Obama's Certification of LIve Birth  (COLB)

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Obama's COLB is not a birth
certificate.  It never was.  It never will be, and besides, it's counterfeit.


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The top items on this page are archived in logical order, and then in order of discovery.  Blue titles are hot links . . .
The Documents
One really has to wonder why Obama just won't produce his "Certificate of Live Birth."  No, not the fraudulent "Certification of Live Birth" (COLB) shown below.  The one the Obama Campaign released to the Daily Kos and now lives -- in evolved form -- at FactCheck.org.  The one that this page will demonstrate is a counterfeit document:

click for larger image

This is an example of a real, honest-to-God "Certificate of Live Birth" issued by the State of Hawaii.  The image below of a 1961 Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth belongs to one of the Nordyke twins.  The twin sisters were born the day after Obama.  Click the image to see a large copy of the Nordyke twins' birth certificates:

click for larger image


Now go back and look at Obama's document.  Do you see the difference?  Do you see the bogus piece of crap that Obama is trying to pass off to the American People?


Read on and be amazed at the scope of this fraud.

In "Dreams..." Obama Tells Us There Is A Birth Certificate
We know from "Dreams...," that Obama has a birth certificate.  He tells us so (Pg. 26 last paragraph):

"I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school.  It's a short piece, with a photograph of him.  No mention is made of my mother or me, and I'm left to wonder whether the omission was intentional on my father's part, in anticipation of his long departure.  Perhaps the reporter failed to ask personal questions, intimidated by my father's imperious manner; or perhaps it was an editorial decision, not part of the simple story that they were looking for.  I wonder, too, whether the omission caused a fight between my parents."

Obama is reticent to release his long-form birth certificate for one of two reasons:

1.  There is something on the document, or missing from the document, that Obama doesn't want the American People to see.

2.  There is no document, and the above passage is just another Obama fantasy.

Politifact Asks For Obama's Birth Certificate
In March 2008 people were asking, "who is Barack Obama," and one of the questions they were asking was, "is Obama a Muslim?"  Another question was, "is his middle name Muhammed?"

The Obama Exploratory Committee even released a statement, "To be clear, Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago."

This statement was amended by the campaign on March 14th, to say, "Obama was never a practicing Muslim."  Is it clear yet?  Maybe not, because the official Obama 08 website still contains this statement: "Obama Has Never Been A Muslim."


Anyway,  in the process of researching an email rumor about Obama's name, Politifact, the political blog at the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, reported that the Obama campaign refused to provide the newspaper with a copy of Obama's birth certificate.


On June 12, 2008, the Obama campaign sent an e-mail to PolitiFact with a copy of the senator's "birth certificate" as an attachment.

Daily Kos & AsperGirl

The same day,  June 12, 2008, the Daily Kos posted the now-infamous Certification of Live Birth (COLB) image along with a cover story.  Kos received 648 comments in a span of only 24 hours (the first 644 were about the most insipid, lame, and mindless reactions ever accumulated in one place).


The vast majority of the comments consisted of derogatory comments about John McCain and his eligibility issue:


HOWEVER, there was one, brave Kos commenter who identified all of the key anomalies in the COLB image and had the stones to question it’s authenticity.  Her screen name is "AsperGirl" and her comment was #643, or one of the last five comments to be posted.


Why is this significant?


Because I believe that her comments hit too close to home. I believe that she struck a nerve, and that’s why the comments section was closed off to new ones less than three hours after he post.


Here are her comments, and they serve as a testament to those loyal to the truth:


Birth Certificate is an Obvious Fake (0+ / 0-)


Sorry to disabuse you folks, but this birth certificate on dailykos is an obvious fake.


The fake "birth certificate" just appeared Thursday morning on dailykos without any reference as to who released it or where it came from.


There is a link from the FightTheSmears website to "the truth" posting on MyBarackObama.com to it without any reference. (i.e. there is no "this is Barack Obama’s birth certificate provided to dailykos by person xxx of the Obama campaign")


There is no provenance explaining where the "birth certificate" came from.  In Hawaii, birth certificates aren’t publicly available and reporters’ requests for one have been ignored for months.


There is no explanation as to whom vouches for its origins or its authenticity.


The certificate number is blacked out.  Why?


There are image artifacts consistent with forgeries and image processing.  It’s not a real, unprocessed scan of a birth certificate. 

It’s not certified.  Hawaii state code provides that certificates issued by the department of health be certified:


"§338-13 Certified copies.  (a) Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the department of health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof.  (b) Copies of the contents of any certificate on file in the department, certified by the department shall be considered for all purposes the same as the original,..."


This certificate is what the Hawaii DOH calls a "Late" Certificate of Birth, and it is not an original Birth Certificate for a birth recorded near the date of actual birth.  In Hawaii, anyone can claim they were born there and submit the evidence years after the birth to obtain a late "Certificate of Birth".




"Who is Eligible to Apply for Late Registration?  As provided by law (HRS §§338-15, 338-29.5), the following persons may apply for late registration: Any person born in Hawaii who is one year old or older and whose birth has not been previously registered in Hawaii, or that person’s parent, guardian, next of kin, or older person acting for that person and having knowledge of the facts of birth may request the registration of a late certificate of birth.


Doe the Obama campaign have a statement on this uncertified "birth certificate?"


Isn’t this Obama’s "birth certificate" issue getting to be kind of strange by now?


How can a man run for President without disclosing his birth certificate?


Why does an anonymous, no-provenance, obviously fake scan of an uncertified birth certificate appear on DailyKos, a fanatically pro-Obama blog?


Why won’t the Obamas or the Obama campaign just formally and transparently release a certified copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate?


"It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant." - Barack Obama


by AsperGirl on Fri Jun 13, 2008 at 08:05:30 AM PDT


Israel Insider’s Report
On June 24th, 2008, Israeli Insider blog reported the "birth certificate" claimed by the Barack Obama campaign is not certified as authentic and appears to be a Photoshopped fake.

The image, purporting to come from the Hawaii Department of Health, has been the subject of intense skepticism in the blogosphere in the past two weeks.  But now the senior spokesman of that Department has confirmed to Israel Insider what are the required features of a certified birth document -- features that Obama's purported "birth certificate" clearly lack.

The image became increasingly suspect with Israel Insider's revelation that variations of the certificate image were posted on the Photobucket image aggregation website -- including one listing the location of Obama's birth as Antarctica, one with the certificate supposedly issued by the government of North Korea, and another including a purported photo of baby Barack -- one of which has a "photo taken" time-stamp just two minutes before the article and accompanying image was posted on the left-wing Daily Kos blog.

That strongly suggests that Daily Kos obtained the image from Photobucket, not the State of Hawaii, the Obama family, or the Obama Campaign.  Photobucket is not generally known as a credible supplier of official vital records for any of the fifty states, and the liberties that other Photoshoppers took with the certificates confirms this.
Hawaii Hides Birth Records And The Mystery Begins
Although the legitimacy of Sen. Barack Obama's birth certificate has become a focus of intense speculation -- and even several lawsuits -- in October 2008, Hawaii's Gov. Linda Lingle placed the candidate's birth certificate under seal and instructed the state's Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances.

The governor's office officially declined a request, made in writing, by Jerome Corsi, in Hawaii, to obtain a copy of the hospital-generated original birth certificate of Barack Obama.

"It does not appear that Dr. Corsi is within any of these categories of persons with a direct and tangible interest in the birth certificate he seeks," wrote Roz Makuala, manager of constituent services in the governor's office, in an e-mailed response to a request seeking the information.

Those listed as entitled to obtain a copy of an original birth certificate include the person born, or "registrant" according to the legal description from the governor's office, the spouse or parent of the registrant, a descendant of the registrant, a person having a common ancestor with the registrant, a legal guardian of the registrant, or a person or agency acting on behalf of the registrant.

The official reason for denial of access to Obama's birth certificate would be authority granted pursuant to Section 338-18 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, a provision the anonymous source claimed was designed to prevent identity theft.

Still, a source said, confidentially, the motivation for withholding the original birth certificate was political, although the source refused to disclose whether there was any information on the original birth certificate that would prove politically embarrassing to Obama.

The source also refused to answer questions about the original document on file with the Department of Health was a hospital-generated birth certificate or a registration of birth that may have been filed subsequent to the birth.

The anonymous source made clear the Hawaii Department of Health would immediately release Obama's original birth certificate, provided Obama requested the document be released, but the Department of Heath has received no such request from the senator or from anyone acting officially on his behalf.
Gibbs Takes Credit

At 1:44, Gibbs clearly says, "I've seen the real birth certificate, I put it on the Internet."  (01:56)
For The Issuance Of Certificates -- The Law
Laws of the Territory of Hawaii ACT 96 To Provide For The Issuance Of Certificates Of Hawaiian Birth was in effect from 1911 until 1972 and allowed someone who was born outside the Hawaiian Islands to be registered as though he were born in Hawaii.

Under that law, someone simply would have presented herself to the Hawaiian authorities and declared that the child was born in Hawaii.   The person could have sworn under oath and presented witnesses and other evidence.  If the authorities accepted it, that was the end of it.
What Hawaii Really Said
Countless politicians, reporters, bloggers and even a few judges have claimed that the State of Hawaii have ascertained that Obama's birth certificate is on file and it proves he was born in Hawaii.


"Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

There is nothing in that statement that states the birth certificate Hawaii holds was issued by Hawaii.  There is nothing that states Obama was born in the State of Hawaii.  That statement simply says that Hawaii has the original birth certificate "on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

It is very obvious, in reading the statement of the Director of Health, that this statement was very carefully worded, which leaves the inquiring mind asking, why?

When DOH Director Chiyome Fukino announced to the press, on October 31, 2008, that "Hawaii has Obama’s original birth certificate on record," this should have been the time for Hawaii to also confirm the existence of the COLB posted online, since that is what prompted hundreds of phone calls to Ukubo and company in the first place.  The fact that she didn't only reinforces the fact that Obama's genuine COLB does not exist.

If the birth information on that COLB matched the birth information in his birth record, then why not say so?  It would have stopped them from being bombarded with phone calls, and may have ended the quest for his long-form birth certificate.

Conversely, if the birth information on that COLB did not match the info on his birth record, then they would be dancing around the issue and dodging all questions about it -- which is exactly what they did -- and what they are still doing.
What Fukino said precisely in the subsequent statement of July 27, 2009, was that she had seen “the original vital records maintained by file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born citizen.”
But what are these records?

Fundamentally, the Hawaii Department of Health only has verified that the short-form and long-form birth certificates are "abstracts" of Obama birth records the department has on file.

So far, the Hawaii Department of Health has withheld from public inspection the original 1961 Obama birth records the agency claims to hold on file.
Okubo Refuses To Authenticate COLB

PolitiFact.com actually has Okubo on the record denying that the electronic COLB image provided by the Obama campaign can be authenticated by her or by anyone at DHOH!  But that was only in a follow-up to their initial story where Okubo said the COLB was a valid Hawaiian birth certificate.


PolitiFact.com describes the controversy that erupted from their initial story:


"When the birth certificate arrived from the Obama campaign it confirmed his name as the other documents already showed it.  Still, we took an extra step: We e-mailed it to the Hawaii Department of Health, which maintains such records, to ask if it was real."


"It's a valid Hawaii state birth certificate," spokesman Janice Okubo told us.


"Then the firestorm started."


After the "firestorm," Politifact apparently conducted a follow-up interview with Okubo which shows that what Okubo meant was that the Obama COLB only appeared to be be a valid Hawaiian BC, but she could not and did not "verify" that it was a valid Hawaiian COLB BC.


Politifact: "Okubo says she got a copy of her own birth certificate last year and it is identical to the Obama one we received.


"And about the copy we e-mailed her for verification?  'When we looked at that image you guys sent us, our registrar, he thought he could see pieces of the embossed image through it.'"


"Still, she acknowledges: 'I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents.'"


Okubo had to back off her original claim.  And a good thing ... she originally said Obama’s alleged COLB was real because it looked like her own.  In other words, she used no formal technique to verify its accuracy.  She relied on no official record to verify its accuracy.  She just thought it looked like hers.  At best, she follows up with a second-hand anecdote, "... our registrar ... thought he could see pieces of the embossed image ..."


Really?  Nobody else could.

"Birth Certificate" Anomalies
The next few items will consist of anomalies in Barck Obama's "birth certificate."

Lets start with some easy ones.

The certificate number is blocked out and the document clearly says, "Any alterations invalidate this certificate."  Duh!

The name of the alleged father is misspelled.  Barak Hussein Obama spelled his name Barak -- no "c."

And there ain't no such race as "African."

But those are the easy ones.  There are some real mysteries.
The Birth Certificate Number Mystery
While everyone was wondering if the COLB was real, some sharpie noticed there was a problem with the birth control numbers. 

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961:

Obama's certificate number:  61 10641

Nordyke twins were born in Hawaii on August 5, 1961:

Susan Nordyke's certificate number:  61 10637

Gretchen Nordyke's certificate number:  61 10638

Why is Obama's certificate number greater than the Nordyke twins?  It should be lower.  He was born first of the three.
DoHHS Inspector General -- Birth Certificate Fraud
Over the last 25 years, a number of studies have addressed problems related to false identification and the misuse of birth certificates.  These studies conclude that false identification is a major factor in crime, and that most, if not all, Federal fugitives and drug trafficking crimes are associated with false identification.  They also conclude that stolen, counterfeit, and altered birth certificates are often used as "breeder documents" that allow the holder to obtain documents needed to create new identities.  The Office of Inspector General has conducted three inspections focused specifically on birth certificate fraud that identified a number of vulnerabilities in birth certificate processes.  Because so many Federal and State agencies rely on birth certificates to assist them in determining eligibility for services and benefits, it is important that these agencies have current information on the nature and extent of birth certificate fraud to assist them in the proper assignment and protection of benefits.
Computer Graphics Expert Says It's Bogus
Dr. Ron Polarik's final report is the culmination of over four months of intensive, empirical research, the sole purpose of which has been to determine if the images and photographs posted on the Internet are true reproductions of a genuine document purported to be Obama's original birth certificate.

In his report, Dr. Polarik, who holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Media and specializes in computer graphics with over 20 years experience with computers, printers and typewriters, provides conclusive and irrefutable evidence that the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) image created and distributed by Obama's campaign to the Daily Kos, Annenberg's Factcheck, and the St. Petersburg Times, and Politifact, is, unquestionably, a false identification document.

Furthermore, there is conclusive and irrefutable evidence that the photos taken by Annenberg's Factcheck, in collusion with the Obama campaign, are themselves, false identification documents, having been made from the same false identification document image, as well as from additional false identification documents created for the same purpose; namely, to proffer these false identification documents as true reproductions of a genuine, Hawaii-issued and certified, "Certification of Live Birth" document, and thereby, intentionally deceive the American public into believing that Barack Hussein Obama is a natural-born citizen of the United States, and thereby, fully qualified to become their President.

Sadly, mainstream media have totally ignored this inconvenient truth and are not even been willing to even look at this birth certificate issue.  They are all still in-the-tank for Obama, but even more so now that he is in line to be President.  They all bought into the lies and fraudulent documents proffered up as evidence on Obama's qualifications.  They have been too quick to label as "trash" or "garbage" any legitimate questions asked about Obama's real birth certificate.  Even high-ranking governmental officials in the state of Hawaii where Obama was allegedly born, won't reveal what's on Obama's original birth certificate.  All they have said is that they have it.  They have not said (1) where Obama was born, (2) when Obama was born, or (3) even to whom Obama was born.

The answer to "What's on Barack Obama's real, original birth certificate" ranks right up there with some of the great mysteries of our time -- and that is really hard to swallow.  That a man, with a dubious background, has been elected to the highest office of the greatest superpower in the world without ever having to prove who he says he is!  That is not "nutty," that's just plain insane!

With all that said, and without further ado, I present to you my final and complete report on Barack Obama's bogus birth certificate, The Born Conspiracy.

The Polarik Investigation
Forensic Examiner Says It's Bogus
A second expert forensic document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines has filed an affidavit [.pdf] associated with one of the lawsuits stating the following:

1.  I am Sandra Ramsey Lines, With an address at...  I am a former federal examiner and law enforcement officer.  I began training as a forensic document examiner in 1991.  I am a Certified Diplomat of Forensic Sciences, a member of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners, a member of the Southwestern Association of Forensic Document Examiners, and a member of the Questioned Document Subcommittee of the American Society of Testing and Materials.  My background and credentials are set forth in Exhibit I attached hereto.

2.  I have reviewed the attached affidavit [.pdf] posted on the internet from "Ron Polarik," who has declined to provide his name because of a number of death threats he has received.  After my review and based on my years of experience, I can state with certainty that the COLB presented on the internet by the various groups, which include the "Daily Kos," the Obama Campaign, "Factcheck.org" and others cannot be relied upon as genuine.  Mr. Polarik raises issues concerning the COLB that I can affirm.  Software such as Adobe Photoshop can produce complete images or alter images that appear to be genuine; therefore, any image offered on the internet cannot be relied upon as being a copy of the authentic document.

3. Upon a cursory inspection of the internet COLB, one aspect of the image that is clearly questionable is the obliteration of the Certificate No.  That number is a tracking number that would allow anyone to ask the question, "Does this number refer to the Certification of Live Birth for the child Barack Hussein Obama II?"  It would not reveal any further personal information; therefore, there would be no justifiable reason for obliterating it.

4. In my experience as a forensic document examiner, if an original of any document exists, that is the document that must be examined to obtain a definitive finding of genuineness or non-genuineness.  In this case, examination of the vault birth certificate for President-Elect Obama would lay this issue to rest once and for all.
Genealogist Says It's Bogus
A third investigator, a genealogist, says The FactCheck.org Certificates of Live Birth (COLB) have been an issue since they were posted.  In an attempt to backup the original forgery posted on the Obama campaign website, "Fight the Smears," FactCheck.org overlooked glaring errors with both COLBs.  I reference that there are two separate and individual documents as one clearly shows an embossed SEAL while the other does not.  The one that does contain an embossed SEAL, however is not an official SEAL from the State of Hawaii Department of Health, and hence, the document itself is already in question.
Here (in an image rich file) in an attempt to identify additional ink markings from the Statement and Signature Stamp applied to the back of an authentic Certificate from the Vital Records Department, I will be using the FactCheck.org images and developing a composite image based on several layers, and seeing if any additional indications can be detected.

This genealogist concludes the COLBs are forgeries, plain and simple.

Forgery #1 - The COLB posted on 'Fight the Smears' - No Stamp, No Seal, evidence of tampering and forgery. Sandra Ramsey Lines, Ron Polirak, and myself, among others.

Forgery #2 - FactCheck - Two different COLB's one with a SEAL, however NOT an Official State of Hawaii Department of Health SEAL

Forgery #3 - FactCheck - COLB without a SEAL, image of COLB being held up. High resolution and NO indicating of a SEAL.

So, how can there be three versions of a document that Hawaii NEVER issued?
A Nail In The COLB Coffin
NoBarack08 is reporting that Barack Hussein Obama's Certification of Live Birth (COLB), the one that has been posted all over the Internet, first the DailyKos, then Fight The Smears and the at FactCheck.org, has now been proven to be a fake, fabricated, and forged document.  There is no doubt that the original is not an authentic State of Hawaii, Department of Health issued document.

NoBarack08 has established what appears to be proof that the original COLB that was posted had no number or lettering indicating that it was never issued by the State of Hawaii Department of Health.  It was based on a blank template, and nothing more.

Good stuff!  Too much to post here, but check it out here.

He also provides directions to replicate the process, so you can see for yourself.

This is probably why Janice Okubo, the Communications Officer for the Hawaii Department of Health is on record saying, "I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site [FactCheck.org] represents."

Miss Tickly Says It's Bogus
MissTickly -- aka TerriK -- says Obama’s COLB lacks legal veracity.   So, what now?

On July 27, 2009, Obama was not verified as "constitutionally qualified to be U.S. President" by the standards of Hawaii’s Department of Health and Vital Statistics Registrar.  Any assertions by Nancy Pelosi or anyone else must be re-examined under the following LIGHT:

The key is the distinction of the terms, "FILED by Local Registrar" as opposed to "ACCEPTED by State Registrar"

We have two statements about two sets of vital records belonging to the Obama issued from Hawaii.  An "original birth certificate" that is "on record in accordance to state policies and procedures" in October, 2008, AND "original vital records" that are "maintained on file," on July 27, 2009.

• We also have a COLB presented by Obama that indicates the information shown has been "Filed by Registrar" -- Fig.1 (at link)

• However, we also have samples found online of HAWAII COLBs that say they have been "Accepted by State Registrar" -- Fig 2 & Fig 3 (at link)

 Using Nevada’s guidelines on vital statistics TerriK walks through the process here . . .

MissTickly documents the fact that Obama's "vital records" have not only been "amended," but have never been "accepted" by the Registrar.  It is not a completed document.
Exposing The False Hawaii Department Of Health Seal
A records request made under the Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA), Hawaii’s Open Records law, for a black and white copy of the Hawaii Department of Health’s (HDOH) departmental seal as described as "Exhibit A" in their agency administrative rules has yielded disclosure of an electronic copy of the Department’s embossed seal.

While there is a story unfolding concerning the HDOH’s irregular action and response to my request for disclosure of "Exhibit A" that I will relay in the near future, I am restricting this particular post to the introduction of the image they did provide me and to offer some background on why it was requested and why it appears in "Obama’s Garden."  What I will say for now though is that the HDOH appears to be very reluctant to release the specific record authorized by law to be disclosed to me considering they first denied my request, then conceded after consulting with the Office of Information Practices (OIP) that disclosure is authorized by state law, then failed twice to provide me the specific record I requested.  Still, this newly disclosed image represents major progress coming from such a demonstrable and historically closed agency.

The Seal of the Hawaii Department of Health has been in effect since 1988 when it was made a part of the HDOH Title 11-1 administrative rules: "§11-1-2 Seal of the department of health.

a)  The official seal of the department of health shall be circular in shape, two and one-fourth inches in diameter.  At the curve on the top portion there shall be the words "DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH" and at the curve on the bottom portion there shall be the words "STATE OF HAWAII."  At the curve on each side portion shall be a star.  In the center of the seal shall be the Caduceus, a winged rod entwined with two serpents, which has long been recognized as a universal symbol of medicine.  The Caduceus shall be encircled by an indentation, which shall separate it from the words "DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH" and "STATE OF HAWAII."  For illustrative purposes, a black and white drawing of the official seal is attached at the end of this section as Exhibit "A," titled "Seal of the Department of Health," and dated November 1, 1988, and made a part of this section."

Now, look at the close-up of the seal on Obama's COLB from the Factcheck.org photos:

•  The outer ring in HDOH example is a single line.  The outer ring on Obama's COLB is a double line.


•  The inner ring in HDOH example is a single line, like the outer ring.  The inner ring on Obama's COLB is a broad, woven line.


•  The typeface is a significant identifying feature of the seal.  Obama’s is wide and bold, the HDOH seal lettering is condensed and a much lighter weight.

•  Present is a font type treatment anomaly seen in the word "OF" -- see how small it is on Obama's COLB, as compared to the HDOH example?

•  The two stars, described in those administration rules, are missing.  Any alleged HDOH seal missing these two stars is NOT an official seal according to administrative rule §11-1-2.

Due to these indisputable facts, the seal on Obama’s COLB is not the HDOH seal and Dr. Fukino does not have authority over the seal appearing on Obama’s COLB according to the description in the Title 11 rules AND the version disclosed in my records request.  The seal seen on Obama’s COLB HAS NO LEGAL WEIGHT either online or as a physical copy.

Read the whole thing here . . .
Obama’s COLB Never Accepted By Hawaii Registrar
AXJ-Action For Justice International Forum has a thread entitled, "Obama’s COLB was never accepted by the Hawaii Registrar!," that has some very interesting stuff related to the bogus Obama Certification of Live Birth (COLB) that was provided to the Daily Kos and others  by the Obama Campaign.

Obama’s COLB has only been "filed" but never "accepted."  AXJ contends that if it hasn’t been accepted, it’s not certified or official according to the State of Hawaii.

click image for large copy
Notice the lower left hand corner for the wording "Filed" or "Accepted" in this side by side comparison of two officially certified "Accepted" Hawaiian COLB’s with Obama’s unofficial "Filed."

One comment says Orly Taitz will be presenting it to Judge Carter tomorrow morning along with a request for a Subpoena to the Registrar of Hawaii, but there is no information on her website to that effect.

This has been pointed out previously, but is now popping up on current Google searches.

I will try and track down the Hawaii regulations for the use of the terms, "Filed" and "Accepted."  I'll update this item when/if found.  If any readers have information on the distinction between "Filed" and "Accepted" shoot me an email.

Notice the middle COLB.  It has "Japanese" as a value of the "Race" field.  Hawaii's bureaucrats evidently are confused about race and nationality.  May help to explain why Obama Sr.'s race is listed as "African."

There were federal regulations in place in 1961 that provided the requirements to the states for birth certificates, including the acceptable values for "Race" -- enter "227" in the "Page" text box and hit "Enter" --
warning big .pdf file.

Although, I'm not sure any of this matters, since there are three examiners who have each declared Obama's COLB is counterfeit.

A big "thank you" to Liz -- Here is the Hawaii statutes on the "FILED" and "ACCEPTED" on the COLB: -- see sections 11-1-4(d) and 11-1-28.

The statute specifically states that the date of filing is the date that a document is "RECEIVED" at the Department of Health office.  Obama’s information was received or "FILED" on Aug. 8, 1961, according to his COLB.  It has never been "ACCEPTED" by the Registrar.  Obama’s COLB is still being "MAINTAINED"  -- awaiting acceptance by the Hawaii State Registrar.

Here is a ton of information about this issue -- this stuff is dynamite! -- the whole process -- check it out.
For Those Who Do Not Know What "Certify" Means
Redbaiter says for those who claim that Obama’s Birth Certificate has been revealed to the world, from Bill O"Reilly through to even such local luminaries as David Farrar, here is something that will hopefully break through the massively thick foundation of ignorance that supports such a perception.  There is an online document.  Computer generated.  Few have seen the actual paper document.  Some young dumb Obots somewhere looked at it and said it was valid.  In fact, there is nothing to substantiate this document and even though it is titled a "certification," this raises the question, what does it certify and who certified it?  Closer inspection gives rise to a further question -- does it really "certify" anything at all?

Here are two images.  The left image is the document Obama campaign released to the Daily Kos, and is posted on his Fight The Smears website (and two more versions have been posted on FactCheck.org's website).   The image on the right is the actual birth certificate of a real but unidentified Hawaiian citizen.  Look hard now.  Can you see the difference?  Why of course you can.  One has three signatures (bottom left) that CERTIFY the birth, the other has NO SIGNATURES and therefore NOTHING IS CERTIFIED.  No human being has validated or CERTIFIED with his/her signature that Obama was born in Hawaii.  The document is worthless.
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Yesterday, Steve Malzberg of the WOR radio network interviewed Washington Times reporter Jeff Kuhner on the latest developments in the Obama BC saga.  Here is a transcript of part of what Jeff Kuhner said during that interview.

"People around the White House, and especially in Democrat circles, in private, at a cocktail party, at a restaurant, will tell you where there is smoke there is fire.  They don’t know what it is, even some of the liberal members of the media that I have spoken to off the record, have said to me Jeff, we don’t want to touch this story because we know there is something there.  We don’t know what, we don’t know if its going to reveal his religion, that was given to him by his father or his stepfather, we don’t know if its about records that are eventually going to come out about his travels to Pakistan, or whether that when he was a student at university he applied for foreign aid as a foreign student, we don’t know exactly what it is but the reluctance of this White House, and its not just on the birth certificate, its on his health records, its on his school records and university records, they are hiding something, there is no question about it and the only question is what, and how bad the damage will be.  If, and I underline the word if, it turns out that he was not born in the United States, we have a legal political and constitutional crisis without precedence in this nation.

[..] This is what Democrat aides have been confiding in me, political strategists and members of the liberal media, I’m talking senior top editors (are saying), "why is the White House so determined to keep the lid on this story and to prevent the documents from coming out?"

[..] This controversy is not going away it is gaining traction it is gaining momentum, it is gaining momentum in the courts, and so you have Chris Matthews who is finally saying, "Look I have been taking heat on this issue now for the last couple of years, just show me the bloody birth certificate and lets get it over with, and thye can’t, and Steve, this is a very key point, what many members in the liberal media have been confiding to me is this, I ask them, I say look, this is a bombshell of a story, it’ll be like Watergate, it’ll make your name, all you have to do is break this story, I mean you’re going to look at Pulitzer prizes for the rest of your life, you’ll be wealthy beyond imagination, you’ll have all the fame and glory a journalist could ever want."

They said, "Jeff, you don’t understand, if this story turns out to be true, we fear it could lead to a civil war within America."  This is what they are telling me, that you’re going to have African Americans so embittered, remaining loyal to Obama, so many liberals, so embittered, loyal to Obama, but so many people in the rest of the country now feeling that there is a serious constitutional breach, that everything that he has passed, because he is unconstitutional, and doesn’t have the right legal authority, everything that he has passed is thereby illegal and unconstitutional.  It will literally be the worst constitutional crisis that ever gripped this country, so they don’t want to touch this.  So you have the media abdicating their responsibility to pursue the truth and hold their politicians accountable.
The Bottom Line
First Hawaii first "Files" a COLB, and then later the Registrar "Accepts" by registrar State of Hawaii then certifies.  It is not certified until "accepted."

So you could file for a COLB with Marilyn Monroe as your mom, born on Maui last year, and say "I have a COLB 'on file' with Hawaii," as Obama has done.  Also please note Fukino only said she saw Obama's "vital records" that are "filed," that say he was born in Hawaii.  She does not say he was born in Hawaii.

Further, I have written to Okubo to get her to abide Hawaii's law which requires her to "Verify 'any record'" and she not only refuses to verify Obama's COLB but she also refuses to vouch for Fukino's statement, as does the Attorney General (refuses to corroborate). The Hawaii Office of Information Policy refuses to uphold the law as well. I've sent this data to The Post & Email and they may write it up shortly.
Obama was not born in Hawaii and they have nothing to say that he was. Zero!

Sure the COLB is a forgery, but it's only on file anyway, until it's accepted by the registrar it's nothing. They all know he was not born there. I spoke to Lingle's office and they said he's from there, they did not use the language that he was born there.

From an attorney who wishes to remain anonymous.
The Fact Of Birth
Harold says, while looking at copies of Obama's Certification of Live Birth (COLB) on the DailyKos and Obama's FightTheSmears websites, I noticed something I have not seen commented on before.  At the bottom of the form it says:

This copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.

"The fact of birth."  It's funny how I missed this important point.  The COLB is intended ONLY to attest that the person was born -- nothing else.  In a sense, it affirms what we can logically assume simply by looking AT Obama.  If he's standing there he must have been born.  The COLB is not useful, as evidence, outside of the birth itself, and not the circumstances, such as father, mother, attending physician or nurse, or even the date.

Words are everything when it comes to legislation.  Courts wrestle with them when a case hinges on the interpretation of legislative intent.  What did the legislature mean when it used a certain word rather than another?  Cases can be decided one way or another depending on whether a judge believes that Congress intended something that is otherwise unclear in the legislation itself.

I am struck by the fact that the disclaimer uses "fact of birth" rather than "facts of birth."  The latter would encompass far more than the latter and could be interpreted to mean the name of the father and mother, doctor, date, etc.  Again, words are everything, so I assume that when the Hawaiian legislature passed those statutes they meant "fact" rather than "facts" for a reason.

Personally, I believe that the COLB was intended only to provide an individual with a basic document establishing bona fides.  That is, it shows that the person whose name is on the document really was born and is not a fictitious individual.  I wonder if I had printed out that COLB on appropriately marked paper and took it into a bank if they would accept it as proof that I was Barack Obama.  I doubt it.
Hawaii Is Loose
The Hawaiian "birth certificate" program.

The Dept. of Hawaiian Homelands does NOT accept the "Certification of Live Birth" as documentation.  This is the same document that Obama is showing the world as proof of his Hawaiian birth and American "natural born citizen" status.

If you submit the "Certification of Live Birth" to the DHHL, they will make phone calls and written inquiries (to have a paper trail) to the office of Vital Statistics, to confirm information that WOULD BE on the "Birth Certificate," that is NOT present on the "Certification of Live Birth."

The DHHL, being a Hawaii state agency, KNOWS the loopholes built into the Hawaiian "birth certificate" system. Many of the laws Hawaii has hearken back to BEFORE the Hawaiian Organic Act, BEFORE Hawaii was a territory, BEFORE King Kalakaua ruled...

IN FACT, the court that Ann Dunham filed for her FIRST divorce through in 1964 was done through a Hawaiian court, the "Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit" that I've traced back to the 1860s.  That court is defunct today.  The judge is in his 90s and retired from the Hawaiian court system.  There are many antiquated procedures and laws still on the books that are mired in the annuls of Hawaiian history.

As an island nation, Hawaii has had procedures in place to allow for "stragglers" who were born on other islands, or in other countries (Guam is similar, BTW).  Such is the "loophole" Sun Yat-sen exploited, Chinese revolutionary and political leader often referred to as the "Father of Modern China."  He was able to file a "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth" application and immigrate to the US in 1904 using the form. Yat-sen was born in Guangdong province, China, in 1866.  His "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth" was issued based on Sun's typewritten testimony rather than on any documentation from witnesses.  The "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth" for WAS STILL ISSUED UP UNTIL 1972; BHO was born in 1961.

SO, let's see, how could a person like Ann Dunham (and later BHO when he was an adult) exploit Hawaiian "birth certificate" law?

 file for a "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth", using affidavits from herself and her mother saying he was born in Hawaii ...

 convert the "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth" to a "Certificate of Late Birth" as state law allows...

 convert the "Certificate of Late Birth" to a "Certificate of Live Birth," with comments in Block 23, "Evidence for Delayed Filing or Alteration"...

 and then BHO uses the "Certification of Live Birth," which was created and first used in Nov 2001, to hide any prior alterations or modifications!

Did it happen THAT way?  It's anyone's guess.  BUT because the Hawaiian "birth certificate" program is SO freakin' loose, it's quite possible, with other variations possible as well.

ADD TO THAT that Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" states in the bottom lefthand corner: "Date FILED by Registrar" vs. "Date ACCEPTED by State Registrar," there's plenty of reason to be suspicious.
Hawaii's Multiple Birth Certificates
Generally, folks don't know that Hawaii law, even in 1961, provided for several types of birth records, most of which are not what people think of when they think of birth certificates.  The following is a description of those, including certificates for people not born in Hawaii.

1. In the State of Hawaii, back in 1961, there were three different birth certificates that were obtainable:

   a. If the birth was attended by a physician or mid wife, the attending medical professional was required to certify to the Department of Health the facts of the birth date, location, parents’ identities and other information.  (See Section 57-8 & 9 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961).

   b. In 1961, if a person was born in Hawaii but not attended by a physician or mid wife, then, up to the first birthday of the child, an adult could, upon testimony, file a "Delayed Certificate," that required endorsement on the Delayed Certificate of a summary statement of the evidence submitted in support of the acceptance for delayed filing, which evidence must be kept in a special permanent file.  The statute provided that the probative value of the Delayed Certificate must be determined by the judicial or administrative body or official before whom the certificate is offered as evidence.  (See Section 57-18, 19 & 20 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961).

   c. If a child born in Hawaii, for whom no physician or mid wife filed a certificate of live birth, and for whom no Delayed Certificate was filed before the first birthday, then a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth could be issued upon testimony of an adult including the subject person) if the Lieutenant Governor was satisfied that a person was born in Hawaii, provided that the person had attained the age of one year.  (See Section 57-40 of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii which was in effect in 1961).

2. In 1982, the vital records law was amended to create a fourth kind of birth certificate for children born outside of the Territory or State of Hawaii.  HRS Chapter 338 was amended to add a new section authorizing the Director of the Department of Health to issue a birth certificate for a person NOT born in Hawaii either as a Territory or State, upon sufficient proof that the legal parents of such individual had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth of such child.

3. The language of the statute clearly applies to births in the days of the Territory of Hawaii, so also births in 1961.

4. A press release concerning numerous questions raised across the country as to whether or not Obama was a natural born citizen was issued on October 31, 2008 by the Hawaii Department of Health by its Director, Dr. Chiyome Fukino.
5. In that very carefully worded press release, Dr. Fukino said that she had "personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."
6. The intentional ambiguity of that statement raises more questions that it answered.

7. That statement failed to resolve any of the questions being raised by litigation across the country over the issue of Obama’s birth and qualifications for the office of the President of the United States, including:
   a. The specific type of certificate was not identified.  Could it be the certificate for someone born outside of the State of Hawaii?

   b. Being "on record" could mean either that its contents are in the computer database of the department or an actual "vault" original.  If the latter, those are the words used to describe what is there.  The data base record could have been entered based on a birth record for someone born outside of Hawaii.

   c. Therefore, the value as prima facie evidence is limited and easily overcome if any of the allegations of substantial evidence of birth outside Hawaii can be obtained and verified with a Court Order.

8. It should also be noted that in the face of all this litigation, the simple presentation of Obama’s vault birth records would put the questions to rest.

9. Obama has not taken this approach to a single one of the cases, but instead has hired legal counsel across the country at no small expense, much of it illegally from his campaign, to defend the claims with motions to dismiss on standing and similar procedural grounds.

10. Such response to the request for proof that he is qualified to serve as President of the United States of America only serves to raise more questions about this election.
COLBs For Anybody
Click the thumbnail to see a large copy of this beautifully printed Certificate of Hawaiian Birth.


It belongs to Sun Yat-Sen, the Father of Modern China, who was born in China.

This Certificate of Hawaiian Birth, dated March 14, 1904, was issued after Dr. Sun signed a raggedy type-written statement affirming that he was born in Hawaii on Nov. 24, 1870.

Sun Yat-sen was born on November 12, 1866, to a peasant family in the village of Cuiheng, Xiangshan county , Guangzhou prefecture, Guangdong province (26 km or 16 miles north of Macau), not Hawaii, as this document affirms.

We know Maya Soetoro-Ng, Obama's sister has a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth too, and she was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.  You can be born anywhere and get one.

Anna Dunham may not have been America's #1 booster, but, gypsy that she was, she made sure her kids were well-anchored in the good ole USA.
Proof Positive It's Bogus

The State Seal Is Bogus

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It Is A Fake
People say that Obama released a genuine copy of his actual Birth Certificate.

•  He never did, and they are mistaken, misinformed, or misleading others if they do.

People say that Obama released a genuine copy of his actual Certification of Live Birth.

•  He never did, and they are mistaken, misinformed, or misleading others if they do.

People say that Hawaii confirmed this copy to be Obama's actual Certification of Live Birth.

•  Hawaii never confirmed a request for, nor the printing of, this Certification of Live Birth.

People say that Factcheck verified this image as Obama's actual Certification of Live Birth, while incorrectly referring to it as a "birth certificate."

•  Factcheck was complicit in falsifying this image and passing it off as a genuine scan.

Obama also knows that this image is fake and doesn't contain his actual birth information.

•  That's why Obama and his staff refuse to answer any questions about his birth certificate, while ridiculing anyone that dares ask.
Why The COLB?
The obvious question must be asked:  If Obama has an original "long form" birth certificate issued on the day of his birth by the state of Hawaii, why would he also have a "Certification of Live Birth"?

It would not be necessary.

Barack Obama was asked if he was eligible to become president under the Article II "natural born" eligibility clause.  Obama masked the truth by posting a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth (COLB).  His supporters declared him a "native born" citizen and the issue was pushed back into the realm of conspiracy theories.

Upon further investigation, the mask of the COLB started to be more and more revealing of the original 1961 certificate, made much of by Hawaii’s Governor Lingle and the state’s Department of Health official, Dr. Fukino, as more probably a Dept. of Health document and not a hospital long form.  [See my recent post on the Hollister dismissal in which I quoted Endnote 12 of Mario Apuzzo's Kerchner et al vs. Obama et al case. Apuzzo's jurisprudence of challenging prima facie evidence is brilliant.

If Obama was trying to promote his Hawaiian native born status, he would have willingly posted a hospital certificate as solid, best evidence. A COLB is labeled as only prima facie evidence; the validity of its information open to inspection by a proper Hawaiian court venue.

If the C.O.L.B. referenced document was not a hospital birth certificate, what was it?  Under Hawaiian statute, specifically §338-5,[7] it is compulsory for the Dept. of Health to register a newborn child of a Hawaiian resident, even if no documentation of place and time of birth is presented.  Only the word of one parent is required by law.

If the hidden 1961 certificate is a §338-5 form, face down like a card in a poker game, the $800,000 Barack Obama ponied up to prevent its public release means Obama is not just bluffing, but covering up perjury and other violations of election law.

In the end, a §338-5 compulsory registration will be more probative of the direct testimony evidence of Obama’s Kenyan birth,[8] than of his claimed Hawaiian birth.
Obama Stonewalls
It's been more than two years since Obama announced his candidacy for President, and five months since he was elected President, yet Obama has repeatedly refused to provide any proof that he is Constitutionally qualified to be president.  Despite what you may have heard, Obama's eligibility issue has never been settled.  If you are looking for reasons why, there is only one reason that you should know:

Barack Hussein Obama flat-out refuses to show the one document that would confirm or deny his true identity, parentage, and birth origin -- his original, "vault" birth certificate.

In March 2008, a lawsuit was filed to remove John McCain, the GOP candidate, from the ballot because his natural-born status was also in doubt.  John McCain immediately responded by showing his actual, original birth certificate to Congress.

On June 12, 2008, about three months after John McCain settled his eligibility issue, the pressure on Obama to do the same led to the release of what was called his "original birth certificate" -- an image copy, not a paper copy, by his campaign, not by himself, to the Daily Kos blog, not to Congress, or to anyone even remotely responsible for vetting him.

Moreover, what Obama submitted for "release," was not an image copy of his original birth certificate as claimed.  It was an abbreviated transcript of a birth record called a "Certification of Live Birth."  HOWEVER, the image itself was a fabricated forgery intended to mimic this transcript.  Since a forged birth document cannot represent a true birth record, it means that someone committed forgery just to keep Obama's actual birth record from ever being known.
What Is The Evidence Of A Counterfeit
Many people who also saw this image (see Appendix A) had said that it was a "fake," and that the document pictured in the image could not possibly be genuine.  The image anomalies that they pointed out as proof of a forgery included those that I had found and reported, working independently.  Here is an annotated list of them:

1. The image contains digital signatures of Photoshop

2. Only one side of alleged COLB shown (COLB is two-sided)

3. Missing second-fold line while first fold-line is shown

4. Missing the embossed Seal of Hawaii

5. Missing the State Registrar's signature

6. Unusual and unnatural pixilation between the letters of text data

7. Original text was removed by pasting a layer of background over them

8. Different text was typed onto a text layer and merged with background layer

9. Pixel blocks of text data are different from the data headers

10. Heavy and unnecessary sharpening of the whole image, except for the border

11. Border was created as a separate layer and merged with other layers

12. Border pattern is more blurred than the background

13. Border pattern more transparent than those on genuine scans

14. Top and bottom black border bars have less pixilation than text

15. Border bars are more black in color than any of the text

16. Absence of green, background pixels inside the border bar text

17. White lines between border bars and pattern (both sides)

18. Image colors are very different from scan images of real COLBs

19. Lack of pixilation in black rectangle covering certificate number

20. Different blocking artifacts from JPG compression found across the image
It's Invalid
In Dr. Ron Polarik's final report, "Obama's Born Conspiracy," these anomalies are explained in greater detail.

The consensus among all of us was that this Certification of Live Birth document image (COLB) had been heavily doctored.  What we didn't know were the lengths to which the Obama Campaign and his enablers in the media went to rebuff any claims of forgery by personally attacking anyone for even suggesting it.  They called us "tin-foil hat wearing, right-wing conspiracy nuts," or "birthers" for short, but these titles are tame in comparison to the vicious and virulent slurs hurled our way.  Rather than respond with some confirmatory evidence to support the claim that the scan image was genuine, they offered all kinds of logical excuses as to why it wouldn't be fake, coupled with comments from individuals and fact-checking groups claiming to be non-partisan but clearly shilling for Obama.  The common denominator here is that all of them failed to provide a single shred of valid evidence that Obama's actual COLB document was even printed in June 2007 by Hawaii's DOH, let alone scanned a year later.

One thing that no one could deny was that a black, graphic rectangle was added to the image to redact the COLB's certificate number, and then resaved, permanently altering the COLB shown in the image, and in effect, changing the image itself.  The following caveat appears on the COLB document:


In other words, "Which part of this caveat did the "birther" critics NOT understand?
What's Wrong With This Picture
There were enough alterations in this one image to fill a book on "How to falsify an image and hide the signs of forgery."  Nothing about this image was genuine, yet, five weeks later, Factcheck posted a set of nine digital photos of what they claim was the same, alleged birth certificate used to make the scan image.

What's wrong with this picture? (or should I say, "pictures?")

If what's shown in the scan image is bogus, then what's shown in Factcheck's photos must also be bogus.  We already knew that Factcheck was a shill for Obama along with being an accomplice to his document fraud.  So, we were not surprised when Factcheck launched an all-out assault on the "birthers" and their "right-wing conspiracy theories" along with the photos they posted on their website.  Factcheck's COLB photos allegedly show the front side of the embossed Seal that was not shown in the scan image (except while under image enhancements).  These COLB photos also show the second fold-line that never was seen in the scan image under any conditions.

Factcheck intended their photos to verify the existence of a real COLB document that the claim was used to make the scan image.  Unfortunately for Factcheck, their photos actually verify that their scan image was bogus.  For if this document object, with its pronounced second fold-line and heavily embossed Seal, was used to make the original scan image, then the scanner would never have missed copying these prominent features.  Added to that revelation is the suspicious failure of Factcheck to photograph the most important part of the document, the entire embossed Seal as seen from both sides.  Factcheck's photos taken from the back side of the Seal show that the top third of the Seal was deliberately cropped from the picture.  Even in the full shot of the Seal, the top one-third of it was also cut off -- well below the second fold line.

Rather than lend credibility to the original scan image, these photos supported Polarik's conclusions that the scan image was not made from a genuine document, but was fabricated from other images.  A top, forensic document examiner also agrees with my conclusions.  The fact that Obama's original birth certificate is not the only document being withheld from view, only underscores the immense effort taken to keep Obama's real identity from ever being known.

If the Obama narrative is real, and Obama really is who he says he is, then why are there no real documents to verify it, such as his Punahou School records, Selective Service Registration, Occidental College records, Passport (used to visit Pakistan), Columbia College records, Columbia thesis, Harvard College records, Baptism certificate, Medical records, Illinois State Senate records, Law License application, Law practice client list, and University of Chicago scholarly articles?
Does Anyone See A Pattern Here
From the first day he ran for the Office of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, a constitutional lawyer, knew that he was not a natural-born citizen and not constitutionally qualified to become president.  But, he ran anyway.  Obama may also have known that he was not born in Hawaii, that he came to Hawaii as an illegal immigrant, and that he was never naturalized as a US citizen.

Does that sound like a viable MOTIVE for not showing his original birth certificate?

If all of the information shown on the scan image were true, then there would not be any reason to hide the original.  If all of the information shown on Factcheck's photos were true, then there would not be any reason to hide the original.  If all of the information we've seen is actually true, then why fabricate bogus birth certificates when a real one can be made for $12?  What is worth committing felony document fraud just to keep it hidden?

Well, it's a lot more than that.  This bogus birth certificate was used to deceive over 300 million Americans in regards to Obama's true identity and birth origins.  This bogus birth certificate was used to deceive members of our government, our judiciary, our armed forces, and law enforcement into believing that Obama was born in Hawaii, and that he is a natural-born US citizen who is constitutionally qualified to become president.

Obtaining a real birth certificate copy is the very last thing that Obama would ever do, then or now, because it would absolutely confirm that the images and photos posted on the Internet are forgeries and would expose anyone involved in this fraud to criminal prosecution.  Does that sound like a viable MOTIVE for not showing it?

There is no question that Obama fails to meet the constitutional qualifications for being a natural-born citizen because his father passed his British citizenship onto Obama as a child and made him a dual citizen.  But, what about the question of document fraud?  Has a crime been committed?  Who's responsible?  What if a president was complicit in committing this document fraud and intentionally covering it up by all legal means possible?

Conspiracies in presidential elections do happen.  Does "Watergate" ring a bell?

Recently, another Illinois politician was impeached for selling Obama's Senate seat.  It that act really worse than committing felony document fraud, as defined by Chapter 18 of the United States Code, Section 1028, Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information?.

As people are wont to say at times like this, "Where is the outrage?"  Where, indeed.
Other  Opinions
At the same time that Dr. Polarik saw Obama's alleged COLB, a discussion of that image was taking place among the registered readers of a popular blog (HotAir.com) that is a repository of top stories from other blogs and websites.  I had not seen these comments until now, ten months after they were published.  Although the Hot Air community is mostly pro-Obama, a number of members had identified the very same anomalies as I had while working independently.  The significance of this discovery cannot be overstated as it serves to validate the work that I've done in proving this image, and ones to follow, to be false, forged, and fabricated.  Here, in their own words, is what they said on June 12:

From JM Hanes:

it really bothers me when something like this simply makes no sense.  I couldn't begin to guess who would have fiddled with the document -- or the when & why either -- but I also can't think of a single logical reason (including filters, sharpening, or conversions) that a scan of an original document could result in the kind of selective pixelization/artifacting in evidence here.  Pasting from one image into another, however, would produce precisely that effect.
"The pixilation around the text is...completely inconsistent with the background, which is discontinuous behind the text.  Zoom in on the faint image of the reverse "JUN 6 2007" in the lower middle of the document for comparison and you’ll see that the regular jpeg pixel blocking is uninterrupted.  That’s part of whatever this original document was before someone Photoshopped it.  The SEAL was probably scanned from another actual document and pasted up along with the necessary text.  Nice try with the "Photoshop filter" theory though! I n any case, if someone were trying to make a real document look as fake as this one does, that would still be a hoax.

From Spolitics:

The document looks fake, like the text was layered over the background, not typed onto it.  So I downloaded the picture and checked the properties.  According to the file’s details, this document was originated in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh.  That’s not proof of forgery, but there’s no "date acquired" listed, which would have indicated this was scanned.

From LimeyGeek:

Zoom in on the lettering and check out the artefacts surrounding them.  I suspect this is a modern document, scanned, original data scrubbed, and overlaid with digital text.  Problem is, then not all the text would match stylistically, so they had to go over every bit of text with new lettering.  Contrast the artifacts surrounding the text on this document with the text in the top and bottom bars -- that’s original text.  The text in the body of the document has been doctored.  Obama is not claiming it as a legitimate copy.  I suspect it is somebody’s legitimate copy, scanned, scrubbed and doctored to look like Obama’s.

As somebody that works with the math and code in such software, I can tell you that these artifacts are nothing of the sort.  This is not a case of lousy artifacts due to image encoding (jpeg).  Such artifacts would be consistent, these are not.  In fact, if you look close enough, you can see that the original lettering was slightly larger than the superimposed fonts.

The point is that an original document would have consistent artifacts due to scanning, and additional consistent artifacts due to further encoding (in this case, jpeg encoding/compression).  Whatever the origin of this document, it has been doctored.

From RightWired:

It’s a 100% forgery.  There are numerous reasons, but the #1 reason: Laser printers don’t add anti-aliasing to fonts.  Zoom in to 600% or greater in Photoshop or Corel.  Look at an "A".  Notice how it’s smoothed a bit?  You can see that the characters have been laid on top of the green government background.  There’s a hazy white area in between the strokes of each line of the character.  When a laser printer prints on the paper, it basically burns it on with a super high precision.  It doesn’t turn the area behind the actually copy white.

I work in advertising.  I have studied this...as well as our department’s graphic artist -- it’s fraudulent.  Also file properties say Adobe CS3, black copy is much darker than the rest.  The official seal is blurry and pixilated.

From Just A Grunt:

Blending high contrast type into a lower contrast background is particularly fussy work; it looks to me like the original text and original background started out at different resolutions as well.  While text that bleeds through from the other side of a document would look different from the crisp text printed on the front, it wouldn’t change how the pixels in the image itself are grouped.  The integrity of the typical 8 x 8 pixel squares which you can see in the 6 shot aren’t busted up by artifacts the way they are in the A shot.  I may not be using the right techno terms here -- alas, it’s easier to zero in on the anomalies when you’re used to dealing with recalcitrant pixels than it is to explain.

From WoosterOh:

I find it odd that every word is pixilated around it, yet the black box is not.  Those words are not on the document.  To me, it looks like it is from some HA HA funny site that you can do your own certificates.  Select a background image, select text to put on the background image.  I guess that {the Certification of Live Birth is a computer-generated printout) could account for the pixels, but I am not even sure that accounts for it.  You would have to assume that the generation means taking a scan of an actual certification, using it as an image, then generating text over that scan, then converting the text to an image, then laying that image down over the scanned certificate.  Take the layers and flatten the image, then print the image. FAKE

From G Charles:

A word of caution -- I use Photoshop a fair amount and I just zoomed in on the text.  I agree that this is not a scan of an original document "AS IS".  Nevertheless, it could well be a scan of an original document that has been run through a Photoshop filter once or twice.  And the original may well look pretty much the same to those who can’t zoom in on the photo.  And as support for my "Photoshop filter" theory, the seal carries the same pixilation artifacts.  Therefore it is NOT simply text that has been superimposed -- whatever explanation there is has to account for the seal and text having the same unnatural pixilation.

From iurockhead:

Enlarge and the text looks like it has been added on top of the green and white background.  I call fake.  I don’t doubt his citizenship and birthright, but that document is a fake.

From wise_man:

And the black text on this wide open field of the background, is awfully sharp and crisp for being a copy.

From SilverStar830:

Looks "chopped."  It looks like an exceptionally EASY document to fake.

From Buford:

When blown up it is clearly a fake.  At 2000% it is clear that the pixilation of the text is much finer than the pixilation of the background.  It is an extremely low quality fake.  If this served any purpose but to drive traffic to the Kos site I would be surprised.

From infidel65:

After repeated requests for Obama’s birth certificate, a copy shows up on the Daily Kos.  This stinks to high heaven.  The Obama campaign may have thought they’d put this issue to bed, but they have only succeeded in fuelling the suspicions.
Does this Barack Obama birth certificate issue bug you because, although improbable, it's possible that he's not a natural born citizen, isn't eligible to be President under the Constitution, and this issue could be bigger than Watergate -- or any other "gate" in history?

Are you afraid that if you were even to raise the subject with your friends that they will think you wear a tinfoil hat, because Factcheck.org, the final arbiter of truth in the universe, said so?

Are you with the news media, and after spending so much money to get Barack Obama elected, you'd hate to ruin your investment?

Are you a talk radio host who thinks that if you say the burden of proof needed to demonstrate one is eligible to be Commander in Chief should be at least as high as, oh, say, the level to be eligible for Hawaiian homestead status (see 1.F. below), that you'd be forced to give equal time to someone who disagrees?

Are you a conservative, libertarian, or any conscientious constitutionalist from any ideological side of life, who's convinced something's not right, but you're afraid your reputation might be tarnished because, after all, this could be one big Saul-Alinsky-style set-up, and the joke would be on you?

Fear not!  Joe the Farmer has prepared an outline showing that no matter how this issue is ultimately resolved, you have legitimate concerns, and that Barack Obama should, simply out of respect for the nation he was elected to lead, disclose the sealed vault copy of his birth certificate.

Given the circumstances, if Barack Obama respected this nation, he would prove it by the simplest and easiest of gestures - unless, of course, all this talk about change and hope was just a bunch of bull, and he's just "another politician."

Here's the outline:
Now What
To date, the suspicions have not subsided, yet people are talking about Obama's Certification of Live Birth (COLB) as if it really exists.

Why?  Because they know that foreign-born children are also issued a COLB by Hawaii, and therefore, the COLB cannot confirm one's natural-born status.  Only the actual, "vault" original birth certificate can, and Obama knows that better than anyone.  What other reason could there be for the occupant of the Oval Office to refuse such a simple request?

Because, it is not a "simple request," but a bombshell that blows Obama's entire claim to the presidency right out of the water.

Now that you see the big picture, what are you going to do about it?
A Forged Long-Form Birth Certificate
DC sources say that an Administration team is working on perfecting a forgery of the long-form birth certificate.  They plan on presenting it in a a month or so.  The source is an FBI agent who has drinking buddy from University of Illinois now in the Administration.  It's second hand, but the source is supposed to be solid.

They have already prepared the forgery with special paper and ink.  The document was printed on a fully functional 1960 Heidelberger printing press located at a print museum in Toronto.  Access was arranged by a trustee of the museum who is connected to a large Canadian banking/investment firm with major US interests.

The blanks in the forged form were filled in with an old Underwood Manual typewriter bought at an estate sale in Skokie, IL.  The raised seal was the easiest piece to fake, since you can by a special order corporate seal from just about any online office supply store.

The only reason they haven't rolled out the forgery yet is that it is "seasoning" under mild UV light and a back and forth rotation between between a humidifier and a sauna.  Get ready....one to two months tops.

I personally don't put a lot of stock into this report.  I have included it here in the off-chance that a couple of months down the road Obama suddenly releases his long-form birth certificate after his long and expensive battle to keep it from the American People.  If that happens, this report will immediately gain a great deal of credibility.
The Billboard

Donations are being accepted for a national billboard campaign with this simple message.
Somebody finally asked Barack Obama's White House press secretary about the president's elusive birth certificate.

When asked by WorldNetDaily.com White House correspondent Les Kinsolving why Obama, who has pledged transparency in his administration, would not release his long-form birth certificate to establish his constitutional eligibility for office, spokesman Robert Gibbels, employing Alinsky's Rule 5, guffawed in unison with members of the Washington press corps, about the concerns of 400,000 petitioners who have demanded it.  Here is the video.

"Are you looking for the president's birth certificate?" Gibbels asked incredulously.  "Lester, this question in many ways continues to astound me.  The state of Hawaii provided a copy with the seal of the president's birth.  I know there are apparently at least 400,000 people -- (laughter) -- that continue to doubt the existence of and the certification by the state of Hawaii of the president's birth there, but it's on the Internet because we put it on the Internet for each of those 400,000 to download.  I certainly hope by the fourth year of our administration that we'll have dealt with this burgeoning birth controversy."

It was the first time any member of the press corps has publicly asked a member of the administration a question directly related to Obama's constitutional eligibility for office as a "natural born citizen."

Gibbels continues the lie that Obama released his birth certificate.  It's a damnable lie.  Obama has never released his birth certificate and Gibbels and the rest of the White House staff knows it.

There are actually 3 lies in Gibbels statement:

1. The State of Hawaii has never provided a copy of Obama's birth certificate -- with or without a state seal -- never.

2. The State of Hawaii has never certified Obama was born in Hawaii -- never.

3. There has never been an Obama birth certificate on the Internet -- never.

Now you know why I refer to Gibbs as Gibbels.  He's Obama's propagandist.

Go here for the background on Obama's bogus birth records, and here for the law behind the eligibility question.
Hawaii Changes The Rules
According to the Hawaii Star-Bulletin, the State of Hawaii, Department of Health no longer issues copies of paper birth certificates as was done in the past, said spokeswoman Janice Okubo.

The department only issues "certifications" of live births, and that is the "official birth certificate" issued by the state of Hawaii, she said.

And, it's only available in electronic form.

Okubo explained that the Health Department went paperless in 2001.

"At that time, all information for births from 1908 (on) was put into electronic files for consistent reporting," she said.

Information about births is transferred electronically from hospitals to the department.

"The electronic record of the birth is what (the Health Department) now keeps on file in order to provide same-day certified copies at our help window for most requests," Okubo said.

Asked for more information about the short-form versus long-form birth documents, Okubo said the Health Department "does not have a short-form or long-form certificate."

"The birth certificate form has been modified over the years and decades to conform to national standards and models," she said.

Okubo also emphasized the certification form "contains all the information needed by all federal government agencies for transactions requiring a birth certificate."

She added that the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the state's current certification of live birth "as an official birth certificate meeting all federal and other requirements."

The issue of what constitutes an official Hawaii birth certificate received national attention during last year's presidential campaign.  Those who doubted Barack Obama's American citizenship called the copy of the Hawaii birth document posted on his campaign web site a fake.

Asked about that document, Okubo said, "This is the same certified copy everyone receives when they request a birth certificate."

Everything above is a lie.  It clearly demonstrates that officials in Hawaii's Department of Health are engaged in a cover up and fraud.

Here is a long-form Hawaiian "Certificate Of Live Birth" that was issued on September 28, 2010.
First They Will -- Then They Won't
The Hawaiian certification of live birth (COLB) the Obama Campaign posted on the Internet as proof of his eligibility would not be accepted for eligibility for some Hawaiian state government programs.

The website of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, states clearly the COLB touted by the Obama campaign, White House press secretary Robert Gibbels and a host of other Obama defenders is not acceptable as a form of identification to qualify under this program.

From the DHHL website:

There are two categories of documents used in determining eligibility: primary and secondary.

Primary Documents

The primary documents used to show you are of age and a qualified native Hawaiian are:

A certified copy of Certificate of Birth;
A certified copy of Certificate of Hawaiian Birth, including testimonies; or
A certified copy of Certificate of Delayed Birth.
You will need the certified birth certificates for:

Your biological father; and
Your biological mother
The state Department of Health, (DOH), Vital Records Section, records documents by island and district (geographically) and by the date of the event (chronologically).

If your biological parents' documents don't clearly prove that you have at least 50 percent Hawaiian ancestry, you will also need certified birth certificates for:

Your biological father's parents; and
Your biological mother's parents.

In order to process your application, DHHL utilizes information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth, which is either black or green.  This is a more complete record of your birth than the Certification of Live Birth (a computer-generated printout).   Submitting the original Certificate of Live Birth will save you time and money since the computer-generated Certification requires additional verification by DHHL.

Hawaii Home Lands won't take it, but Obama insists it certifies him to be Commander-in-Chief.

Update:  This item was cut 'n' paste from the DHHL website.  Between 6/8/09 and 6/18/09 DHHL has scrubbed this site.  In the past 10 days they have changed the policy above.  They will now accept Certifications of Live Birth.  Click the link now.  Check it out.

A coincidence?  Suuuuuuuuure!  The Obots continue to scrub the Internet for the Obamamessiah.

I'm going to have to start caching everything.


Here are three cached pages from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands document, "Applying for Hawaiian Home Lands," that proves that Hawaii is actively supporting Obama's usurpation of the Office of the Presidency.

Cover page -- "Applying for Hawaiian Home Lands"
Page 1 -- Primary documents -- "Certified copy of Certificate of Birth"
Page 2 -- "DHHL utilizes information that is only found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth"
Breaking News From Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Program!  Rush just said:

"...you know, a lot of people talk about Obama and his messianic complex.  He does have one thing in common with God.  Barack Obama has one thing in common with God.  Do you know what it is?  God does not have a birth certificate either."



Heh, heh, heh . . .
Happy Anniversary
Dr. Ron Polarik reminds us that today, June 12th, 2009, marks the Anniversary of the Obama COLB Forgery.   Yes, a whole year has past since Obama committed felony document fraud and posted a false identification document on the Internet.

As battles go, the Obots and the liberal media and blogsphere launched a bigger assault in defense of this bogus birth certificate than the Battle of Stalingrad in WWII.

It was Factcheck.org and Politifact that mounted a full-court press against the upstart "Birthers," a name given to them by the liberal "Truthers" who conjured up more 9/11 conspiracies than Uncle Ben has rice.  When the liberal "Truthers," so-called for the "Truth Movement" they started, went viral on so many Leftist websites that there wasn’t enough Reynolds Wrap in the world to fashion hats for them all.

Now, the shoe -- or "tin foil hat" -- is on the other foot...er...head.

Like Ron says, "It’s the forgery, Stupid!"

Here is Polarik's final report -- the culmination of over four months of intensive, empirical research, the sole purpose of which has been to determine if the images and photographs posted on the Internet are true reproductions of a genuine document purported to be Obama's original birth certificate.
Hawaii Does Have Obama's Original Birth Certificate

In July 2009, CNN's Lou Dobbs demanded Obama's original birth certificate.  That was followed by CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein telling staffers of "Lou Dobbs Tonight" that the issue is a "dead" story, according to a Los Angeles Times report.


In an e-mail, according to the Times, Klein wrote that CNN researchers had determined that Obama's 1961 birth certificate no longer exists because Hawai'i officials had discarded paper documents in 2001 -- a claim denied yesterday by Isle health officials.


In 2001, Hawai'i's paper documents were reproduced in electronic format but "any paper data prior to that still exists," Health Department spokeswoman Okubo said.


Okubo would not say where Obama's original birth certificate is, but said "we have backups for all of our backups."

The Birth Certificate Question
An Open Letter to Shephard Smith at FOX News -- Saturday, June 20, 2009 5:44:05 PM · 99 of 113

We have no proof of where Obama was born.  Anyone who claims that he was born in Hawaii is suffering from COLB  Derangement Syndrome.  Hawaii never confirmed that he was born in Hawaii, never confirmed that he has a Hawaiian long-form birth certificate or any other US birth certificate on file, or even if they have anything tangible beyond a computer record.

Most of all, Hawaii confirmed that they never released a copy of Obama’s COLB to anyone in June 2007.

Einstein could have called himself, "Humpty Dumpty," and hid his face, but that would not change the fact that he discovered E=mc².   Likewise, Obama’s 2007 COLB would be just as nonexistent as if I had never discovered that it was nonexistent.  But, it is a good thing that I did.

It's positively amazing the amount of effort that people have expended in defense of this piece of crap COLB image that the Poseur-in-Chief now admits to posting online.  There is only one reason why, after more than a year, that only one scan image of one side only has ever been made from what is alleged to be Obama’s 2007 COLB: it doesn't exist.  Obama’s 2007 COLB is a forged fake, fabricated in Photoshop, and nothing that anyone says or does can change that fact.

There is absolutely no reason, whatsoever, that the Obama Campaign would not make another, more detailed scan, including one of the reverse side of the COLB, and send that out to quiet critics.  No reason, EXCEPT that the document does not exist in the real world.  It only exists in the unreal, virtual world of Photoshopped fakes.

BTW, a digital photo is not the same thing as a scan image, and it most certainly cannot be used to validate a scan image.  Certainly not when the document object is photographed at a steep angles from the capture device (which were intentional).

Remember that Factcheck.org did not take a digital photo of the reverse side (all that Factcheck photographed was only 1/4 of the entire back page, and only 2/3 of the Seal).  Why was so little of the back page shown?  Because what was photographed belonged to a different COLB!!  Check it out for yourself: the Seal on the reverse side does not match the one on the front side.  It is one of several, new discoveries I've made after revisitng the Factcheck photographs.

A year later after the bogus scan image was posted, THAT is exactly what people are still talking about.  They are referring back to the original forged image on Fight the Smears and Factcheck.  They are quoting Factcheck -- the co-conspirator in this birth certficate scam -- as having "verified" the bogus "scan image."

Recall that Factcheck claimed they photographed the same object that the Obama Campaign scanned two months earlier.

They took these photos SOLELY IN DEFENSE of the scan image that they alleged to have "validated," and to fend off the widespread criticism of the COLB as a forged image.  However, they failed to "debunk" the critics.  This was all part of an elaborate ruse to create the illusion that Obama had released his genuine, certified original birth certificate to the public.

What is hard to believe are the people in high places who actually believe that this document exists, but of those, here is a segment who also discount it as being proof of where Obama was actually born.  COLBs are incredibly easy to get with little documentation required.  And, yes, it is a well-documented fact that Hawaii was giving COLBs to foreign-born children.

But the bottom line is that the original "scan image" is what people are still talking about today, and it is an indisputable fact that Obama, or anyone else, does not have a genuine 2007 COLB document.  What is posted online is as bogus as a four-dollar bill.

Obama ascended to the position of President by fraudulent means, including document fraud, Internet fraud, voter fraud, and campaign funding fraud, to name a few.  The only question at hand now is whether he will be removed by invalidating his election, or by the articles of impeachment.  If I were a Democratic Congressman, and I was going to be implicated in this fraud, I'd be calling for impeachment in a New York minute.

FReeper Ron Polarik, Ph D
Criminal Document Fraud
The only thing I'll sign is a petition for Obama, Obama for America, and Factcheck to be charged with criminal document fraud and Internet fraud for creating and proffering a false identification document, aka the fabricated COLB image posted on Obama's website, among others, that Press Secretary Gibbs publicly admitted was put there by the aforementioned President of the United States and his Presidential Administration.

These said individuals and parties did willingly, and with malice aforethought, violate Chapter 18 of the United States Code, Section 1028, Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information, by creating and preferring what they allege was Obama's actual, original birth certificate, but was, in fact, a false identification document as defined by statute below:

A "false identification document" is any document *or facsimile of a document) of a type intended or commonly accepted for the purposes of identification of individuals that -- (A) is not issued by or under the authority of a governmental entity or was issued under the authority of a governmental entity but was subsequently altered for purposes of deceit; and (B) appears to be issued by or under the authority of the United States Government, a State, a political subdivision of a State, a foreign government, a political subdivision of a foreign government, or an international governmental or quasi-governmental organization.

The Obama Administration, the Obama Campaign, aka Obama for America, Factcheck.org, and Barack Hussein Obama as the principle mastermind of this document fraud who directed the creation and distribution of a false identification document for himself, are hereby charged with the commission of felony document fraud, punishable by up to five (5) years in prison, and a maximum fine of $250,000 for each offense.

It is a statement of fact, and admission therewith, that the Obama Campaign, aka Obama for America, did create a minimum of three (3) false identification document copies and distributed said copies to the Daily Kos, Factcheck, and Politifact; and, additionally, posted the original false identification document on Obama's own website, "My.BarackObama.com" and also on a separate website known as, "Fight The Smears."

Furthermore, two months after the creation and distribution of these false identification documents, Obama for America, in collusion with Factcheck.org, a subsidiary of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, owned by the Annenberg Foundation and funded by billionaire George Soros, created and posted nine (9) photographs of what they further alleged was the same, false identification document that they had earlier alleged was a scanned facsimile of Obama's original birth certificate -- thus compounding their earlier offenses with further violations of the same statutes.

In all, then presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, his campaign organization, d/b/a Obama for America, and Annenberg's Factcheck.org organization are hereby charged with thirteen (13) separate violations of Chapter 18 of the United States Code, Section 1028.

It is further alleged that these individuals and organizations, by virtue of displaying and promoting these fraudulent images as genuine government-issued documents, to the voting populaces of all 50 states in the Union, are hereby, also guilty of committing Internet fraud, in violation of individual state laws and Federal laws.

Lastly, these false documents are also in violation of Hawaiian state forgery statues as the State Government of Hawaii was directly deceived and harmed irrespective of the other charges.

I call upon the Attorney General of the State of Hawaii, Attorneys General of the other 49 states, the DC District Attorney, the Attorney General of the United States, and the Congress of the United States to launch their own investigations of the crimes committed against the respective state and national governments, and the citizens under these jurisdictions.

Or...something like that.

Ron Polarik, Ph D . . .
Who Is Behind Quashing The Birth Certificate Issue?
Back in October of 2008, when the subject of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States was just a blip on the radar screen of public awareness, I wrote an article about how easy it was to find my then-92-year-old mother’s birth certificate.

Frankly, I didn’t think finding my mother’s birth certificate was possible, given the fact that she had been born in a farmhouse in Storrs, CT, along with nine of her 10 siblings, to parents who didn’t speak English.  Despairing that she would never be "qualified" to receive the care [in a nursing home} that she desperately needed, I set about to find the document, which I was sure had vanished in the unreliable record-keeping of 1913.  When I called the third number, I explained to the woman who answered the phone that I was "asking something impossible."  I gave her my mother’s first name and her father’s last name.  Within four minutes, she said, "Here it is!"  When I expressed my amazement, the woman said:  "That’s nothing…we’re routinely asked to find birth certificates from the 1800s, and we do that all the time!"  Total time it took me to find my mother’s 1913, born-in-a-farmhouse birth certificate: 10 minutes!

Obama was born not in 1913, like my mother, but in 1961.  So it was quite curious that not one cyber-sleuth could find an authentic, verifiable copy of his original vault copy birth certificate.  I’m not talking about the faux version Obama posted on his website, which was deemed the real thing by FactCheck.org, a "truth"-detecting site that is sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation, the same foundation that hired Obama and his terrorist pal William Ayers and gave them millions of dollars for a research project in Chicago.  In other words, the least credible source!

Even more significant is that no one in the media thought Obama’s missing birth certificate worth even casual mention.  Their thinking seemed to be: If we’re not going to check on his eligibility to be president, then why question why the other crucial documents were -- and continue to be -- sealed?  For instance: his baptism certificate; elementary, high school, college and graduate school transcripts; visa(s); selective service record; alleged multiple Social Security numbers; Illinois attorney’s license; Illinois State Senate records; law practice client list; Univ. of Chicago scholarly articles; financial records while a community organizer in Chicago; and medical records.  I’m also curious about why Michelle Obama’s law license was suspended in 1993 by the Illinois Supreme Court, but then again she wasn’t running for president.

Instead, the media were frantically busy trying to divert public attention away from those pesky things known as credentials with gossip-driven tabloid reportage of Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber in order to avoid the bigger-than-Watergate potential scandal of whether or not Obama was eligible -- according to the U.S. Constitution -- to become President of the United States!


In an explosive interview by Dr. Laurie Roth on her syndicated West Coast radio show on August 7th, Douglas Hagmann -- a respected journalist, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and longtime private investigator, and Judi McLeod, a prolific journalist and the managing editor of Canada Free Press -- the reason for the media blackout about the birth-certificate issue was nothing less than organized Mafia-like dire threats to members of the media issued not only from the heads of major TV and radio stations but also from Federal Communication Commission officials!

According to Hagmann and McLeod, who conducted a nine-month investigation and documented their findings scrupulously, after Obama was elected but before he was inaugurated:

•  A major TV talk-show host reported that he was ordered not to raise the birth certificate issue or risk losing his job.

•  FCC officials threatened to yank broadcasting licenses, break up conglomerates, and make the enactment of the Fairness Doctrine "look mild" in comparison to other consequences.

•  In at least one corporate TV headquarters, memos were circulated to all on-air employees not to mention the birth certificate issue, as well as other specific subjects like Obama’s Illinois lawyer’s license, his college records, etc., under both implied and explicit threats.


Continue reading here . . .
Hawaii Confirms Obama’s Vital Records Have Been Amended
Leo D'Onofrio says he will be assisting one of his readers in filing litigation in Hawaii state circuit court pursuant to her ongoing request for public information denied by Hawaii officials.  (Readers of his blog will recognize her as MissTickly, aka TerriK.)

Correspondence sent to TerriK by Hawaii officials indicates that Obama’s vital records have been amended and official records pertaining thereto are maintained by the state of Hawaii.

TerriK was originally interested in whether or not Obama made a request to amend his records and to inspect them for the purpose of amending.  Those requests (not the actual amendments) do not appear to be protected according to the statute and various opinions issued by the state... regardless... TerriK's requests to see the amendments had to be answered in one of three ways according to the statute and the manual:

1. we have the record you requested and will provide them

2. we don't maintain the records you requested (aka we don't have any such records in file)

3. we have the records, but you are not entitled to see them

She was told on two occasions by an Office of Information Practices (OIP) staff attorney that if no such records exist, they must notify her of that fact.

Eventually that same staff attorney, acting on advice of the Department of Health (DoH) told TerriK that the records were not available as they were protected.  Their official response was that she wasn't allowed access to those records...  They never told her that they didn't maintain these records she requested.  If they didn't have such records, then they would have been required to tell her the records don't exist.

D'Onofrio will issue a full statement and press release on behalf of TerriK via his blog in the days ahead.  This statement will include a complete history of correspondence between TerriK and Hawaii state officials in the OIP and the DoH.

Details and background here . . .
The COLB Means Nothing
And here is the  proof that Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" means nothing.

Amended certifications of birth may be prepared and filed with the Department of Health, as provided by law, for 1) a person born in Hawaii who already has a birth certificate filed with the Department of Health or 2) a person born in a foreign country.

This is straight from the Hawaii Department Of Health Website.

In other words, the "Certification of Live Birth" posted on Obama's website, Factcheck.org and the Daily KOS doesn't prove anything, simply because someone born in a foreign country could file for an amended certification -- click the link, read it for yourself.

The simple fact is, the paper version of this "COLB" has never been examined by any controlling legal authority.  The only people to have ever seen this document are Obama's operatives in his campaign and at FactCheck.org.

A Certification of Live Birth is not a Birth Certificate.  Obama's sister Maya was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but Anna Dunham registered her as "born in Honolulu" shortly after her birth.  Maya has a State of Hawaii Certification of Live Birth, just like Obama -- proves nothing.

Here is a source that claims Maya was born in Honolulu.  We know that is not true, but it demonstrates the mendacity of Obots.
What Will Obama Say To Nathan Deal?
The Post & Email asks, will an official request by a group of congressmen to see Obama's birth certificate be the straw that breaks this camel's back?

Georgia’s representative in the U.S. House, Nathan Deal announced in early November that he and 10 House colleagues were going to sign a joint letter, asking Obama to publicly reveal his birth certificate,.

The simple enough question was rebuffed and ridiculed by the Main Stream Media, and even the Savannah Morning News, as if a birth certificate was some sort of private journal or diary of past affairs.

The mere fact that the liberals and progressives ridiculed Nathan Deal -- whose only interest is to quiet the nation -- shows that they have no substantive reason to oppose the request.  It further shows that they know that Obama cannot oblige Deal and his co-signatories, for in Democratic circles nothing is a secret.

The answer must come soon.  Deal said that he was to send his letter after Thanksgiving.  Any delay on the part of Barack Hussein Obama to oblige Deal, will only further erode his political influence in Washington, DC.

Obama has been effectively checkmated by the concerted effort of public support, publicized lawsuits on the eligibility question, publicity campaigns such as those of World Net Daily and Charles Kerchner to put the issue in the face of liberals on a constant basis, and blogs and bloggers the world over.

If Obama obliges him, then the online image of a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) provided by his campaign will be proven a forgery, according to the consensus of opinion of citizens who have studied the images posted on the net and found some images of the allegedly same document, contain a HI State seal and some do not.

If Obama does refuses, however, it will only further confirm that he has something to hide.

Palins remark that it is a valid issue and Ogden’s resignation as Deputy U.S. Attorney General in the same week, following the sending of Nathan Deal’s letter, appear to be diagnostic signs that the political establishment understands the risks and imminent crisis about to break.

Even the pulse of Obama’s political support on the net tells the tale: a lull and quiet among them posting comments at opposition blogs is noticeable.  There remain only the violent, the perverse and the somewhat mad to carry on the cheers of "Change," which were the mind numbing drum beat of the Obama for American campaign, just 14 months ago.

The political momentum of the nation now follows diverse roads to the same destination, and the resulting fireworks are going to be much brighter and invigorating than those of any Fourth of July in many a year!
Hawaii Launches Obama Birth Queries Firewall
Bob Unruh reports that Hawaii has launched a defense against Obama birth queries.  The Department of Health has posted a "vital records" Web page -- "obama.html" -- that says they aren't answering any more questions about Barack Obama, the mysterious circumstances surrounding his birth, and/or what documentation is in their possession.

click image for large copy
It could be that the state of Hawaii is overwhelmed by -- or is just annoyed at -- the number of inquiries about the birth records of Barack Obama.

The state has launched a new Web page with the information it wants the public to know about its Obama records, including the fact that state law does not "require agencies to respond to all questions asked of the agency."

After all, a new poll confirms just 51 percent of Americans believe Obama eligible for the office he now holds.

The recent WND/Wenzel Poll indicated 32.6 percent of Americans said they do not consider Obama a "legitimate" president and another 15.8 percent said they were unsure.  The poll updated a survey six months ago in which most Americans said they were aware of the dispute.

Kinda makes you curious to know what's in that documentation.  It's as guarded as the "Go Codes."  The greatest secret in the Age of Obama is Obama's bona fides -- the stuff that the rest of us have to present with regularity. 
Attorney General Will Not Corroborate Obama Birth
The Post & Email is reporting that while political momentum is building within the Democratic Party from coast to coast to make the issue of Obama’s claims to be born in Hawaii a litmus test for its political opponents in the 2010 general elections for Congress, a key component in such a strategy has been undermined by the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office.

In correspondence with The Post & Email, Jill T. Nagamine, Deputy Attorney General for the State of Hawaii, has made it clear that her office will not corroborate or back in any way the July 27, 2009 Statement of Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, which declared Obama Hawaiian-born and a "natural-born American citizen."

The stunning admission was made in an email sent to the Editor of this paper yesterday evening.

The implications of this denial are catastrophic for the Democratic strategy.

The Hawaii Attorney General’s office has the duty to prosecute the laws of the State.  Mark J. Bennett, the current Attorney General, was appointed to the office by Governor Lingle on Jan. 3, 2003.  He is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney General for Honolulu, and a graduate of Cornell’s Law School.  Bennett is the first Republican to hold the office in 40 years.

According to published reports, Dr. Fukino has admitted that her July 27th statement received the verbal approval of the Hawaii Attorney General, who "o.k.’d it."

In an attempt to corroborate the contents of Dr. Fukino’s statement and understand better the value of that testimony, I put the following two questions to Nagamine, as a member of the press.

I am seeking some information in response to 2 questions I have. Please understand that your response(s) or non-response will be quoted by our paper.

Q. 1: Does the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health have any statutory duty or authority to define the citizenship status of anyone whose vital record(s) are kept by that department?

Q.2: According to the legal references employed by your office, what is the definition of a "natural-born citizen" of the United States of America?

I put my question to the Deputy Attorney General to avoid putting the Attorney General in a situation of a conflict of interest, if he in fact, did, as Dr. Fukino claims, advise her regarding her July statement.

Nagamine, in response, asserted that any answer to such questions given by her office would represent a conflict of interest for her office.  And that is an explicit admission that Dr. Fukino had no statutory authority nor duty to make such a statement, and that the Attorney General’s office will not stand behind Fukino’s claim that Obama is a "natural-born American citizen."  It is such, because if Fukino’s declaration had legal weight of any kind, surely a response to my questions would have corroborated that without such a conflict-of-interest scenario.  You only have a conflict if the Fukino claim would not be supported by a Nagamine response.

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Hawaii's Liability?
The Hiwaii DOH web page about Obama’s birth records says, in paragraph 4, "Records pertaining to the Department of Health database for vital statistics information are not required to be disclosed by the Uniform Information Practices Act because those records, by their very nature, must be confidential in order for the government to avoid the frustration of a legitimate government function (see HRS §92F-13(3)).  Disclosing such information compromises the department’s ability to protect the integrity of vital statistics records, to ensure their proper use, and to ensure the efficient and proper administration of the vital statistics system as is required by HRS §338-18."

IOW, if they revealed that Obama’s birth (and the births of others out of state) was supported only by a personal claim by the mother (or grandmother), it would expose the DOH itself for being fraudulent or incompetent.  The DOH is likely using this part of the UIPA to hide that it has widespread systemic problems in how it has traditionally registered births.
"Obama" Not On Hawaii Birth Database Document
The Post & Email is reporting that the Hawaii Department of Health has sent them an Adobe document containing an alphabetical list of births, produced from the Hawaii Birth Index database, containing the names of those issued Certificates of Hawaiian Birth from 1911 to 1971, for those who did not get a standard Birth certificate, at birth."   The name Obama does not exist.  Here is an image of the "Ob*" page from the document:
Click here to read the details and how John Charlton came into its possession.  Verrrrrrrry interesting . . .
Did Hawaii Have Any Records On Obama Before 2006?
The following are the closing paragraphs of the Post & Email's article.  The full article, including email exchanges is here.

Since the Hawaii Department of Health has not responded to Mr. Charlton’s UIPA request of March 4, it appears that they have affirmed that there is no documentation on file to indicate that Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.  If Obama’s name appeared in the Birth Index, this information would have been released many months ago to quell the rising doubts about Obama’s birth story.  Then there would be no need for the secrecy and attempts to limit the public’s access to information.

Perhaps Obama presented some type of evidence to Dr. Fukino and received a COLB.  Perhaps that is why the certificate number has always been obliterated: it does not correspond to the series used in 1961 because it was issued much later.  According to the Western Journalism Center, there are five different ways in which a Hawaiian birth record can be obtained, including as an adult.

According to Hawaii’s UIPA law, once Fukino made a public statement about Obama’s records, the index data, or pieces of information used to formulate the statement, should have been readily available to the public upon request.  Despite its declarations of openness in government, Hawaii officials, particularly Fukino, have refused to follow their own law.  Why the obfuscation if there is nothing to hide?

The Post & Email will not stop its investigation until we receive answers to these questions.

Is it possible that the Director of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, granted Obama a "Certification of Live Birth" sometime in 2006 or later when he was planning to run for president?  Fukino is the only person in the United States to affirm that Obama was born in Hawaii.  No hospital, doctor, nurse, witness or other individual has come forward to corroborate her story.
New Hawaii Law Shuns Obama Birth Document Requests
The AP is reporting that it's now law in Hawaii that the state government can ignore repetitive requests for Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Republican Gov. Linda Lingle signed into law Wednesday a bill allowing state government agencies not to respond to follow-up requests for information if they determine that the subsequent request is duplicative or substantially similar to a previous request.

The law is aimed at so-called "Birthers," who claim Obama is ineligible to be president.  They contend the Democratic president was born outside the United States [among other things], and therefore doesn't meet the constitutional requirement for being president.

Both Fukino and the state registrar of vital statistics have verified that the Health Department holds Obama's original birth certificate.

Health Department officials supported the law because the state still gets between 10 and 20 e-mails seeking verification of Obama's birth each week, most of them from outside Hawaii.

A few of those requesters file repeated inquiries seeking the same information, even after they're told state law bars release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest.

Advocates for openness in government oppose the law because they fear it could be used to ignore legitimate requests for information.
If There Is One, Hawaii Would Have It

From the Hawaii Revised Statutes:


92-31 Disposition of original record.  A photograph, microphotograph, reproduction on film, or electronic form of a government record shall be placed in conveniently accessible files and provisions made for preserving, examining, and using the same.  Thereafter, a public officer, after having first received the written approval of the comptroller as provided in section 94-3, may cause such record, paper, or document to be destroyed.  The comptroller may require, as a prerequisite to the granting of such approval, that a reproduction or print of such photograph, microphotograph, or reproduction on film, or electronic form of the record be delivered into the custody of the public archives for safekeeping.  The comptroller may also require the delivery into the custody of another governmental department or agency or a research library of any such record, paper, or document proposed to be destroyed under the provisions of this section.


So, either the original microfiche copy is still available or a complete reproduction of it in electronic form is available.  To put something in electronic form and not copy all the data on the original document would be against the law.  Where these files have to be accessible and provisions have to be made for examining them, it would be misleading for the Department of Health to say that the information on the original Certificate of Live Birth is no longer available.  Under Hawaii Revised Stautes 338-18, those with a direct and tangible interest in the record are permitted inspection of public health statistics records.  That would include either the microfiche or electronic copy of the original Certificate of Live Birth.

Another Obama Double Standard
The White House appears to be laying the groundwork for Barack Obama to shake the hand of each senior at Kalamazoo Central High School’s commencement ceremony next month.

Seniors are being asked to provide their birthdates, Social Security numbers and citizenship status to the Secret Service so background checks could be performed.  Such a check is required for anyone who gets within an arm’s length of Obama, students were told at their senior breakfast Friday.

Of the fact that the White House is requesting information on all the graduating seniors, K-Central Principal Von Washingon Jr. told the students, "I’ll let you figure out what that means," said senior Simon Boehme, who was at the breakfast.

"Everyone is excited that we might have the opportunity to shake the president’s hand," Boehme said.

Boehme and the entire class ought to respond, "We'll show you our birth certificates, if you'll show us yours."
The Summary CNN Doesn't Want You to See
Butterdezillion says the Hawaii Department of Health (DHOH) has indirectly confirmed that Obama's Factcheck Certification of Live Birth (COLB) is a forgery because:

They have made a statutory admission that Obama's BC is amended, which is required to be shown on a legitimate COLB but is not shown on the FactCheck COLB.

They have said that Oahu birth certificates have always been given the birth certificate number by the HDOH on the "date filed."  The FactCheck COLB has a "date filed" 3 days earlier than the Nordyke twins' but was given a number later than theirs.  This statement by Okubo rules out past explanations (hospitals numbering the BC's or being given blocks of numbers, or BC's sitting in piles at the HDOH for days before being numbered).  This means that either the "date filed," certificate number, or both have been altered on the FactCheck COLB.

Because Obama's genuine Certificate of Live Birth (BC) is amended, Hawaii law (HRS 338-17) says that it has no legal value unless it is presented as evidence to a judicial or administrative person or body, and they rule the BC to be probative.  Obama has fought lawsuits to make sure that his BC could never be presented as evidence, even though it is the only way he can have any birth facts legally determined.

The 20th Amendment of the Constitution says that if a President elect "fails to qualify" by Jan 20th, the Vice President elect is to "act as President" until a President qualifies.

Because the required procedure to legally determine Obama's birth facts has never happened, we know that Obama could not have "qualified" by January 20th, and anybody who certified his eligibility documentably perjured him/herself, since even his age has never been legally determined, and could disqualify him from eligibility for the Office of President.

The President elect becomes President automatically at noon on Jan 20th, but there are 2 Constitutional requirements that must be met before a sitting President can "act as President," or exercise the Presidential powers: he must take the oath of office and he must "qualify."  Doing one of the 2 is not enough, and in no way impacts the need to meet the other requirement.

Obama has "failed to qualify," and the only person the 20th Amendment allows to "act as President" is Joe Biden, until a president qualifies.  All this is known simply because his birth certificate has been amended, and he has never presented it as evidence so it could possibly gain legal evidentiary value.

These claims are documented here.
On My Forehead
Drudge has this image and headline on his website, and it's linked to a Politico article that had almost 2,000 comments as of 7 AM (EST).  The comments are running 99% against Obama. 

click image to view video snippet
This is not the first time Obama has addressed the "birth certificate" -- a term that has come to symbolize all of his missing documentation.  This issue is never, ever going to go away until he releases that $12.50 long-form birth certificate.

As a matter of fact, polls demonstrate that more and more Americans are
joining the ranks of the skeptics.
Do You Recognize BS When You Hear It?
From the MSNBC transcript:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Mr. President, you're an American born Christian.


BRIAN WILLIAMS: And yet, increasing and now significant numbers of Americans in polls, upwards of a fifth of respondents are claiming you are neither.  A fifth of the people, just about, believe you're a Muslim.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Keep in mind, those two things -- American born and Muslim -- are not the same.  So -- but I understand your point.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Either or the latter, and the most recent number is the latter.  This has to be troubling to you.  This is, of course, all new territory for an American President.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, look, the -- the facts are the facts, right?  So, we went through some of this during the campaign.  You know, there is a mechanism, a network of misinformation, that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly.  We dealt with this when I was first running for the U.S. Senate.  We dealt with it when we were first running for the Presidency.  There were those who said I couldn't win as U.S. Senator because I had a funny name.  And people would be too unfamiliar with it.  And yet, we ended up winning that Senate seat in Illinois because I trusted in the American people's capacity to get beyond all this nonsense and focus on is this somebody who cares about me and cares about my family and has a vision for the future?  And so, I will always put my money on the American people.  And I'm not going to be worrying too much about whatever rumors are floating on -- out there.  If I spend all my time chasing after that then I wouldn't get much done.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Even a number as sizeable as this -- what does it say to you?  Does it say anything about your communications or the effectiveness of your opponents to --

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, look, Brian, I -- I would say that I can't spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.  (LAUGHS)  It -- it is what -- the facts are the facts.  And so, it's not something that I can I think spend all my time worrying about.  And I don't think the American people want me to spend all my time worrying about it.

You'll notice, Obama didn't answer Williams' direct question.  He ridicules it with an Alinsky Rule 5 response.

That's not going to work Barack, Barry, Soebarkah -- or whatever your name is!

And, Obama's reference to "facts" is ludicrous.  There are absolutely NO FACTS to support Obama's mythology.  His entire life history is hidden behind a stonewall of money, lawyers, and frightened politicians, judges, and journalists.
Famous Dead French Artist Supports Birther Position
Squeeky, girl reporter, says that a famous dead French artist named Rene Magritte spoke from beyond the grave to endorse the Birther philosophy that you just cannot trust picture!  He produced a painting called the "Treachery of Images" that shows a pipe with the French words "Ceci n'est pas une pipe." 

Translated to English, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" means "this is not a pipe."
As Rene Magritte said:

"The famous pipe.  How people reproached me for it!  And yet, could you stuff my pipe?  No, it's just a representation, is it not?  So if I had written on my picture "This is a pipe," I'd have been lying!"

What Magritte was saying is, this is only a picture of a pipe.  It's NOT the pipe itself.  This supports the Birther position that the Internet copy of Obama's birth certificate, is just that, a representation, or a picture, of the actual document, NOT the document itself.  That is why we keep hollering, "Show us the Birth Certificate!!!"

"ceci n'est pas une acte de naissance"
Sooo, the next time an Obot tells you to look at the Internet and you can see Obama's birth certificate, just say to them: "ceci n'est pas une acte de naissance" -- "this is not a birth certificate" -- heh, heh, heh!

NO, I repeat, NO qualified, independent forensic document examiner has ever been allowed to examine the REAL document that the Internet image represents.

We KNOW that Hawaii Health Department Communications Officer, Janice Okubo, has said, "I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents."
U. S. Standard Certificate Of Live Birth
The recommended data requirements as defined by the U. S. Department of Health, Center for Disease Control.

Obots often point to states, such as Hawaii and Missouri that claim to only issue short-form birth certificates as proof that the data commonly found on long-form birth certificates are not maintained.

That is a foolish notion.

The states are empowered to run their own information facilities as they choose, however, to remain in compliance with the reporting requirements of the federal government, it is "recommended" that the data identified as "standard" and described in this document be maintained by the states "for reporting purposes."

The Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) knows exactly how to read these recommendations -- these "recommendations" ARE requirements.  Read the CDC's subtle directive:

"It is critical that all registration areas follow these standards as closely as possible..."

"As part of the revision process, CDC/NCHS has developed sets of detailed specifications for collecting and reporting the items on the birth and death certificates and fetal death report, which are all available on this Web site.  It is critical that all registration areas follow these standards as closely as possible to promote uniformity in data collection across registration areas.  Included with the draft specifications is an "overview."  The overview gives the rationale behind the approaches taken to develop the specifications."

The states are independent entities and are entitled to run their own shops.  However, the states know that if they do not comply with these "recommendations," their federal monies can and will be affected.
A Nail In The COLB Coffin
NoBarack08 is reporting that Barack Hussein Obama's Certification of Live Birth (COLB), the one that has been posted all over the Internet, first the DailyKos, then Fight The Smears and the at FactCheck.org, has now been proven to be a fake, fabricated, and forged document.  There is no doubt that the original is not an authentic State of Hawaii, Department of Health issued document.

NoBarack08 has established what appears to be proof that the original COLB that was posted had no number or lettering indicating that it was never issued by the State of Hawaii Department of Health.  It was based on a blank template, and nothing more.

Good stuff!  Too much to post here, but check it out here.

He also provides directions to replicate the process, so you can see for yourself.

This is probably why Janice Okubo, the Communications Officer for the Hawaii Department of Health is on record saying, "I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site [FactCheck.org] represents."
Dr. Fukino Has Resigned Or Been Fired
In a blog post at Obama's Garden MissTickly has the following information about Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health:

[Ed Note: I want to be sure everyone understands what has happened:

Dr. Fukino has resigned or been fired.  I received an autoreply telling me SEVEN minutes after I sent her a UIPA request this evening.  It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you that I received this from Dr. Fukino’s former email account:

From: "Fukino, Chiyome L."
To: [Redacted]
Sent: Mon, December 6, 2010 8:53:00 PM
Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: UIPA Request -- State and National guidelines etc. pertaining to seal

"Out of Office AutoReply: UIPA Request -- State and National guidelines etc. pertaining to seal

I am no longer with the Department of Health. Please send emails to dohdir@doh.hawaii.gov. Thank you."

This was the UIPA request the autoreply was in response to, for the record. It is VERY significant in light of Dr. Fukino’s departure because it refers to the direct evidence that Obama used his own seal to "certify" the COLB image posted online.

Update:  For the record, the Omsbudsman’s Office was told that with the new administration coming in, Fukino left.

Fukino has been providing cover for Obama with her selective leaks of information favorable to Obama's mythology, while burying anything potentially unfavorable.

Neil Abercrombie is coming in as Hawaii's new governor.  Any problems Obama has had with records or record-keeping down there will be mitigated shortly.
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