the great-grandson of King Kamehameha," Obama recalled.

From what I understand, Ancestors from the Royal bloodline funded scholarships to the Punahou School...the one Obama attended on scholarship.

On or around this Oct 14, Obama signed a bill/resolution for $$ to Hawaii and Eric Holder gave Hawaii a Justice Dept. grant.  If you go back to Clinton, he signed the "Apology" linked below. Read it for some interesting tidbits.

This may all be nothing.  Then again, it could be the big secret Obama has been hiding.
Larry Sinclair


Phil Berg just spoke to Larry Sinclair about his new book, "BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?"

The book is ready to be shipped.  The book can be ordered directly from Sinclair Publishing and there are multiple ordering and shipping options.  Barnes & Noble will not have the book until later in July.  Sinclair is urging small businesses to order by the carton at the wholesale price.
Lefforges And Nordykes
The birth announcement was "discovered" on July 22, 2008, ten days from the date of the death of the long-time owner of the property at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, one Mrs. Lefforge.

The announcement was located in the Honolulu public library microfilm (microfiche) of a notice placed in the Sunday Advertiser Aug. 13, 1961.  The announcement in the "Births, Marriages, Death" section read: "Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4."
Now, look at the address on Obama's birth announcement?  According to the birth announcement, Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, (Sr.) resided at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy.  There should be other links that connect their stay at that address.  There is no documentation or corroborating evidence that they ever lived at that address or were associated with that home.

The owners of the residence located at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy, the alleged address of Obama’s parents when he was born, was Orland S. and Thelma S. (Young) Lefforge, both of whom are deceased.

In 1961 the Stanley and Madelyn Dunham lived on Kamehameha Avenue.  Obama Sr. lived on 11th Avenue.  The Lefforge family, including their 3 children under the age of seven were residing at the luxury home listed on Obama’s birth announcement -- 6085 Kalanianaole Highway.

Beatrice Arakaki affirmed she was a neighbor of the address listed.  She has lived at her current residence of 6075 Kalanianaole Highway from before 1961 to the present.  Mrs. Arakaki said that Obama, his 'mama,' and his 'papa' never lived there.  Arakaki told investigators that she had no recollection of Obama being born or of the family living next door having a black child born to a white mother.

Dr. Robert Allan Nordyke joined the Straub Clinic, located at 7192 Kalanianaole Highway Honolulu, HI 96825, on April 11, 1960.  He was a pioneer in nuclear medicine.

I suppose it's just a coincidence that his wife, Eleanor Nordyke, pops up and says she gave birth to
twins on the same day in the same hospital, then the birth announcement shows the same street address as her husband's clinic?  And the twins birth was never announced at all?  A physician and his wife give birth to twins and there's no announcement?

Where is the birth announcement for the Nordyke twins, who both turned up in Obama's kindergarten class?  Were their names eventually removed and another name substituted in the same space?

And remember, When Senior moved to Hawaii in June of 1959 it has been well documented that he originally lived in a room at the Atherton Y.M.C.A.,  but later moved to a small, single story wooden home located at 625 11th Ave., located in the St. Louis Heights area.  Senior remained at 625 11th Ave. until he left Hawaii on June 22,1962 after graduation.

Obama was permanently broke when he was in Hawaii.  How did he pay for two residences?
Lucas Smith Page
Lucas Smith is the guy that claims he has in his possession a certified copy of Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.  The world first became aware of him when he tried to auction the document off on eBay.

I don't know if this guy is on the level, or not.  I do know that the document he's waving around looks a lot more official than that laser-printed document up on  I do know that we haven't heard the end of this guy's story.
Malcolm X

Barack Obama / Malcolm X analysis (09:40)
I have no opinion on this, but it is quite a coincidence.  Even the Washington Post sees the resemblance.
Obama Prepares For Rebellion
The European Union Times is reporting that Kremlin position papers presented to Prime Minister Putin today on his upcoming meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen state that the European-US military alliance has authorized an "emergency request" from Barack Obama to utilize American and Canadian NATO troops to put down what is expected to be a "rebellion" after the expected January, 2010 "declaration of bankruptcy" by the State of California.

According to these reports, Obama’s fears of rebellion are due to the economic health of California (the United States largest State) after the 3rd largest US State, New York, declared a "fiscal emergency" and refused to release to its cities and towns
over $750 million due them this past week with the Governor of New York, David Paterson, declaring, "I can’t say this enough: The state has run out of money."

New York’s fiscal crisis, however, pales in comparison to California’s, where new economic data points to its expected 5-year budget deficit reaching the staggering amount of
over $100 billion which Russian economists warn will result in budget cuts so steep as to create "social chaos" among this States 36 million citizens.

Reports from the United States are, indeed, confirming the mass
movement of military supplies and thousands of Canadian Special Forces Troops to California from the Canadian Forces Base of Petawawa to join their American military counterparts, with "secondary" reports stating that at least 1,000 tanks are massing there too.

Russian Military Analysts are further warning in this report that Obama has decided to
implement the feared RAND Corporation (one of the most powerful research arms of the US Military-Industrial-Homeland Security Complex) police state "blueprint" tilted "Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Creating U.S. Capabilities" that has been modeled on the Nazi German secret police forces organization Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) meant to "control and demoralize" any opposition to the state.

Even worse for these American people is the legalization process currently embedded in their new health care legislation which will see everyone of them becoming virtual slaves of their government, and as warned about by the Fox News Service in their
report titled "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan"

Continue reading here
. . .
Uncle Charles
During the campaign, Obama told a story about his "uncle," Charles Payne's, WW II experiences to burnish his all-American upbringing.  But Obama made a gaffe when he said his great uncle liberated Auschwitz.  Well, Russian troops liberated Auschwitz, so the story changed that Payne was part of the force that liberated Ohrdruf, a subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp, in April 1945.

Well, is this story a gaffe, or a lie, on top of a lie, on top of a lie.
Vera Baker
The National Inquirer is reporting that Obama has been caught in a shocking cheating scandal after being caught in a Washington, DC Hotel with a former campaign aide, sources say.

And now, a hush-hush security video that shows everything could topple both Obama's presidency and marriage to Michelle!

A confidential investigation has learned that Obama first became close to gorgeous 35 year-old Vera Baker in 2004 when she worked tirelessly to get him elected to the US Senate, raising millions in campaign contributions.

While Baker has insisted in the past that "nothing happened" between them, the Enquirer has learned that top anti-Obama operatives are offering more than $1 million to witnesses to reveal what they know about the alleged hush-hush affair.

Among those being offered money is a limo driver who says that he took Vera to a secret hotel rendezvous where the President was staying.  On the condition of anonymity, the limo driver said he took Baker "from a friend's home in the DC area to the Hotel George where I learned later that Obama would be spending the night."

The driver recalled that he "waited in the lobby while she went to change her outfit. But to the best of my knowledge she did not have a room at the hotel and she was not staying there so I thought that it was a bit odd."

The driver said he then picked up Obama at the airport and drove both he and Baker to various locations while he was campaigning for funds.  Vera accompanied him to each meeting.

"About 10:30 PM, I drove them to the hotel and they went in together!  My services for the evening were done -- and there was no indication she was going to leave the hotel that night."

A top DC source told The ENQUIRER exclusively that the driver's account had been independently corroborated by investigators who believe the couple spent the night together at the hotel.

The ENQUIRER has also learned that on-site hotel surveillance video camera footage could provide indisputable evidence.

"Investigators are attempting to obtain a tape from the hotel (that) shows Vera and Barack together," the DC insider confided. 

"If the tape surfaces, it will explode the scandal."

Update:  National Enquirer retracts claim of Obama sex scandal.

This is the Inquirer, so consider the source -- although it would be more believable if the story were about Vernon Baker.
The Wedding
I believe that Ann had a “shotgun wedding” and then discovered her husband was a rake willing to become involved with any number of co-eds.(The little tidbit Frank Marshall Davis wrote in his biography was the teaser, “...a Kenyan student split, leaving behind TWO pregnant blondes”) Her parents sent her to her mother’s friend in Seattle and the friend made arrangements for Ann to go to an unwed mother’s home in Vancouver where she would give birth and give the baby up for adoption. Her parents had made such a deal with her and told her she could attend UW afterwards.(which she had wanted to do anyway) Her high school friends at the time had already commented about the fact that if they encountered blacks while they were out they would cross the street to avoid them. The scandal of a white girl giving birth to a black baby would have driven Ann out of the area, while Vancouver B.C. was quite experienced in dealing with many different races and intermingling. Once Ann gave birth she changed her mind and asked her mother’s friend to come and get her. Arriving back in Seattle Ann phoned her parents and told them which prompted Madelyn to go register the birth (in 1961 the word of an immediate relative was sufficient to register a birth, unlike now when they ask for medical check-ups from before birth, well baby records etc.) Madelyn being the mortgage administrator at Bankoh knew of a safe address to use and her registration of birth generated the birth announcement. As some people have said it was a pretty long term conspiracy to register a birth and have a birth announcement in the paper. It was NEVER about a future run for the presidency, it was to “preserve her daughter’s honor” and lend legitimacy to the birth. In early 1963 Ann notified her parents she was coming back to HI and they rented the apartment for her at 110 1427 Alexander St. She once again moved in with her parents at the home at 2277 Kamehameha Ave when she registered to attend the spring 1963 semester at UH at Manoa. As I have said before Madelyn’s co-workers didn’t know she had a grandson until Jr arrived at the bank one day after he began attending Punahou. Grandpa was his companion and grandpa was the one who was instrumental in Jr attending Punahou. Grandma was simply the purse.

Also have you noticed that only one baby picture has been released and it wasn’t released until after Madelyn passed away. The picture is of a 6 to 8 month old, is a professional portrait with no one else in it. I suspect Ann had the picture taken to give to her parents for their anniversary. How many first time grandparents do you know who don’t take plenty of pictures of their first born grandchild? We have seen many photos of Jr after Ann returned to HI in 1963 but only the one baby picture and absolutely no infant pictures!
Obama To Make UFO Announcement
Michael Cohen says that All News Web has received information from government insiders close to the White House that Barack Obama has been given the go ahead to make an important "off the cuff" announcement regarding UFO visits and US contact with aliens.

Allegedly the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has given this move the green light.  The comments by Obama will be made within the next month.

Our sources claim this will not be outright admittance of UFO visits and contact with aliens, however the comments will come as close to admittance as any president has to date and will be made in the context of a speech on an entirely different matter.

From what we understand Obama will concede that there is "some evidence" to suggest aliens might have attempted to contact Earthlings.

All of this is said to be part of a warm up program leading to eventual outright admittance of knowledge of UFO and alien visitation by major world governments within three years.
Wouldn't surprise me one bit.  Maybe Obama will announce that daddy was really Grog from Mog?

And Obama's water-carriers say Birthers are the crazy ones.  Go figure!

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