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Faisal Shahzad -- The Times Square Bomber

Hot Air blog has the minute-by-minute account of the events that occurred when a suspicious vehicle in the heart of Times Square led the police to clear thousands of tourists and theatergoers from the area on a warm and busy Saturday evening, May 1, 2010

Police officials said a witness reported a running Nissan Pathfinder with Connecticut plates, with smoke coming out of the back.  A bomb squad robot popped the back latch of the Pathfinder, and officers found what they initially believed was a bomb.  The vehicle was found to contain explosives, gasoline, propane and burned wires, a Fire Department officer told Reuters.

The officer, who did not give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the news media, said that a man was seen fleeing the S.U.V. and that the police evacuated the area in case there were other threats nearby.

The officer said that the police were treating the vehicle as a "failed device."  The police were searching for a suspect.  That suspect would be identified as Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen, originally from Pakistan.
Faisal At The Fireworks Store

Shahzad Was Connected

ABC News is reporting that Shahzad had contact with Awlaki, Taliban Chief, and Mumbai Massacre Mastermind.

Accused Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad linked up with the Pakistani Taliban through the internet, ABC News has been told by law enforcement and intelligence sources close to the investigation.  Once the Taliban identified him as more valuable in the U.S. than in Pakistan, they trained him to return to execute his bomb attack.

But according to these sources, Shahzad also had a web of jihadist contacts that included big names tied to terror attacks in the U.S. and abroad, including the figure who has emerged as a central figure in many recent domestic terror attempts -- radical American-born Muslim cleric Anwar Awlaki.

Besides Awlaki, sources say Shahzad was also linked to a key figure in the Pakistani Taliban, its Emir Beitullah Mehsud, who was killed in a drone missile strike in 2009.  The Mehsuds had been family friends of Shahzad, who is the son of a former high-ranking Pakistani military officer.

Sources told ABC News that Shahzad was childhood friends with one of the alleged masterminds of the Mumbai massacre of 2008, in which more than 170 people died.

Shahzad is also said to be linked to a man named Muhammed Rehan, whom Pakistani authorities reportedly have in custody.  Sources said Rehan helped Shahzad travel to Peshawar and then to Waziristan and made introductions to the Taliban.

According to a person briefed on the FBI interrogation, Shahzad has told federal agents that he was angry at the CIA missile strikes carried out in Pakistan and suffered a personal crisis in his life.  He has reportedly said he carried out the attempted bombing because he was under duress and that he feared for his family's safety if he didn't fulfill the mission.

Shahzad has admitted to receiving bomb-making training and to loading a car with explosives and driving it into Times Square, say U.S. authorities, and is providing valuable information that is helping officials round up possible accomplices.

Seven men have been arrested in Pakistan in connection with the failed car bombing, including two in Karachi and five in Punjab Province.  Shahzad's faither-in-law has also been detained, and Shahzad's father, wife and children may be in protective custody.

Shahzad, whose father was a high-ranking officer in the Pakistani Air Force, moved to the United States in 1998.  Married with two daughters, he worked as a financial analyst and lived in Connecticut.

In 2009, Shahzad's life began unraveling.  He had been working as a junior financial analyst in the Stamford, Connecticut office of the Affinion Group, an international marketing firm, But in May he left his job, abandoned his $200,000 home to foreclosure and returned to Pakistan.

Federal officials alleged that while in Pakistan he learned bomb-making with the Taliban and received money for his plot.

Shahzad returned to the U.S. in February 2010.
The Courier


Are the NYT’s and James Risen at fault here?


Investigators of the failed car bombing in Times Square are looking for a money courier they say helped funnel cash from overseas to finance a Pakistani-American’s preparations to blow up the crude gasoline-and-propane bomb in the heart of New York, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

Investigators have the name of the courier they believe helped Faisal Shahzad pay for the used SUV and other materials to rig up a car bomb that would have caused a huge fireball in Times Square if it had gone off, the official told the AP.  The official didn’t know how much money may have changed hands.

A money courier?


Now where would they have learned that this money couldn’t be tracked?


From Powerline:


"First, Shahzad used a disposable cell phone to communicate -- the NSA leak may very well explain why he did that.  Second, according to the AP this morning, he received funds from abroad via a courier.  A courier!!!  The SWIFT leak is almost certainly implicated here."

As I wrote in 2006:


The complete arrogance and stupidity of the press is mindboggling.  The arrogance to believe that they should be the keepers of secrets.  They should decide what to disclose and what not to.  The stupidity in believing that printing a article which describes a secret tracking program will not affect our war against terror.

It HAS affected it, and by pure luck many deaths were averted.


Times Square Bomber's Mosque Identified
WorldNetDaily has learned that federal agents investigating the alleged car bomber paid a visit to a radical mosque in Bridgeport, Conn., with ties to terrorism. Shahzad has lived in the Bridgeport area for nearly a decade.

FBI agents questioned leaders of the Masjid An-Noor, also known as the Bridgeport Islamic Society, after arresting Shahzad on terrorism charges.  The mosque serves a sizable population of Pakistani immigrants in the area, and Shahzad, recently naturalized as a U.S. citizen, was born and raised in Pakistan.

Masjid An-Noor's imam, Hasan Abunar, did not deny Shahzad attended his mosque, arguing only that he did not attend regularly.  He allowed that he may have turned up a few times to pray.

Investigators say the Bridgeport Islamic Society and Masjid An-Noor are owned and controlled by a pro-jihad front group for Hamas, a federally designated terrorist group and its radical parent, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The front group, North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), holds title to the large Bridgeport mosque.  NAIT is the financial arm of the Islamic Society of North America.  Both entities have been blacklisted by the U.S. government as unindicted co-conspirators in a criminal plot to underwrite Palestinian terrorism, including suicide bombings that have killed Americans.

NAIT also holds the deed to Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, the large mosque outside Washington where the Fort Hood terrorist and some of the 9/11 hijackers worshipped.

This radical custodian of the Bridgeport Islamic Society also publishes and distributes jihadi literature that exhorts Muslims to "kill" any Westerners who get in the way of spreading Islam  "No political system or material power should put hindrances in the way of preaching Islam," asserts one Islamic book distributed by NAIT.  "If someone does this, then it is the duty of Islam to fight him until either he is killed or until he declares his submission."

Current NAIT Trustee Gaddoor Saidi was individually listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case -- the largest terror finance trial in U.S. history, which ended in guilty verdicts on all 108 counts.

Chicago-based NAIT also handles the finances for CAIR, which along with NAIT has been criminally implicated in the Hamas terror conspiracy, according to the book, "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America."

CAIR has vehemently protested the FBI's use of undercover informants in mosques and its recent seizure of several mosques in America.  Last year, a Detroit mosque leader supported by CAIR was fatally wounded in a shootout with FBI agents who sought his arrest on felony charges.  CAIR's claims that Shahzad was not religious and lacked ties to the Muslim community do not square with evidence found in his apartment or with accounts by neighbors and witnesses canvassed by FBI agents.

Federal investigators say one of the sole possessions found in Shahzad's apartment was a copy of the Quran.  Found alongside it were prayer beads.  He was also working on a scale wooden model of a mosque in his hobby room.

Shahzad shopped at a neighborhood Islamic grocery, Fresh Halal Meat and International Food. His wife used halal cosmetics, investigators say.

Neighbors say Shahzad, who wore a full beard, was seen wearing traditional Muslim robes at his home.  And his wife, they say, often wore a veil.

While media reports say Shahzad only recently turned orthodox, investigators say he was schooled in a radical madrassa growing up in the Pakistani city of Karachi, a Taliban and al-Qaida hotbed.

Abunar condemned the failed car-bomb plot and says he lectures against violence at the Bridgeport mosque, which requires women to worship separately from men.

The imam recently lectured at events to support the pro-jihad Muslim American Society's youth programs.  MAS, a front for the radical Muslim Brotherhood, runs "jihad camps" for Muslim boys.  MAS's tarbiya (indoctrination) guide exhorts Muslim youth to "wage war," according to former FBI agent Johh Guandolo, quoted in "Muslim Mafia," until the U.S. is "wiped out" and only the law of Allah reigns supreme.  MAS youth indoctrination is steeped in the teachings of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna, who argued for "increasing the number of youth groups (and) igniting in them the spirit of Islamic jihad."

Abunar is also listed as a member of the North American Imam Federation, a sister organization to CAIR, ISNA and NAIT, and another American front for the radical Muslim Brotherhood.  The NAIF directory, in fact, lists Abunar on the same page with Luqman Abdullah, the Detroit imam recently gunned down in a firefight with the FBI.
Time Square Bomber A Democrat
Flopping Aces is still tracking down that news but one thing is clear: he wasn’t a Tea Partier!

There are reports that Faisal Shahzad, the failed Time Square bomber was a registered Democrat in Connecticut and may be a donor to Obama’s campaign.

This comes after the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg openly speculated that the bomber might be "somebody with a political agenda who doesn’t like the health care bill or something."  Contessa Brewer, a "reporter" for MSNBC went further, actually hoping the terrorist here wasn’t Islamic and was disappointed that it wasn’t a right winger.

Coming on the heels of repeated warnings from Obama, Bill Clinton and others that Tea Parties might lead to violence it was only natural for libs to assume this attack may have been inspired by opposition to Obama.  But like the other baseless charges in Obama’s political repertoire, this one turned out to be false as well.

Homeland Security almost let terrorist slip away?

What’s worse than the overt profiling of Tea Partiers is the sheer incompetence of the Obama Administration which nearly let Faisal Shahzad get away.  While security at the JFK airport in New York City was busy patting down little old ladies, Shahzad boarded his flight to the Middle East, the plane had began to pull away from the gate and only at the last second was the suspect caught.

How is it that a man whose name should have immediately placed him on a "no fly" list would be allowed to board a plane?  Were counter terrorism agents spending too much time tracking down Tea Partiers?

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has a "boot to the throat" of British Petroleum ten days AFTER the oil spill began in the Gulf of Mexico yet they don’t seem to be paying much attention to the growing problem of terrorism in the U.S.!
Pakistan Taliban Behind NY Bomb
Anne Flaherty says Obama’s homeland security and counterterrorism adviser said Sunday that authorities believe the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attempted bombing at Times Square.

White House adviser John Brennan said that while the investigation is ongoing, it appears that accused bomber Faisal Shahzad was working for the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP. The militant group is believed to be hiding senior al-Qaida leaders, including Osama bin Laden.

Brennan said the finding "underscores the serious threat that we face from a very determined enemy."

The conclusion seemed to contradict a recent statement by Gen. David Petraeus, who said Shahzad apparently operated as a "lone wolf."  Petraeus, head of U.S. Central Command, said in a statement Friday to The Associated Press that while Shahzad was inspired by militants in Pakistan, he didn’t necessarily have direct contact with them.

Brennan’s comments come after speculation that TTP had orchestrated the attack. Shahzad, a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, spent five months in Pakistan before returning to the United States in February and preparing his attack…

RelatedAttorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Sunday that the Pakistani Taliban directed the Times Square car-bomb plot and is actively recruiting more agents to carry out attacks on U.S. soil.

"We know that they helped facilitate it; we know that they probably helped finance it, and that [the suspect] was working at their direction," Holder said in an appearance on ABC News' "This Week."

Gee, what was their first hint?

Still, we can’t be absolutely certain until Secretary Janet Napolitano makes her pronouncement.
Why Obama Wanted Times Square Bomber To Be A Lone Nut
Ben Shapiro says, that on May 1, 2010, Pakistani-born, naturalized American citizen Faisal Shahzad drove a green SUV into Times Square, parked it there, and walked away.  Inside the SUV were explosives and a jerry-rigged timing device.  Fortunately, the bomb didn’t go off, and the authorities captured Shahzad just before his plane took off for Dubai.

After his detention, members of the Obama clique immediately put out the misinformation that Shahzad had acted alone.  On May 6, The Associated Press reported that law enforcement officials were virtually certain he had been an isolated actor.  On May 7, Gen. Petraeus -- who has proved himself to be a lackey to the Obama administration -- told The AP that Shahzad was a "lone wolf" who had been "inspired by militants in Pakistan but didn’t have direct contact with them."

Meanwhile, the press leaped on the "lone wolf" meme to suggest that Shahzad wasn’t a radical Muslim -- he was a sad little man who had been crushed by the disappointments of capitalism.

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Times Square Denial
Stephen Brown says that before any real investigation had been carried out into the attempted terrorist bombing on New York’s Times Square last week, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano had almost immediately dismissed it as a "one-off" thing.  General David Petraeus, head of US Central Command, was also quick off the mark, saying the terrorist behind the plot, Faisal Shahzad, 30, who traded his Pakistani citizenship for American last year, was a "lone wolf."

But last weekend the truth came out when Attorney-General Eric Holder was forced to admit what many suspected all along.  It was another act of international Islamic jihad against the United States, and faceless murderers in Taliban/al-Qaeda terrorist organizations, based in Pakistan and motivated by their undying resolve to kill as many Americans, were the string-pullers.

"We’ve now developed evidence that shows that the Pakistan Taliban was behind the attack," Holder said on the ABC program, This Week.  "We know that they probably helped finance it.  And that he (Shahzad) was working at their direction."

With Holder’s admission, the question remains as to why a government that told people not to jump to conclusions concerning a connection between the Fort Hood massacre and Islamist terrorism was so quick to erroneously declare the Times Square bombing a solo, one-time operation?  In the Fort Hood killings, Major Nidal Malik Hasan was also initially described as a lone gunman, whose motives were unclear, although he was shouting "Allahu Akbar" during his murderous rampage.  Obama himself cautioned against any premature judgment, even though his own intelligence agencies knew for months that Hasan had been trying to make contact with al Qaeda-connected people.

"We don’t know all the answers yet," Obama said at the time.  "And I would caution against jumping to any conclusions until we have all the facts."

But in the case of the failed Times Square bombing the facts were already in, some of them for a long time.  The United States is in a worldwide war with radical Islam, a concept some still have difficulty with.  As a result of this war, according to one analyst, America was the target of about a dozen terrorist attacks within its borders last year alone.  Only the Fort Hood massacre was successful, costing 13 lives while another 30 were wounded.

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Feds Nab Three More Anti ObamaCare Pakistanis
Joy Tiz says those Pakistanis with subprime mortgages who hate ObamaCare are really starting to get the government's attention:

Federal authorities have arrested three men living in the greater Boston area in connection with the attempted Times Square bombing, Fox News has learned.

But don't worry, we are assured that there is no immediate threat or active plot:

Officials said the searches "do not relate to any known immediate threat to the public or active plot against the United States."

What, then were they looking for?  Overdue parking tickets?

Making an excellent case for tougher enforcement of our immigration laws:

One of the men arrested Thursday has been charged with overstaying his visa, and another, identified as Pir Khan, has been charged with staying in the country despite an order of removal, according to one source. The third man was also arrested for alleged immigration violations, a source said.

Reflecting the administration's recent discovery of terrorism:

The Boston-area men have been arrested on "administrative charges," which means federal authorities will not advise them of Miranda rights to question them, as is required in criminal cases.

Obama Knew!
FReeper Kristinn says three months before the Times Square terror bombing by a Pakistani-American with ties to terrorists in Pakistan, the Obama administration knew the style of attack, the type of explosives to be used and when the attack would come, yet when the attack happened the administration played dumb with its initial reaction being to downplay the attack as an unsophisticated "one-off" that was a "potential" terror attack.

On February 10, I wrote an article at FR based on Vice President Joe Biden's comments about coming terror attacks on the U.S. that were broadcast later that day on CNN's Larry King Live.

King mentioned to Biden that U.S. intelligence chiefs had recently told Sen. Diane Feinstein that terror attacks on the U.S. mainland in the next few months were "certain," prompting Biden to describe the coming attacks as being by lone attackers with "indigenous" explosives.

The very next morning after the Times Square attack, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano downplayed the terror attack as a "one-off" and not "very sophisticated" even though it was exactly the type of attack that Obama was warned of by his intelligence chiefs.

TAPPER...this attempted attack resembles car bomb attempts in London and Scotland in 2007.  How concerned are you that this is not an isolated incident?

NAPOLITANO: Well, right now, we have no evidence that it is anything other than a one-off, but we are alerting state, local officials around the country, letting them know what is going on...

Here's what was said on CNN three months before:

KING: Terror -- last week on terrorism, the heads of the major U.S. intelligence agencies told Dianne Feinstein that another attempted terrorist attack on the United States is coming certain in the next few months.

BIDEN: Well...

KING: What do you make of that?

BIDEN: Well, look, let me put it this way. The idea of there being a massive attack in the United States like 9/11 is unlikely, in my view.

But if you see what's happening, particularly with al Qaeda and the Arabian Peninsula, they have decided to move in the direction of much more small bore but devastatingly frightening attacks.

KING: Detroit?

BIDEN: Detroit. But I think what you're seeing morphing here -- and it's a concern to us -- is you'll see the -- the concern relates to somebody like a shoe bomber or the underpants bomber, the Christmas attack or someone just strapping a backpack on them with weapons that are indigenous and blowing up, you know, walking into (INAUDIBLE)...

KING: So that's going to happen?

BIDEN: Well, I -- I think there are going to be an attempts. I hope we've been -- I've been really impressed. As I said, I've been here for eight presidents. I used to be in the Intelligence Committee. I was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. It's something I spent my professional life doing. I've been really impressed with the success we've had, building on the last administration, in dealing with these.

Well, Mr. Vice President, many Americans are not impressed since the Obama administration has allowed four terrorist attacks on American soil within the past year. It is especially unimpressive that the administration missed it when the Times Square bomber was on the terrorist radar and was getting training and funding in Pakistan.

The bottom line is Obama knew this type of attack was coming and was too busy partying and golfing to stop it.
Terror By Lawsuit
Bill Burck and Dana Perino say that the Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, was presented to a judge this past Tuesday, after being held in custody, incommunicado from everyone except his interrogators, for two weeks.  According to reports, the interrogators included federal prosecutors and agents from Manhattan, as well as members of Obama’s newly minted High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG).

Infamously, the HIG was not deployed by the Obama administration to question Crotch Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,  back in December -- because (unbeknownst to the recently resigned director of national intelligence Dennis Blair) it did not actually exist yet, even though it had been announced with fanfare late last summer.

This time, the administration sprang into action much more spryly, taking its lead from Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, and others in law enforcement who prioritize public safety over safely covering their butts.  Shahzad’s two weeks in custody without appearing before a judge is almost unprecedented and reflects the interrogators’ determination to get intelligence about other plots and prevent future attacks.  Had the prosecutors followed the usual criminal-justice playbook, Shahzad would have been presented to a judge and given a lawyer as soon as possible after arrest, or at most 24 or 48 hours after arrest -- even though he waived his rights to appear before a judge and have a lawyer.  Instead, the prosecutors accepted Shahzad’s waivers so that his interrogation would not be disrupted, informing a judge during the interrogation that "uninterrupted access [to Shahzad] has been, and continues to be, extremely beneficial, if not essential, to the investigation."

The interrogation has produced results, including raids of possible co-conspirators, search warrants, and overseas arrests of Shahzad’s bomb trainers, and it has made us safer.  As we wrote last week, the prosecutors handling Shahzad deserve our praise and gratitude for taking the risk of a judge’s rebuke to gain knowledge about Shahzad’s co-conspirators.

But there remains the chance that a court might suppress Shahzad’s statements so they cannot be used against him at trial.  The court might decide, essentially, that Shahzad’s two weeks in custody without appearing before a judge or getting a lawyer were so inherently coercive that his waivers should not be accepted as "knowing and voluntary."

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