Key Signs That You Really Love Someone

Falling in love for the first time is as exciting as it is life-changing. One is filled with a full range of emotions and tingly feelings that they’ve never felt before. People are also known to undergo a change in their personality and normal behavior when they are in love. Loving someone and having them love you back always feels like receiving the most wonderful gift on the face of the planet. This is a demonstration of just how powerful love is.

However, determining whether what one is feeling towards the other is true love and affection or it’s just an infatuation can be difficult. It isn’t uncommon to find people who thought they were in love but then everything started feeling dull and nothing seems to work, and they realized that the “love” was just a phase. It’s worth noting that even where there is true love there are ups and downs, so don’t just give up just because of one bad moment.

We all experience love in different ways and there is no standard of measuring love. However, there are some key signs that can help you determine the nature of your love. Knowing whether the feelings you have towards someone else can help make your life easier. Read on to find out the signs that let you know you are in love.

You Constantly Miss Them And Always Think About Them

The first thing you should ask yourself is how you feel when the person is not around. Are you always thinking about them and sometimes you just can’t get yourself to focus on other things? Do you always long for the moment they’ll come back and when they do come back, do you get super excited and just want to have them all to yourself? If yes, then you might be deeply in love with that person. The feeling that someone completes you and when they aren’t around, you don’t feel like yourself is a good sign of love.

Nature Of Your Conversations

Your conversations can tell you a lot about the relationship. If you are truly in love with a person, you’ll find yourself feeling comfortable and free to fully express yourself around them. At times you may find yourself deeply invested in the conversation that you don’t realize how much time has gone by. The conversation also includes all kinds of topics including funny ones, intimate ones, personal interests, life goals, and others.

You Always Want Them To Be Happy

If you find that you are always going out of your way to ensure that the person is happy, then you are most probably in love. If it always hurts you when you see them unhappy or stressed, and you just don’t give up trying to cheer them up, then those are also signs of love.

It Deeply Affects You When You Aren’t In Good Terms

It doesn’t matter who wronged who, but when there is a rift between the both of you and you aren’t talking to each other do you always feel like the world is crumbling around you? Do you feel like the silent treatment is literally killing you? Then you are in love.

You Always Think Of A Perfect Future With That Person

If you always find yourself fantasizing about the kind of future you want with your better half then you are committed to them. If you don’t truly love a person, you wouldn’t want to commit to a lifetime by their side.

When love is real, it can be the best experience ever. True love and commitment to each other is the foundation of a strong relationship. The above signs can help you determine whether you truly love someone.